Anatomy of a Lynching


In Sharia-compliant Canada, accusation equals guilt -- and prejudice overrides the due process of law. Police arrested Nathaniel Veltman, reportedly wearing body armor, a military-style helmet, and a Nazi T-shirt. He allegedly laughed about the crash, indulged in strange chanting, and requested that a movie be made of him. As one headline put it "Christian terrorist who mowed down Muslim family 'was laughing' as he got out of blood covered truck." The sole source for these details was a "veteran cabbie," now allegedly too traumatized to speak, so the spokesman was Iranian immigrant Hasan Savehilaghi, who operates the cab company.

As the trial awaits, former blackface performer Justin Trudeau leads an international lynch mob howling for Veltman's head. In Muslim-compliant Canada, his chances for a fair trial range from slim to none.

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