AFC Newsletter - Mar. 24, 2018


"If you're on the wrong road, progress means doing

 an about-turn and walking back to the right road; 

in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the

most progressive."

~ C.S. Lewis ~


Dear members and supporters of ACT! For Canada,

We are proud to announce that we have a new team communications platform which runs on Slack technology which we simply call our "Slack Chat Room". With this platform, we plan to bring our teams together, make sense of our work, and drive our organization forward. We encourage all members and supporters to join in the conversation and action at the Slack Chat Room which is located here:

We want to use the best communication tools to make our lives easier and be more productive. Having everything in one place will help us work together better and faster, rather than jumping around between emails, IMs, texts and a bunch of other programs. Everything you share in Slack is automatically indexed and archived, creating a searchable archive of all our work.

We will be sending out invitations to join the Slack Chat Room in the very near future. Alternatively, you can request an invitation at this web page:

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Also, I am pleased to announce that Richard Lionheart will be our new Director of Chapter Communications. In this position, he will be assisting with Chapter Development and administering the "new" AFC website and chat room.

Richard may be contacted directly at:

Yours sincerely,

Valerie Price, National Director/ACT! For Canada

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Can Islam, Sharia and a Secular Democracy coincide?

It appears that many Canadians would likely agree with the late British philosopher Anthony Flew who justifiably concluded, in his review of Ibn Warraq's Why I'm Not a Muslim, that "Islam is flatly incompatible with the establishment and maintenance of the equal individual rights and liberties of a liberal, democratic, secular state".

Antisemitic Vandalism Rocks Chabad Synagogue in Thornhill, Ont.

On Wednesday at about 9:40 a.m., a vandal smashed the glass doors of Chabad at Flamingo with a rock, according to Chabad Rabbi Mendel Kaplan. "It is both despicable and lamentable that someone would feel the need to resort to such vile behaviour," said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B'nai Brith Canada. "We trust that police will investigate this matter seriously."Interesting comment from a reader: "Trudeau's track record shows that he has no problem with the shedding of innocent blood. Remember when President Trump revoked former President Obama's policy for funding overseas abortions at U.S. taxpayers' expense - to the tune of $600 million annually? Justin, sanctimoniously, stepped up to the plate and placed that burden on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. If he can easily fund the murder of unborn babies in the womb, what is the price of a Canadian soldier if his personal goals are to be realized? His disdain for the military is inherited. They are just a means to an end - a stepping stone on what he hopes is his next promotion in the Internationalist Zone. (UN)."

Raitt Asks A Risks To Canadian Troops In Mali, Trudeau Attacks Harper Government Instead

For Trudeau, a chance to show off in front of the UN seems to be more important than the safety of our troops and being transparent with Canadians. Yet, if he can't answer these questions, he has no business sitting in the Prime Minister's Office - something more and more Canadians are realizing.

Interesting comment from a reader:  "Trudeau's track record shows that he has no problem with the shedding of innocent blood. Remember when President Trump revoked former President Obama's policy for funding overseas abortions at U.S. taxpayers' expense - to the tune of $600 million annually?  Justin, sanctimoniously, stepped up to the plate and placed that burden on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. If he can easily fund the murder of unborn babies in the womb, what is the price of a Canadian soldier if his personal goals are to be realized? His disdain for the military is inherited. They are just a means to an end - a stepping stone on what he hopes is his next promotion in the Internationalist Zone. (UN)."

Canada's "feminist" Trudeau continues to court Iran despite its oppression of women

Maryam Mombeini, the wife of a Canadian-Iranian professor, died in a Tehran prison under suspicious circumstances last month. This is not the first indignity that Tehran has imposed on Canada, despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's strong commitment to re-engage with the Iranian regime. Will this latest malfeasance finally put to rest the Trudeau government's determination to restore relations with Iran, without first demanding improved conduct?

What words will Justin Trudeau ban next?

