An Election for the Boo-Birds by David Solway


The leaders of our traditional parties can only be charitably described as, to be blunt, imbeciles or scoundrels, or both. Much has been written about Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau as Canada's Embarrassment-in-Chief, a bezomian who has regularly beclowned himself in public, praised China's "basic dictatorship," assured us that budgets balance themselves, embroiled himself in scandals, been found in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act, bribed the media with the promise of a $600 million gift, and indebted Canada's future generations to the tune of $685.5 billion and counting-indeed, Trudeau is projected to be the largest debt accumulator in Canadian history. No wonder he has recently been endorsed by Barack Obama.

  • Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has all the depth, substance, and personality of a breakfast pancake and is practically invisible on the election stumps.
  • New Democrat Party leader Jagmeet Singh, like Bernie Sanders, promises the moon and all the planets without indicating how he realistically intends to pay for the bonanza of free stuff he is prepared to give away.
  • Greenie Elizabeth May is a national joke, appealing mainly to leftcoasters. Back in the day she warned that we had only weeks to meet the Kyoto Accord objectives. Now, a decade later, she's at it again hyping the Paris Agreement targets-or else. If Elizabeth goes unheeded, we will all shortly
  • The only federal leader who has the vigor, forthrightness, insight, gumption, and plain-speaking smarts of a Trump is the aforementioned Maxime Bernier. Maxime Bernier might derive some consolation from the fact that Donald Trump wouldn't stand a chance in this country.

So, we are now engaged in an election favoring the Boo-Birds, whether Trudeau, Scheer, or Singh, or some possible coalition of the Libs and NDP.

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