AFC Newsletter - Mar. 31, 2018


"Freedom of speech is the air that any

thinker breathes: it's the fuel that ignites

the fire of an intellectual's thoughts."

- Raif Badawi

This past week, Alexandre Bissonnette, the man accused in the slayings at a Quebec City mosque on January 29, 2017, pled guilty to the charges, saying he wished to spare the victims' families the pain of reliving their loss. His evident contrition, as well as his reference to past suicidal despair, raises many questions about the story Canadians have been told: that Bissonette was a white supremacist motivated by Islamophobia, and that restrictions on Canadians' speech are necessary to combat a supposedly widespread hatred of Muslims in Canadian society.

It is possible that we will never learn the full story behind Bissonette's actions, and it is likely that politicians and others will continue to use him as a symbol of white rage to further an agenda to control what Canadians are allowed to say about Islam.

The logic of our politicians is not so different from the logic employed by a rag-tag group of Communist and Antifa activists who prevented a speech on March 24, 2018 at the Ottawa Public Library. Professor Janice Fiamengo had been invited by the University of Ottawa Students for Free Speech to discuss the state of speech on university campuses. Claiming that the professor was both anti-feminist and anti-Islamic, the group alleged that her "hate speech" must not be given a platform. Wearing masks and shouting through bull horns, they harassed and intimidated those attempting to attend the talk, blocking the entranceways to the building and ultimately pulling the fire alarm - while police looked on.

Our politicians and other leaders do not cover their faces and shout obscenities, but their goal is not fundamentally different from that of the Antifa thugs: to use the power they possess to limit the expression of law-abiding citizens in the name of eliminating hate. They do not, of course, succeed in eliminating hate through their actions; on the contrary, they increase resentment and anger while sowing the seeds for a decline in civic participation and in civil dialogue; ultimately they prepare the way for the destruction of democratic society itself. Just as we should not allow a small group of thugs to dictate what Canadians can and cannot peacefully discuss, we should not allow our elected leaders to destroy our hard-won freedoms.


Alexandre Bissonnette, Quebec mosque shooting suspect, pleads not guilty to all charges

The man accused in the slayings at a Quebec City mosque last year pleaded not guilty Monday to six charges of first-degree murder and six of attempted murder. Lawyers have set aside three days this week to present all of their motions to Justice Francois Huot. Details of the motions were slapped with a publication ban.

And suddenly:

In dramatic turn, Quebec mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette changes plea to guilty

In a dramatic turn of events, the man accused of killing six men as they attended prayer in a Quebec City mosque last year has pleaded guilty to six charges of first-degree murder and six of attempted murder. Alexandre Bissonnette originally pleaded not guilty to the 12 charges Monday morning but that afternoon announced he was changing his mind and wanted to plead guilty. He said he didn't want the families of the victims to have to "relive the tragedy."

Transcript of letter Alexandre Bissonnette read out in Quebec courtroom

For over a year our political elites, including our PM, have told us the Quebec mosque attack was committed by an Islamophobic terrorist. Bissonnette's own words blow that up. Why have we been lied to? To advance the Islamophobia agenda?

Killer's confession reveals Quebec mosque shooting was NOT terror or Islamophobia

Editor's Note: Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six men and injured six others in a Quebec City mosque in January, 2017, pled guilty on all counts on March 28. In a letter read in court, he says he was "ashamed" of his "insane act," that he was "neither a terrorist nor an Islamophobe," but had been "having suicidal thoughts and ideas and an obsession with death for a long time" before the shooting. He asked for forgiveness, and expressed the hope that in pleading guilty he could do a bit of good. Bissonnette is a very thin reed on which to hang the claim of Motion M-103 that there is a need for government action to quell Islamophobia in Canada. This human tragedy must not be hijacked for political purposes, such as creating a "National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia, and other forms of religious discrimination" as recommended by the Heritage Committee's Motion M-103 report.

Court Certified Intelligence Expert Promotes Free Speech & Is Censored by Google

In a twist of irony, Tom Quiggin a court appointed expert and ex-military intelligence analyst, who is a strong advocate for free speech, had his account suspended from Google's platform.

Quiggin Report #1 & #2 - Free Speech Not Islamist Speech & Terrorism Failures

In episode 1, Tom Quiggin discusses the importance of free speech in underpinning all of our other freedoms and the role of the "social contract" in Western societies, whereby the people agree to be governed by the rule of law, which in turn protects them and their rights. Increasingly, however, the law is being applied less and less to protect the people and more and more to silence those who speak out against the changes being imposed on society.

