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"Evil isn't the real threat to the world. Ignorance is just as destructive as evil, maybe more so and it's a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against ignorance. That might actually make a difference."


"Notes from the Cassandra Society"

by John Thompson

All Kinds Together

A further proof of Ms. Weld's and Ms. Price's insalubrious friendships comes from their advocate in this case, the notorious John Carpay... a free-speech advocate! Say no more! Surely nothing could be more right-wing than his group named 'Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms', especially if it is known to defend the rights of anti-abortion groups and Christian evangelists. A secular humanist like Ms. Weld and a philanthropic fund-raiser like Ms. Price should fit right with Mr. Carpay like a square peg in a round hole... or could it be that the mutual commitment to freedom of speech is genuine?

An Islamophobic Eid?

If Mr. Alghabra wants to know the real meaning of Eid, he should stop being selfish and consider the intention of the holiday. Although Muslims are a large part of the Canadian mosaic, if he wants to observe all Muslim holidays at work in a secular country, he should not be in the Canadian parliament. I hear there are vacancies (due to members who whose heads have been chopped off) in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Yazidis are in danger of extinction and Ottawa's stopped helping by Barbara Kay

Nada survived sexual slavery at the hands of ISIL. Recently, in Ontario, she recognized the man who'd enslaved her in Iraq. What's he doing here? Recently, on a bus, she recognized X - the slave-market boss who had owned her and used her for months. They got off at the same stop. X saw her, covered his face and ran off.

Identified ISIS war criminal walking the streets of Canada

A Yazidi woman, now living in London, Ontario, Canada, who escaped from the clutches of ISIS, from perpetual rape, passed around to 13 men for some months and then returned to her original "owner" who bought her back reported to the authorities that she saw her tormentor walking around London, Ontario. Members of this murderous group are here in Canada. We can thank our PM for this. Because he believes that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

Jihadists bolder than ever, and Trudeau weakens anti-terrorism laws

Earlier this week, the Trudeau government voted to weaken Canada's anti-terrorism laws. At a time when dozens of known ISIS fighters have returned to Canada, and while every major Canadian city has operational jihadist terrorist cells, the Liberals passed a bill to limit the powers of our security agencies in disrupting active terror plots. While some of Canada's worst cold-blooded murderers are locked up in penitentiaries, jihadists who are even worse are running free among Canadian citizens, welcomed in by the Prime Minister himself.

The Grotesque Immorality of Mainstream Islamic Ethics

I am a Canadian ex-Muslim male; I converted to Islam and stayed in the religion for approximately four years, before leaving it due to disbelief and moral disgust. Now I live every day with Islam's formal and informal death penalty for apostasy, hoping that my former Muslim friends don't recognize me on the street

Jordan Peterson Sues Wilfrid Laurier University

Today, Jordan Peterson announced on his Youtube channel that he is suing Wilfrid Laurier University for defamatory statements. However this plays out, this legal battle will inevitably test the uncertain line between free speech and defamation laws.

A Canadian U-Turn on Iran? by Tom Quiggin

Most alarming to the U.S., however, has been Trudeau's position on Iran, where the regime seems to want to increase its influence in Canada due to its proximity to the U.S. Trudeau has been enabling this penetration. He allowed Tehran to re-open its embassy in Canada.

Muslim call to prayer at Toronto City Hall

David Menzies of The Rebel.Media reports: The Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed the separation of government and religion, yet, judging by activities taking place at Toronto City Hall, one particular religion has been given an exemption. Can you guess which faith that would be?

Sharia trumps Canadian law as Muslim call to prayer rings out at Toronto City Hall

In 2015, a unanimous Supreme Court of Canada decision ruled that Saguenay, Quebec's city council could no longer open its meetings with a Catholic prayer stating that in doing so, those meetings infringed on freedom of conscience and religion. The court stated that religious neutrality: "requires that the state neither favour nor hinder any particular belief." But apparently at Toronto City Hall, what's good for the Catholic goose doesn't apply to the Islamic gander.

