The "Violent" Trump Protesters Were Really AGENTS OF CHAOS, NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS


I have to even correct my own news agency on this one as more information unfolds. Unlike what the press (and ourselves) reported, the rioters who broke into the Capitol Building were AGENTS OF CHAOS.

How do I know?

Well, to begin, does it strike anyone else as odd that there was fresh, IDENTICAL legislation, FROM THE HOUSE AND SENATE, that is 60 pages long, that showed up literally RIGHT AFTER THE PROTESTS to "crack down" on protesting THAT WERE RELEASED AT THE SAME TIME?

Don't believe me? Here's Politico blatantly stating it:

DESANTIS' PROTEST PRIORITIES - Amid the turmoil and unrest in Washington, D.C., caused by supporters of President Donald Trump, one of the president's biggest allies - Gov. Ron DeSantis - rolled out on his top 2021 session priorities late Wednesday evening. House and Senate Republicans released identical bills that propose a crackdown on "violent agitators." The legislation would increase penalties against those involved in looting and violence. "In light of today's events at our United States Capitol, we have no time to waste to uphold public safety," DeSantis said in a statement about the bill.

So, the people come in, and, SUDDENLY, there's identical legislation that both Chambers of Congress release to "crack down" on violence at protests. hmm. . .

But that isn't all. If you look at the footage of the early protests, those people breaking in AREN'T TRUMP SUPPORTERS. They're people in ski masks making a parade. Just start watching from 1:15:00 and following. It's only the people dressed like clowns or like terrorists who actually break in at first. They're wearing all black and ski masks. They run in like madmen. They make a scene. They don't look like typical protesters. Because THEY AREN'T . . .

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