Allegations of Firearms at the Ottawa Convoy Protest: A Look at Claims and Facts


Under questioning by Conservative MP Dane Lloyd, Bell was asked repeatedly whether the allegation in the article was true. "Were loaded firearms found, yes or no?" said Lloyd. Bell replied: "In relation to-no, not relating to any charges to this point." Bell also said in his testimony that investigations into weapons possession at the protest site are ongoing. However, he didn't say the investigations were related to firearms possession, instead using the word "weapons," without specifying which kind.

In response, Lloyd contended that the Star article's claim that loaded shotguns were found in some trucks, and the retweeting of the quote by the federal minister, amount to "misinformation."

"This is misinformation, chief, and I submit to the committee [it is] misinformation being spread by a journalist and misinformation being spread by a member of this government," he said.

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