America’s Pyrrhic Victory


COVID -19 is far less deadly than many other coronaviruses have been, including SARS, MERS and Ebola, with their death rates of 20-40%, or the Avian flu with a whopping 60% mortality rate, whereas COVID-19 clocks in at a modest 1% or well below, closer to .1%, depending on whose data you trust.

Here then, are the facts stripped of all narrative: In America today, our Constitution and our Constitutional rights have been suspended. Our entire economy has been shut down. Schools have been closed. Churches and synagogues have been closed. Small businesses, the lifeblood of America and of our middle class, are dying in plain sight-many shutting their doors for good as the shutdown drags on.

In the end, we'll see this pandemic wasn't Armageddon after all. It was merely, as Fauci himself admitted, a bad flu, as we do get from time to time. But one of the patients who lies dying is America. And I fear that nothing short of Divine intervention can bring her back.

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