Anti-Trudeau billboards cause an uproar!


An advertising campaign that is taking issue with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting a lot of attention on social media this week.

One of the billboards, posted alongside the QE2 Highway north of Calgary just outside of Airdrie, Alta., was first noticed on Jan. 9 by Twitter user @MzRacz. (Note: As of Monday, Jan. 13, the Twitter user who noticed the billboard has changed their Twitter handle. Their posts that CTV had linked to are no longer active)

She says she quickly learned that the Airdrie billboard wasn't the only one in the campaign, and that others have been put up in many locations all over Alberta including in Calgary and Edmonton.

The billboard contains a link to Alberta's Wexit, a movement that has held rallies throughout the province last year. The latest event took place on the steps of the Alberta legislature in Edmonton Saturday morning.

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