AFC Newsletter - June 3, 2018


"The Enlightenment, coming after the Inquisition,

was fundamentally about insisting that people

should not be punished for what they believe or say.

As John Locke argued in his 1689 'Letter

Concerning Toleration', no man should be attacked

by 'fire or sword' for what lurks in his mind."

~ Brendan O'Neill ~


British Media: Lockstep Lies

The land that bequeathed the world the Magna Carta and the 'mother of parliaments' is indulging in totalitarianism with its handling of Tommy Robinson, a famous political activist agitating about the threat of radical Islam, and attempting to report on the trial of a Muslim 'grooming gang' that allegedly preyed on young English girls, forcing them into prostitution."

In its Obsession with Silencing Tommy Robinson, a Pusillanimous Establishment Abandons Treasured British Ideal of 'Fair Play' by Barbara Kay

May 25 will be marked as a day of infamy for British justice. On that day, political activist Tommy Robinson was arrested outside a Leeds courthouse, where, as a citizen journalist employing normal journalistic strategies, he was livestreaming commentary to Facebook, as several Muslim defendants involved in infamous grooming gangs arrived for their trial proceeding. Robinson was doing nothing illegal. But the police arrested him for "breaching the peace." Within hours, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to 13 months incarceration, whereupon he was whisked off to Hull prison.

Tommy Robinson thanks Valerie Price

Elsa Schieder interviews Tommy Robinson just 2 days before his arrest.

"When people say it's too late I say it's never TOO late. We must never surrender because our fight for freedom will overcome sharia." This is an excellent interview in which Tommy is seen as a father, a fighter, a force for freedom and a warrior for justice.

Masses Count on Tommy Robinson Not British Authorities to Keep Children Safe

Last Friday's imprisonment is not the end of Tommy Robinson's story, but only its beginning. By imprisoning him authorities may have unwittingly helped Tommy's cause. The thousands protesting his imprisonment worldwide will not only continue to protest until Tommy is released, but will continue to protest the danger of Britain's lax immigration laws long after he's been set free. No British court can keep human rights activist Tommy Robinson behind bars for long.

Tommy Robinson will be the UK's tipping point

The treatment of Tommy Robinson will be the tipping point for the people of the UK. If the government are smart, they'll realize this. We the People, have had enough. No more listening to lies and excuses. It's time to do right by Tommy, and time to do right by us.

"Tommy this, an' Tommy that' Tommy go away" by Mark Steyn

You can say a lot of things about Tommy Robinson, but he's one of the embarrassingly small numbers of Britons who recognizes the horror inflicted on those young and vulnerable girls on the receiving end of "diversity" and seeks to do something about it. On Friday he was outside the Crown Court in Leeds. He was not demonstrating, or accosting or chanting, or even speaking. He was just pointing his mobile phone upon the scene from a distance. Within minutes, seven coppers showed up in whatever they use instead of a Black Maria these days, tossed him inside it and drove off. In other words, these were not "investigating officers" called to the scene: They showed up with the intent to take him away. With respect to this particular citizen among sixty million, the police function as the Old Bill of attainder: Get Robinson - on anything.

Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson by Bruce Bawer

In the United Kingdom, rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson. The swiftness with which injustice was meted out to Robinson is stunning. No, more than that: it is terrifying.

UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to the home secretary over the arrest of Tommy Robinson

Lord Pearson sent a letter to Sajid Javid warning him over the treatment and safety of Mr Robinson while in Police custody. He also warned Mr. Javid that he will face 'prosecution' if Tommy is 'murdered' or injured while in prison.

WHERE is Tommy Robinson? British Authorities Owe Us An Answer by Judi McLeod

"Right wing activist? How about civil rights activist or humanitarian activist?" The trial of the child sex scandal going on in Leeds, England right now is not a one-off; it's an ongoing horror as Britain has been racked by a SERIES of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men. The stunning truth of horrific child abuse is not pretty and gallons of tea sipped from bone china cups won't ever change it. There's no jail on earth where Tommy can be hidden, because the toughest political activists imaginable, far more resolute than those in the mainstream and social media-the relentless Court of Public opinion-has Tommy on their watch.