In episode 2, Tom Quiggin discusses the various Islamist groups operating in Canada and the United States, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's accommodating attitude toward Islamist groups and individuals (such as returning ISIS fighters), and Liberal Members of Parliament who seem to have Islamist sympathies.

Sharia Canada: Police investigating after ex-Muslim rips Qur'an, puts pages on cars at Islamic center

Police "are looking into the complaints and are treating the incidents as 'hate-motivated.'" What if it is? The idea that "hate" is a "crime" is ridiculous. The Qur'an is full of hatred toward unbelievers, "the most vile of created beings" (98:6). But if that passage is ever recited in a mosque in Canada, will the Muslim who recited it be arrested on suspicion that the recitation was "hate-motivated"? Of course not.

"He Hasn't Grown Up" Jordan Peterson WRECKS Justin Trudeau

Canadians' love affair with Justin Trudeau is over

Critics such as columnist Andrew Coyne of the National Post see Trudeau as charming but an intellectual lightweight. Trudeau was harshly criticized for the dinner invitation made to Jaspal Atwal, a convicted Sikh Canadian terrorist from British Columbia, for an official Canadian dinner during the visit. The invitation was withdrawn after it was made public but not before inflicting significant political damage on Trudeau and his entourage.

Canada's New Democrats: Parades with terrorists good, free speech for pro-lifers bad

Under Jagmeet Singh's leadership, a pro-choice MP that believes the government of the day is going too far in attacking pro-lifers is disciplined for voting for a Conservative motion against the Liberals. This wasn't an NDP motion he voted on the wrong side of, it was against the government the NDP opposes. While Christopherson is disciplined for standing up for Charter rights, Singh will continue to attend events where terrorists are honoured and the break-up of a democratic ally through armed revolution is discussed.

The Fall of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

Excellent interview with Stefan Molyneux and Professor Ricardo Dufresne from the University of New Brunswick.

The very courageous & outspoken Candice Malcolm


Please sign petition against Birth Tourism.

Once you sign the petition an e-mail will be sent to you. You must click on the link in order to confirm your name will be added to the petition.



  • An abusive and exploitative practice known as 'Birth Tourism' now exists in Canada, whereby expectant mothers who are foreign nationals, with no status in Canada, gain automatic citizenship for their children born in Canada;
  • The practice of 'Birth Tourism' is fundamentally debasing the value of Canadian citizenship;
  • The practice of 'Birth Tourism' can be very costly to taxpayers, since it can be used to gain access to Canada's publicly subsidized post-secondary education system and to take advantage of Canada's public healthcare system and generous social security programs, all without having to contribute much to the funding of these systems and programs';
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents have been displaced by foreign nationals at local hospitals, thereby requiring Canadian citizens and permanent residents to seek medical attention at other facilities;
  • Underground and unregulated 'for profit' businesses have developed both in Canada and 'countries of origin' to facilitate the practice of 'Birth Tourism'; and
  • The instances of 'Birth Tourism' are increasing in multiple cities across Canada.

Dear Free Speech Patriot,

This update on the fight against M-103 begins on a very positive note. This is the case as efforts by Canadians, such as yourself, have given the Liberal government pause. We now see them "regrouping" in the face of this enormous public pressure. How else to explain their decision to put a second round of cross-country consultations on racism and religious discrimination "on ice" - one day after they announced it. CTV personality Don Martin explained that they had no choice as " Justin Trudeau has become so identified with kumbaya peoplekind priorities that he's lost the appearance of leading a serious government ."

Please take the time to write. We do NOT want a day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.

Freedom of Speech

Protesters disrupt lecture by uOttawa 'anti-feminist' at Ottawa Public Library

Ottawa Against Fascism accused her of being "anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant" and said "she has no shame about using her platform to whip up hatred against marginalized communities." In a comment on her Facebook page, Fiamengo said "Free speech is scary to weak-minded bullies, who pulled a fire alarm at the library, forcing all the patrons, many low-income and seniors, to vacate."

Are Universities About Truth Or The Protection of Approved Ideas?

Is the University about the Pursuit of Truth or about the Protection of Approved Ideas? Most respectable academics today if asked the question of my title would say that of course the university is about the pursuit of truth and that there are no approved ideologies-that this is a paranoid right-wing fantasy. But if pressed on the matter of free speech, they would say that the university is a community based on the values of inclusion and diversity, and that one must balance freedom of expression with maintaining an environment where students can learn without discrimination and harassment. It sounds okay-but it means that considerations other than truth are now paramount at the university and in society at large.

