Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fails miserably at dissociating her socialism from Venezuela's


Venezuela's a disastrous failure under 20 years of socialism, with starvation, zero medical care, industrial collapse, sovereign default, massive inflation, and millions of Venezuelans fleeing for their lives. It's not Cuba they're fleeing to, either, it's any place their feet will reach that isn't socialist.

Under Chavez, Judges were replaced by adherents of socialism and rule of law became subject to rule of socialism, in the name of social justice. Guns were confiscated, in the name of the public good. Free speech was shut down - with newspaper after newspaper going bust for lack of newsprint (they couldn't buy it from abroad because dollars were unobtainable, once again in the name of socialist equality). Television news was even more trashed - with Chavista goons shooting up their news floors (I saw this with my own eyes at Globovision headquarters in Caracas) and Chavista cronies with access to dollars buying up the few that remained. No more free press. All done in the name of the people's own good. Anybody confused about where socialism leads?