Africa Destroyed: Poster Child for Liberalism


The stripping of rights from Europeans has played out in some shape or form in virtually every postcolonial African country and is one of the leading causes of the political, social, and economic collapse that has characterized the "independence" era. And now maybe the final-but possibly the most horrifying and violent-chapter in this wretched saga may yet be written in South Africa with the ANC government signaling its intention to confiscate land without compensation from the white farmers who produce 85 percent of the country's agricultural produce, much of which goes to countries north of the border. This, if it happens, will be much worse in every respect than Zimbabwe, as it will lead to the destruction of Africa's industrial powerhouse and the second-biggest economy, leading to mass poverty, starvation, and probably a complex civil war with warring tribes vying for the last spoils of what was once a very rich and prosperous country.