The Tommy Robinson Arrest with Dr. Gad Saad

Tommy Robinson is the type of guy you want defending your societies. Tommy reporting on grooming gangs is the bad guy - the rapists are excused. It speaks to the castrated society in which we live today which is incapable of defending its most vulnerable members of society - children

Tommy Robinson, Political Prisoner by Matthew Vadum

A corrupt British court system silences a righteous whistleblower. One of Britain's most prominent human rights activists is being held as a political prisoner for reporting on a brutal Muslim child-rape gang, one of many such "grooming" gang cases that country's government has been downplaying or outright covering up in recent years. Authorities in the United Kingdom are notorious for protecting Muslims who rape Britons and for covering up the crimes of Muslim rape rings. Some government officials and journalists suppress news of the sex crimes out of a perverse sense of political correctness; others because they are afraid of being called racist or Islamophobic.

Geert Wilders: I will be coming to protest in London, free 'hero' Tommy Robinson now!

"Tommy Robinson is a working-class man, who can no longer stand how the original population of England is oppressed by Islam. The latter enjoys the protection from the multiculturalist politically-correct Islamophile ruling class. Tommy Robinson wants to break the taboos this class imposes on society, and he was punished for it. The "Free Tommy Robinson movement" is growing by the day and it's not only fans and activists that have joined in. After several members of the European Parliament called for the immediate release of Tommy Robinson, it's now Geert Wilders who will show up during a protest.


"Notes from the Cassandra Society"

by John Thompson

Stay Selectively Quiet or Else

In our cheerful Multicultural society, there is no room to discuss these little problems for all of us are happily (and voluntarily) rubbing along together, right? Pimps and rapists are unfortunately universal, but this scale in a small town is frightening. The difference is also its cultural and religious context - as evinced by the ISIS slavery of Yezidi women, the kidnapping of Nigerian school girls, the "Sex Jihad" and any number of sex-obsessed opinions from sundry Salafist and Wahhabi clerics, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Canada: A "Different" Kind of Antisemitism?

Do not worry about Jew-hatred at McMaster, however. The McMaster administration is on the case. Its "Equity and Inclusion" committee is promoting an anti-Islamophobia campaign, seeking out instances of possible hostility toward Muslims, and publicizing them widely. Jews are the most targeted religious group, with 221 anti-Semitic hate crimes in 2016. There were 139 hate crimes directed against Muslims. On a per capita basis, Jews were by far the most targeted religious group.

If Justin Trudeau Can Find $4.5 Billion To Nationalize A Pipeline, How Can He Say Canadian Veterans Are Asking For "More Than We're Able To Give"?

The fact that the government had to bail out Texas-based Kinder Morgan is due to the Trudeau government's failed policies in the first place. Their 'social license' lie has been totally exposed, and their failure to support the energy industry and create a good environment for investment is now costing taxpayers billions. Yet, Trudeau magically (actually massive debt increases) found the money for a Nationalization, yet refused to find the money to help our Veterans.

Two MPs are locked in a Twitter brawl over race and identity. Time to talk?

"We should certainly do everything possible to redress injustices and give everyone equal opportunities to flourish. And we should recognize that Canada is big enough to contain many identities. As a francophone Quebecer, I can understand this," Bernier wrote. "But that doesn't mean the gov't officially defining us on the basis of 'intersectional race, gender and sexual identities' and granting different rights and privileges accordingly. This only creates more division and injustice and will balkanise our society."

Freedom of Speech

Is the Freedom of Speech Dead in Britain?

This case is much bigger than Tommy Robinson. Whatever one may think of him and his work, style, or approach, he is being harassed and persecuted by the British government for calling attention to the activity of Muslim rape gangs -- which British authorities have done everything they could to cover up -- and to jihad violence and Sharia oppression in general. The British government, in arresting Tommy Robinson and Amy, is showing itself willing to incarcerate people for having opinions that it considers unacceptable. That heralds the death of Britain as a free society and the beginning of an authoritarian police state there -- unless this slide to totalitarianism is stopped now.