Families Minister Jean-Yves Duclos asked Service Canada staff to adopt "gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language" when dealing with the public to avoid "portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender." Workers have also been asked to stop referring to people as Mr., Mrs. or Ms. and avoid using the terms "father" and "mother" in favour of "parent," according to a memo obtained by Radio-Canada.

Duclos took to Twitter after the new rules were mocked by Opposition politicians and Twitter wags.

"CONTEMPTIBLE": Trudeau Liberals Reject Motion Condemning Iranian Regime for Death of Canadian Citizen

Trudeau's contempt for the principles of freedom upon which our nation is founded, and his contempt for the Canadian people is becoming more and more obvious, and the decision by the Trudeau Liberals to vote against condemning Iran is yet another reason the Liberals need to be punished at election time.Once again, the Trudeau government refuses to stand up for our country.

Going for Broke, the Canadian Way by David Solway

The problem we have is two more years of Liberal government during which time Trudeau's feminist controllers will inflict as much damage as possible through social justice policy and regulations" (personal communication). The costs will be prohibitive. There are obviously extraordinary women currently working in culture and politics, for example, Nikki Haley, Betsy DeVos and Gina Haspel in the U.S., Anne Cools, Lauren Southern and Valerie Price in Canada, to cite just a few among a glittering continental sorority.

Canada: Muslim-led committee requests Catholic Central School Board remove mascot

Muslims like Hussain don't want the facts about the Crusades to be known. That is, that Muslims were the aggressors, the relentless, brutal killing force that was seeking to conquer the whole of Europe and kill or subjugate all non-Muslims in their path. Hussain uses the excuse that Muslims lost these wars to claim it's not helpful. It's not helpful to her cause of spreading Islam. In fact, it wasn't a dark moment. It saved the Western world as we know it today - although we are losing again - and the West needs more reminders of Islam's deadly past.

Ottawa to hold consultations on systemic racism

Ottawa is set to launch pan-Canadian consultations on racism, a topic that has stirred controversy and divisions across the country in recent months. The exact form and nature of the consultations is still being developed in the Department of Canadian Heritage and has yet to be unveiled to the public. Conservative MP Maxime Bernier accused the government of exploiting the debate to win support in various communities.

Politicians judged by company they keep by Candice Malcolm

Voters have every right to judge politicians by the company they keep. It's not only reasonable, it's necessary. We need to know who will be close to power if a politician wins an election. Who will be advising them, who will they appoint to key government positions? Jagmeet Singh isn't being mistreated. In fact, he's getting the kid-glove treatment because journalists are worried they'll be called racist if they question his relationship with extremists.

The People's Republic of Canada by David Solway

The intellectual class in general considers Trump the manifest inferior of Barack Obama, whose silver tongue - or golden teleprompter - masked his hatred of his own country and whose policies brought foreign debacles and economic ruin in their train. Under Trump's administration, trade, industry, and employment numbers are flourishing in the U.S. Canadians, however, consider these gains an aberration that detracts from the social justice agenda that dominates the national temper.


If you care about your freedom of speech, please sign this petition today. M-103 is the thin edge of the wedge. It starts with official victimhood status, which Trudeau is presently trying to confer on Muslims. Next, it will become socially unacceptable to criticize Islam. Eventually, criticizing Islam might even end up being a crime. No religion or ideology should be pampered with such special treatment. Parliament will be voting on this in the near distant future, so please sign the petition now. The petition was started by Major Russ Cooper

Freedom of Speech

The Shadow Over Our Heads by Mark Steyn

Ahmed Hassan, an Iraqi teenager who informed immigration officials that he'd trained with Isis, was fast-tracked into Britain, and its public welfare system, and went on to detonate a nail bomb on the London Tube. Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern have no wish to detonate nail bombs, or blow up pop concerts, or mow down pedestrians in rental cars, or decapitate British subjects. All they want to do is speak - and, for that very reason, they are deemed more dangerous than Mr Hassan. The pen is a greater threat to public order than the scimitar.