On Campus, the Barbarians Are Inside the Gates

The hooligans who prevented my wife from delivering her talk numbered maybe two dozen, sufficient to sink an articulate analysis with a barrage of loudly chanted drivel and obloquy -- perhaps less distressing than the occasion at the University of Toronto when she was hustled into a police cruiser for her protection. But whether in small or large deployments, the guerillas adopt the same tactics and are motivated by the same ideology. I still have trouble believing what I see, but as they say, seeing is believing.

Janice Fiamengo on the fascistic shutting down of her talk in Ottawa

Interview with VladTepes

The Criminalization of Dissent in Canada - Attacks on Free Speech by Tom Quiggin

We can say that free speech is directly under attack and one of the greatest threats to free speech is the government which want to silence any criticism. These kinds of governments are especially terrified of those who draw attention to the foreign political ideology of the Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Khomeneists. Are we Islamophobic if we speak out against this? Will we go to jail or be detained at border crossings in so-called democratic states? Yes, we will

Why we must have the right to call Allah gay

The authorities' refused to grant entrance to the nation to the alt-right Christian YouTuber Lauren Southern. Her crime? She once distributed a leaflet in Luton with the words 'Allah is gay, Allah is trans, Allah is lesbian. Free speech must include the right to ridicule gods. This is a very serious matter and the lack of outrage about it in the mainstream press, not least among those who call themselves liberal, is deeply disturbing. For what we have here is the ringfencing of Britain from anti-Islam blasphemy. The purification of the kingdom against those who would take the mick out of the Muslim faith.

The Shadow Over Our Heads by Mark Steyn

I wrote a week ago of the extraordinary detention and deportation by British authorities of three law-abiding middle-class persons from Austria, America and Canada - for the crime of wanting to speak at a free-speech event. This in a country where, as Douglas Murray explained to me last week on TV, Ahmed Hassan, an Iraqi teenager who informed immigration officials that he'd been trained by Isis "how to kill", was nevertheless fast-tracked into Britain, and its public welfare system, and went on to detonate a nail bomb on the London Tube.

Let's stand up for the right to be offensive

Shame on those comedians who are siding with the courts against Count Dankula. As I have pointed out elsewhere, the more vocal elements of the liberal-left have a tendency to lack basic argumentative skills, favouring unsubstantiated slurs over reasoned debate. Meechan has been branded a fascist, and so according to their logic anyone who defends his right to free speech must be likewise stigmatised.


INVASION: Army of Illegal Migrants Is Marching Its Way Through Mexico to U.S. Border

Mexico is allowing a horde of over one thousand illegal (mostly) Central American migrants-many of whom are infants and children-to march though the country on their way to the United States where they will either seek asylum or try to illegally cross the border. The invading migrants are organized into groups and sub-groups like an army.

"Supply and Demand" in Mass Migration - A Conversation with former Czech President Václav Klaus

I am absolutely critical of the mass migration in Europe. It is clearly not a spontaneous process. It is something which is organized by the European Union's political elites. If you have read my book Migration of Peoples (not yet translated into English), you will probably have realized that I stress a distinction between mass migration and individual migration. Mass migration creates cultural, social and political conflicts, shocks and tensions. It undermines the structure of society that has been gradually developed over centuries, maybe even millennia.

Study: 70% of Europeans see rapid population growth of Muslims as a serious threat

The study also shows that 78% of respondents see illegal immigration as a serious problem, with 57% believing that the influx of migrants will change their country's culture. Respondents overwhelmingly believe that Europe should aid and support migrants (81%), but they believe that this should occur in their home countries.

Facebook & Twitter

Muslim in Sweden appealed for donations for ISIS for two years on Facebook, his account was not deleted

Facebook was probably too busy working on ways to block access to accounts that oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression. Referrals to Jihad Watch from Facebook have dropped from over 20,000 a day in 2015 and 2016 to almost nothing - because we violate their hard-Left criteria for what is acceptable speech. This fellow, however, was able to post fundraising appeals for the Islamic State on Facebook with no problem at all.

Tech Honcho Proposes India's Own Social Media to Rival Facebook

Owner of Indian tech giant Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra tweeted on Tuesday that he would like to fund an Indian start-up to rival the social media giant Facebook. The offer comes in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook Facebook last week. In his open offer, Mahindra wondered if the time was right to build an alternative social networking platform based in India.

Twitter Removed Me Forever

Tommy Robinson's Twitter was removed. It is now clear that freedom of speech is disappearing on the West's social media platforms. However, this is a rather one-sided process: while right-wingers and conservatives are being removed and suspended, hate speech being disseminated by other, often left-wing liberal, groups is ignored and allowed to continue, and that is shameful.

