Afghan feminists should be on the first plane out


As I've written before, the moment the last Western military boot leaves Afghan soil, the Taliban will torch every single shelter for battered women, burn down every schoolhouse for girls, shoot on sight every female broadcaster, politician, police officer, teacher, and physician. Women and girls will again be banished from public view, whether hidden under burqas or kept indoors.

If we are going to rescue Afghans from the barbaric Taliban, why not focus on the women who staffed the shelters for battered women in Kabul and Herat; the female physicians, teachers of girls, naked-faced television journalists, police officers, parliamentarians - or in short, those Afghans who have already rebelled against Islamist misogyny and who are most likely to embrace Western ways? They are the very Afghans most likely to be shot down dead by the Taliban for their "Western" ways.

Let's save them.

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