Soros's HOPE Not Hate Sees Massive Backlash over Book Ban List

The far-left activist group HOPE not Hate (HnH) received a widespread backlash on social media, including from prominent anti-extremism campaigner Maajid Nawaz, after they released a list of books they campaigned to get banned from UK retailers. The group unveiled a new campaign earlier this week to pressure book retailers, including Amazon and WH Smith, to remove a list of books deemed "Nazi" and "far-right" by the organisation.

Free Count Dankula

Given that the prosecutors cannot be sincere in their belief that Meechan had intended to incite religious hatred, we are left with only one reasonable alternative: that the state's desire to protect people from offence now takes priority over their duty to uphold the fundamental democratic principle of freedom of expression. The Nazi pug ruling is a dark moment for liberty.

I went to Speakers Corner on Sunday for one reason. Because others could not by Katie Hopkins

I saw something special. I saw that we are many. And we are in fine voice. And I saw that we could all feel it too - like the soft buzz of electricity in the air. And I was proud to be a part of this army of good people, who had spent their own money getting to this place in the freezing cold. I felt uplifted by the Union flag, flying proudly.

Right-wing group confronts researchers at Quebec conference

"I am guilty of wanting to protect our identity, our culture, our heritage. I'm guilty of wanting to have immigration laws respected," said StΓ©phane Roch, a La Meute member who received cheers from his fellow members. "What we've heard today is completely ridiculous. We are not anti-Islam. We are against an Islam that is radical, misogynous, homophobic and racist," he said.

AFDI lawsuit: "Speech may not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend"

One of the reasons why we have such a cult of victimhood in today's society is because being offended is currency. It buys things for you. But only for some people. If conservatives are offended, it matters not a whit. But if Muslims are offended, everyone jumps to mollify them, in part to stave off the bombs and machetes, and in part because Islamic advocacy groups have so skillfully played the victim card and pushed into the mainstream the assumption that to oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression constitutes racism and bigotry.

DHS/Fusion Centers Co-Opted To Spy On Patriots Concerned About Islam

"Everything is upside down and backwards; the people who are actually concerned, curious, or take the initiative to protect their communities from the Islamic threat, they are the ones who are now considered the threat, and the ones who were originally supposed to be the threat are now the victims," said Phil Haney, a retired Homeland Security Officer. "Brenda had her constitutional rights violated, and the worst part about it is her accuser remains faceless - nobody knows where this is coming from."


Endless Immigration A Form Of War With Violence Delayed

When you look at all the conquering armies in history, ask yourself what act showed their dominance over the conquered country? They raised their flag. They built forts. They displayed their power over the captured country. Today, you won't see Old Glory flying from Mexican houses in southern California, but you will see the La Rasa flag displayed everywhere or its brother, the Mexican flag. In Detroit, Michigan, you never see Old Glory, but you see the black flag of Islam. Minneapolis, Minnesota sponsors "Somaliland" filled with 120,000 legal invaders from Somalia, Africa. Virtually all of them subsist on welfare paid for by your tax dollars. As you work, they sit and watch TV. Plus, lots of offspring on your dollar!


How Facebook and Social Media Promote Terrorism

Terrorist groups around the world have recognized the potential of social media and these networks have become an essential component -- in fact, an unhindered course of action -- in allowing the global terrorist networks greatly to expand the operations of terror groups and their supporters worldwide, and affect billions of people around the world.


Three Years of Deadly Terror Attacks Across Europe

France, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden

Around the World


100 French Intellectuals Issue A Warning About Islamic Totalitarianism

We are citizens of differing and often diametrically opposed views, who have found agreement in expressing our concern in the face of the rise of Islamism. We are united not by our affinities, but by the feeling of danger that threatens freedom in general and not just freedom of thought.

That which unites us today is more fundamental than that which will undoubtedly separate us tomorrow.

