Are Americans Ready for China to Rule the World?


The China/Democrat/Media Complex has come together in an effort to supplant America as the alpha country. Replacing the United States as leader of an extant world order with a global regime centered around China has been the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) dream ever since we offered them a seat at the cool table decades ago.

Democrats and media naively believe that they will assume integral positions in this brave new world as reward for being faithful partners in the CCP's tipping of the scales in favor of the "rule of experts" over the "rule of people." After all, they are the experts. Just ask them.

They, like children, seem oblivious to the ramifications of their actions. They expect to get the positions, money, and prestige due the ruling class. Yet they will no longer decide the narrative or even have their own voice. The day China attains primacy they will be forever party members and government mouthpieces -- at least they will if they want to keep the house, the car, and the titles; continue to be invited to the finest parties, and be honored and respected guests on all the best shows. They will have become, and will need to forever remain, nothing more than "Chinese characteristics."

The media and the Democrats hated Trump's "America First" aspirations. Wait until the CCP's "China First, Last, and Always" policy aspirates all over their hopes, dreams, and independence.

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