Tommy Robinson and Our Free Speech Rights

Without free speech, we will have no other freedom. The right to communicate news and opinion, to tell stories, is essential to our liberty. Free speech is absolute. There are no degrees of free speech, no "acceptable" free speech. Will we decline to attend a rally, write a letter to the editor, voice an opinion for fear of the knock on the door in the middle of the night? Robinson has experienced this many times - jackboots, machine guns, threats to family by police supported with his taxes. He is exposed to bloodthirsty terrorists doing 40-year sentences with nothing to fear from carrying out a fatwah against an unarmed man who has called them out in public.

British 'Justice': Poppycock

Does anyone truly believe that some well-known BBC or Sky News talking head would ever have been plucked up from outside the courthouse in Leeds, shoved into a paddywagon, dragged before a judge, and tossed unceremoniously into the clink without so much as being allowed to phone a lawyer? So much concern - legitimately so - about the sacred right of the rapists to a fair trial, including the presumption of innocence and an opportunity to retain the lawyers of their choice - but so much readiness to excuse the denial of the same right to Robinson!

The Death of Britain

Arbitrary arrests of foes of jihad terror herald the end of Britain as a free society. Britain is finished, and its death as a free society is by its own hand. These videos ought to shock the world and lead to an international denunciation of Britain's slide into totalitarianism, and to calls for it to respect the human rights of all its citizens, not just Muslims. But they won't, because Amy and Tommy are just "Islamophobes," and so am I, and such people have no rights that the political and media elites feel bound to respect. Future generations of free Britons, if there are any, will curse the name of Theresa May as the destroyer of free Britain. These videos chronicle its demise as a free society.

Around the World


Africans report slavery, torture in "moderate" Muslim Algeria

Slavery is sanctioned under Islam and rampant in the Muslim world. In Mauritania, for example, 20% of the population is made of up blacks who are enslaved by Muslims. It's at epidemic levels in Libya. When I created an outdoor ad campaign (below) highlighting slavery under Muslim rule, I was smeared, defamed and libeled as an islamophobe.


Australia: TV star faces "racial vilification" hearing for saying Muslim immigration should be stopped

Kruger said nothing "racist." Once again, Islam is not a race. Jihad is not a race. She clearly had no racial intentions: in stating that Australia's borders should be closed to Muslims, she spoke of the reality of Muslim attacks on infidels, from rapes to jihad murder. She also said that she had "a lot of very good friends who are Muslims, who are peace-loving, who are beautiful people, but there are fanatics." The free-for-all, suicidal immigration policy that much of Europe has given into shows that there is ample reason for prudence in immigration policy.

Hundreds of Aussies rally for Tommy Robinson

Avi Yemini leads a rally. This is what happens when they try to silence us. #FREETOMMY


Belgium Terror Attack Mirrors an All Too Familiar Pattern

The latest terror attack in the European Union occurred Tuesday in Liege, Belgium, and appears to follow an all too familiar pattern. A petty criminal, radicalized in prison and released prematurely, carries out a deadly attack on law enforcement officers and civilians shouting "Allah Akbar" before he is brought down by a hail of bullets. Watching summer reruns on TV can be entertaining. Watching reoccurring patterns in Islamic terrorist attacks is not.


Ramadan in France: Muslim migrants kick and beat woman for "showing too much cleavage"

The French are going to have to get used to the requirements of their new masters. To do anything else would be "Islamophobic." The Afghans were reprimanding the woman for 'showing too much cleavage'. After the train stopped at Dijon's train station, they forced her out. The woman was kicked and beaten until she fell to the ground.

United Kingdom

Britain is now a Genuine Police State by Paul Weston

To further reinforce the actions of a totalitarian state, a reporting restriction has now been put into operation with regard to his arrest. Tommy has been "disappeared" in much the same manner as countless others were airbrushed out of existence in genuine totalitarian regimes abroad, but I think this is the first time in England that a citizen has been "disappeared" in such a blatant way. Tommy was a threat to the Traitor Class, so they have removed him. He won't be the last. Britain is now a genuine Police State.