'Allah Akbar' Attacker: Three Dead, Dozens Wounded in Carcassonne Attacks

The hostage-taking gunman responsible for at least three deaths in Carcassonne, France Friday has been shot dead after demanding the release of Salah Abdeslam, the sole remaining killer of the 2015 Paris attacks from Prison. Friday's attacker, who has been identified as Moroccan origin Carcassonne resident Redouane Lakdim, who attacked police and a supermarket with weapons including a handgun made the demand for France to release its most closely guarded prisoner, the terrorist Salah Abdeslam Friday afternoon.


An Iranian man slaps this woman for refusing to wear a hijab

The man yelled, demanding that she must "obey the rules"....Firmly responding to him, the woman said: "I don't like this veil. I don't want to obey this rule. It's my right", adding that she will only wear it when he wears it. Shortly, the man stepped out of his car and slapped the woman across the face.


A first: Air India flies to Israel, crossing over Saudi Arabia

We will be flying non-stop from New Delhi to Tel Aviv from March 22 over Saudi airspace. There will now be three flights weekly in each direction, ending a decades-long ban by the Kingdom on commercial flights to and from the Jewish state.

Palestinian Authority

Palestinians Tortured; Media Silent

For most Western reporters, the only wrongdoing they see is that which takes place by Israelis. For them, a Jewish soldier who shouts at a Palestinian at a checkpoint is more worthy of a story than, say, Palestinian detainees who are tortured by the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. Both Palestinian dictatorships, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, therefore have nothing to worry about; they can go about their business of torturing and illegally detaining their own people. No one is watching.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: What About the Hate-Filled Textbooks and Sermons?

The Saudi educational system's textbooks, at least as of a year ago, remain rife with anti-Christian and anti-Jewish statements, as well as criticism of other Muslim sects. It can be argued that no amount of promises by Saudi or other ethnic Muslims of the Wahhabi brand of Sunni Islam will bring about cleansing educational textbooks of hateful descriptions of Christians or Jews.

South Africa

South African radical: White farmers should 'leave the keys' when they go

There has never been such a radical government that has taken power in South Africa. What was promised in the constitution about property rights is in the process of being trashed. If the murders continue and the government refuses to do anything about them, South Africa will become another economic basket case in Africa. And the government will have only itself to blame.

United Kingdom

Bully for Brexit

History may one day judge Brexit as a repeat of the Glorious Revolution in which Britons reasserted the supremacy of the ancient laws and liberties that Burke called the "rights of Englishmen." This revolution was a bloodless rejection of the Hegelian centralization and groundless metaphysical abstractions that are at the core of the modern European project.

English Cultural Genocide

When the experimental policy of multi-culturalism has reached its logical conclusion, when the English have departed in an exodus, when every dissident has been silenced and the newcomers have multiplied until they predominate and their traditions prevail, England will be as dead as if every English person had been killed. It will have lost its culture, its beliefs, its common ideas, which have guided it and given it a soul, which, in short, made it a nation. This is not mass murder, but it is genocide; the destruction not of individuals but of a culture and a nation.

West Pays The Price For Its Decades Of Folly by Melanie Phillips

As for the once-mighty British lion, it is now a mangy and malnourished creature. For Britain has run down its defenses to the point where military top brass say that in a confrontation with Russia, Britain would lose.

Is the United Kingdom an Islamist Colony? by Tom Quiggin

The United Kingdom, once an imperial power, now sounds more like a colonial vassal. The actions of British government officials suggest that the will of the government has collapsed in the face of terrorist and ideological assaults by the forces of political Islam. The ideology is being spread by, among others, the Muslims Brotherhood,

United States

The Bolton-for-McMaster Change

I expect John will work very well with new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattiss, especially regarding Iran. All three have a long-standing animus regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran. And all three have been outspoken on the Russian threat to American national security. Both Putin and Khamenei know who John Bolton is, and you can be sure they are not happy to see him moving in down the corridor from the Oval Office.

