Anti-Mask/Anti-Vaxx Movement Infiltrated By Grifters And Subverters


It's nice that people appear to be fighting back against the repeated violations of Canadians' civil liberties. However, looking into them a little bit, it's not clear that they actually have the public's best interests at heart.

Given the deliberate and preplanned efforts of various Governments around the world to strip people of their basic rights, it's natural to flock to people fighting back. However, something really seems off about the groups presented below.

  • Rocco Galati, Vaccine Choice Canada
  • Action4Canada
  • Hugs Over Masks
  • No More Lockdowns
  • Chris Saccoccia, (a.k.a. Chris Sky)
  • Lamont Daigle, The Line
  • Rebel Media

They may be legitimate, but there are many things that don't sit well. This isn't "infighting". It is exposing what is really going on to the general public. In fairness, they shouldn't be disregarded entirely, as they all do speak a considerable amount of truth. But the public isn't getting the entire story.

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