Police prepare for Muslim extremist clashes on Anjem Choudary's release

Choudary's release from HMP Frankland, Co Durham, where he is understood to be in a "separation centre", will come halfway through his 5½-year sentence. Next week marks the first anniversary of the London Bridge terrorist attack, masterminded by one of his former acolytes. Eight people died and 48 were injured in the June 3 atrocity. Anti-terrorism officials at Scotland Yard are concerned Choudary's release will heighten community tension, given his history of radicalising young Muslims and agitating far-right groups.

Rape Gangs: A Story Set in Leafy Oxfordshire

Among the stories that came out in the 2013 court case at the Old Bailey was that one of the girls was drugged and raped by a gang of men. She managed to escape and hail a taxi which drove her to the care home she lived in. Staff at the care home refused to pay the taxi fare, so the taxi driver took the girl straight back to the property from which she had just escaped, where the gang then raped her again. What price has been paid, is being paid, or might be paid at some stage, by all those public officials who tacitly or otherwise allowed these modern-day atrocities to go on, doing nothing to stop them?

United States

Opening the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood

One of the unfortunate side effects of Roseanne's racist tweet implosion involving Valerie Jarrett is that it may put off limits the documented influence held by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration. The key player in Obama's administration is the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Her role in the Obama administration has been likened to the mysterious Rasputin in the era of the Russian czars.The coziness among Obama, Jarrett, Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other radical Islamic terrorist groups is a historical fact and should not be obscured by a bigoted tweet.

Other Articles

Amnesty, morally corrupted?

Amnesty, in Britain at least, appears to have gone from being a respected and effective defender of persecuted individuals to being just another bunch of virtue-signalling creeps. Instead of self-righteous self-advertisement, Amnesty might concentrate on helping the estimated to be 27 million literal slaves, many of them children, in the backblocks of India, in Mauritania and other hellholes. And Amnesty UK boasts of mobilising 'thousands' to demonstrate against Trump! Obscene is hardly the word.

How did the Hagia Sophia become a mosque?

On May 29, 1453, Constantinople, once the greatest city in the Christian world, finally fell to the warriors of jihad, after they had tried to conquer it for seven hundred years. In my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, I recount what happened then. Muslims raided monasteries and convents, emptying them of their inhabitants, and plundered private houses. They entered the Hagia Sophia, which for nearly a thousand years had been the grandest church in Christendom.

The SPLC smear machine is being funded by liberal billionaires -- why?

Targeting conservatives as haters has been very profitable for the SPLC. It uses its hate lists to generate huge donations, in part through a sophisticated direct mail fundraising operation. Based on its 2010 tax return, the liberal website Daily Kos criticized the SPLC in 2012 for its enormous wealth, offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands, and ownership in several foreign corporations.

UN Has Only Recommended Tiny Token Numbers of Syrian Christians for Resettlement in the UK

Critics accused the United Nations in general and the British government in particular of continuing to discriminate against Christian refugees in favor of Muslim refugees from Syria. Barnabas Fund said it had "finally obtained figures proving that the UN has only recommended tiny token numbers of Syrian Christians ... for resettlement in the UK," whereas the "overwhelming majority of refugees recommended by the UN have been Sunni Muslims who form the majority in Syria. But Christians, and other minorities, have been repeatedly targeted for attack by Islamist groups such as IS... Disturbingly, UK officials tried to prevent the release of this information."


Bill Warner & Lord Pearson - "Can We Talk about Islam?"

Better the girls in Britain be raped than someone feel ill of you. Lord Pearson of the House of Lords brings this question before the House of Lords. Child grooming is across all cultures. But Islam is the ONLY culture which finds this acceptable. Therein lays the true difference.

Katie Hopkins: How Sharia Law Is Creeping Into The US, Dearborn Prime Example

Earlier this month, Katie Hopkins of conducted a webinar hosted by The United West. Participants heard her firsthand account of the No-Go Zones from Sweden to Sicily; de facto Sharia in the U.K; and explained what Americans need to know to prevent similar situations in the U.S.

WATCH VIDEO: Killing Europe

This eye-opening documentary tells the truth about what is happening in Europe - the truth not only that the political and media elites don't tell you, but that they don't even want you to know. The film's producer, Michael Hansen, has faced roadblock after roadblock in getting this film out. Now he has decided to make it available on YouTube.

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