Around the World


Hospital allows "radical Muslim woman" patient to forbid non-Muslim father of another patient to enter room

We were shocked that a radical, in this case a religious radical, gets to decide how we have to behave in Vienna. She gets to decide that I can't see my daughter? Every form of radicalism is to be fought especially this type of psychological terror."


Could France's Islam Problem Happen Here?

Today, a new kind of apartheid is emerging in France, a segregation in reverse thanks to which the "dominated" seek to retain their dignity by sheltering themselves from the "dominators." This too seems not very far from what is going on on our college campuses today where the dreamed-of integrated society of MLK and others has been turned on its head with people of color banning whites from classrooms and self-segregating.

A martyr falls in France - and French officials don't quite get it

He died a martyr, a red-crown-in-heaven martyr, not for the French state but for the French "homeland," as his mother put it. His death was animated by the Christian ethos of France's founding faith, and it shows that his homeland is frankly still under attack by Muslims who confuse martyrdom with murder-suicide.

85-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Brutally Murdered by Muslim Neighbour

Mireille Knoll was able to escape the Holocaust in 1942 and then she died in 2018 because of the hatred and barbarism of an Islamist, stabbed 11 times in the family apartment. It is the same barbarity that kills Jewish children in Toulouse, slits a priest in his church in Saint-Etienne-de-Rouvray or a gendarmerie officer in trèbes..

The Palestinian Authority

The Secret World of the Palestinian Authority

For Palestinians, to confront the dictators in Ramallah and the Gaza Strip means nothing short of putting one's life on the line. Why, then, do they continue to look the other way as Abbas constructs gilded mansions for himself and his buddies? Perhaps because they are too busy digging up dirt about Israel.


Ruthless Erdogan Will Show No Mercy on the Kurds

It is a terrible thing to be a people without a state or province to call its own. Just ask the Kurds, who now find themselves under the hell of Turkey's ruthless ruler, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who may as well be one of the Turkish sultans of the past. He has unleashed a campaign of genocidal fury against people of his ever-expanding realm. And no one can say the world hasn't been given fair warning of his genocidal intentions.

United Kingdom

In Britain, If You See Something, You Better Say Nothing by Robert Spencer

And so now Neil Basu, the new top dog of Britain's counter-terror police, wants people to report suspicious activity. Great. But now the British government is imprisoning and prosecuting people for "Islamophobia." So if someone sees a jihad massacre being plotted, the witness must be very careful in alerting British authorities, for the suspicion itself could be seen as "Islamophobic," especially if the witness is a non-Muslim. In today's Britain, foes of jihad terror who see something better say nothing, if they want to keep from getting arrested themselves.

United States

Gay nightclub jihad mass-murderer's father was FBI informant, this kept FBI from indicting killer 3 years before massacre

The jihadists in America have succeeded in getting the FBI to work for them. For well over a decade, terror-tied groups such as Hamas-CAIR have worked hard to infiltrate and dictate counterterrorism policy at the FBI. This is a whole new level of subterfuge and treason. This calls for a special hearings. Remember, the FBI aided and abetted the jihadis' attack on us at our free speech event in Garland, Texas.


Convergence of crime and jihad terror as Venezuela harbors Hizballah, Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia

Increasing evidence indicates that the Venezuelan regime is using its state apparatus to provide cover and concealment for terrorists and traffickers alike. It's time we consider designating their government as a state sponsor of terrorism and transnational organized crime.


Katie Hopkins: "Too rude for America!" (Full speech at Horowitz Freedom Center)

Video: 5 U.S. Jihadis You Haven't Heard Of

Robert Spencer discusses 5 U.S. Jihadis the media doesn't want you to know about that have been arrested in just the last few weeks:

Glazov Gang: Campus Cops Crack Down on Questions About Islam

This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Steve Amundson, founder of the Counter Jihad Coalition. Steve focuses on Campus Cops Crack Down on Questions about Islam, revealing how audience members at Golden West's "Islam 101" event were forced to step outside and warned about asking unacceptable questions. And he was one of them.

We wish all our members

a Happy Easter & a Happy Passover

If Easter says anything to us today, it says this:

You can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay

there. You can nail it to a cross, wrap it in winding

sheets and shut it up in a tomb, but it will rise!

Darkness cannot extinguish light.

Passover has a message for the conscience and

the heart of all mankind. For what does it

commemorate? It commemorates the deliverance

of a people from degrading slavery, from

most foul and cruel tyranny. And so, it is

Israel's - nay, G-d's protest against

unrighteousness, whether individual or national.

Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is

the inalienable right of every human being.

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