American Day of Reckoning for Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood's sigh of relief after being rescued by Secretary of State Tillerson and National Security Adviser McMaster has been replaced by a sweaty panic. The incoming secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, was one of the earliest cosponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act when he was a member of Congress. Now, as secretary of state, he has the authority to designate Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs).

Terror-tied CAIR Demands US Senate Block Confirmation of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, is urging members of the U.S. Senate to oppose Mike Pompeo's nomination to secretary of state and calling on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to block his confirmation. When a terror group such as Hamas-CAIR makes these demands on the US Senate, it speaks to the infiltration of massively funded jihad subversive groups, whose mission was stated in a captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document.

Other Articles

The Jihadi and the Social Justice Warrior

What is the difference between a jihadi and a social justice warrior? Not much. The jihadi is an unapologetic soldier in Islam's religious war against America seeking to re-establish the Muslim caliphate by internationalizing the world under one-world government ruled by sharia law. The social justice warrior is an unapologetic soldier in the leftist secular Culture War against America seeking to destroy America from within and internationalize her under one-world government ruled by the globalist elite.

Democracy in Crisis

Political rights and civil liberties around the world deteriorated to their lowest point in more than a decade in 2017, extending a period characterized by emboldened autocrats, beleaguered democracies, and the United States' withdrawal from its leadership role in the global struggle for human freedom.

The Era of Malice by Edward Cline

From Sadiq Khan and the British government banning Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone from entering the UK; to CAIR attempting to prevent Anni Cyrus from speaking to the genocide of white farmers in South Africa to the digital Antifa-clone of the Internet censors, The Daily Beast, calling Pamela Geller a "provocateur" - the madness caused by Islam and anti-Trumpism has morphed into unabashed malevolence.

Husain Haqqani: Manipulated Outrage and Misplaced Fury by Husain Haqqani

Islamists, almost by definition, have a vested interest in continuously fanning the flames of Muslim victimhood. They stoke resentment of the West-and anger over the long decline of Muslim influence-to serve their own violent ends. For Islamists, wrath against the West is the basis for their claim to the support of Muslim masses, taking attention away from societal political and economic failures. For example, the 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference account for one-fifth of the world's population but their combined gross domestic product is less than 7% of global output-a harsh reality for which Islamists offer no solution.

Secularism and Religion: The Onslaught Against the West's Moral Codes

War is being waged against Western culture from within which is in essence a war against Christianity and its moral origins in the Hebrew Bible. By attacking these Biblical foundations in the name of reason and human rights, the culture warriors of secularism are sawing off the branch on which they sit. The only way to defend Western civilisation is to reaffirm and restore its Biblical foundations.

That's how the Brits solved the Hitler problem, and the academics solve the Islam problem

For a long time I could not understand where or how the academics acquired the dogma that Islam is about peace. It was born with a war between Medina and Mecca. Its founder was a general. It was initially financed by piracy. It was spread to the world at the point of the sword. For centuries it enslaved thousands upon thousands of people. It has been trying to conquer Europe for more than a thousand years. Muslims who convert to another religion are subject to execution and so is any Christian convicted of attempting to convert a Muslim. I hope the House of Commons won't mind my saying this, but it all happens to be true.


Jordan Peterson - one minute clip

Dr. Bill Warner and Lord Pearson - "Can We Talk about Islam?"

The Truth About Broken Britain with Paul Joseph Watson

It's almost like the UK is no longer a democratic country.

The End of Comedy: Nazi Pug Found Guilty

Tommy Robinson interviews Count Dancula, arrested for a joke.

Laugh of the week!

Steyn on lawmaker's Jewish weather 'conspiracy'

Radio host and commentator Mark Steyn on a DC councilman's bizarre video where he claims Jewish financiers control the weather and controversy over the University of California's list of 'microaggressions.' #Tucker

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