Federal jobs program gives funding to hate preacher's group by Candice Malcolm

Using the politicized Canada Summer Jobs grant, the Trudeau government recently gave funding to a controversial hate preacher who's the subject of a criminal complaint. Sheikh Shafiq Huda, who is a cleric at the Islamic Humanitarian Service, delivered a fiery speech where he called for the fall of what he called "the American and Zionist empires." The Muslim hate preacher went even further, calling for the "eradication" of Israelis and Zionists.

Yes, we need to ban the burka in Canada

Muslims should be the first to seek a ban on this oppressive garment that has no basis in Islam and that portrays them in such negative light. That the garment is inherently misogynistic is undeniable. It is rooted in the conviction that women are a source of evil if they are left unshielded from the male gaze.

Mother of Muslim who plotted to bomb Times Square says he is not a terrorist, he's mentally ill

Jihadism and mental illness - are not mutually exclusive. It may be that he turned to Allah and jihad as a way out of his drug addiction, in hopes of tipping Allah's great scales of judgment in his favor. It seems from the story and photo of him with his mother that he grew up in a devout household, so that was likely his frame of reference.

Will the same consideration be given Alexandre Bissonnette - who is facing the possibility of 150 years in prison?

Child Trafficker Caught Adopting Syrian Children for Elite Pedophile Ring

Leaders of a tech-savvy pedophile ring based in Montreal caught in video The alleged have been caught dreaming up new ways to get access to children, including the possibility of adopting a Syrian refugee child to groom for abuse. The shocking details of what an undercover Sûreté du Québec police officer discovered as he infiltrated the pedophile group, allegedly led by 70-year-old Montreal resident André Faivre, who is accused of sending children to wealthy western elites.


Authorized by Tommy's Family: Help Pay for Tommy's Legal Appeal

The appeal has been lodged. It's an appeal of the sentence. It's an application for bail. And it's a request to have the hearing as soon as possible. When Tommy's lawyers feel it is appropriate to tell more, they will. Their public communications in the media must not interfere at all with Tommy's chances in court.

Tommy Robinson's Last Stand

The tragedy of Britain's appeasement is that its dhimmitude is being enforced for the most part by the non-Muslim British majority -- by the British police, the British elites, the British media, and the British government -- while there is a campaign of terror being waged against the sensible majority who rightly resist being made into dhimmi subjects while they still constitute the demographic majority. There is no better example of their submission to Sharia than the gag order placed on media coverage of the so-called "grooming gangs" trials.

Letter Writing Request

Please continue to write your letters to Tommy. Let him know that there are literally MILLIONS of people out there who support him and want him released. He appreciates every letter he receives - it fills in his long and lonely days. It gives him hope and lifts his spirits knowing how much support he has and how much he and his family are loved.

Stephen Lennon
Prisoner A2084CG
HMP Onley
CV23 8AP

Freedom of Speech

At last, Western values fight back against a corrupt, leftist state in Canada

In 2017, ACT! For Canada booked the Ottawa Public Library to show Michael Hansen's excellent film, (now available for free on Youtube) "Killing Europe". Here at Vlad, we have done several posts on this issue. It is a grotesque abandonment of anything like democratic principles to designate any unfashionable data - and I do not mean opinion - I mean data that may lead to people forming an opinion that goes against current policies of the deconstruction of our nation states in favour of a new Islamic flavoured international socialism.

Ottawa library refuses to screen movie about Europe's migrant crisis

Ezra Levant of and John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms discuss his lawsuit against the Ottawa public library refusing to host a documentary screening about Europe's migrant crisis.

The Time I Got Punished for Hate Speech

Hate speech changes on a whim, which is why we need self-appointed overlords to guide us toward correct and approved conversations. "Drug addict" is now a "substance-abuser." "Illegal alien" is now an "undocumented worker." "Welfare handouts" are "entitlements." We know that Facebook is yet another tool that leftists use to censor conservatives, despite what Mr. Zuckerberg claims. We know he's a liar, as well as a liberal, when he claims they're just trying to make Facebook a welcoming place that fosters diverse discussion.


Google "Internet" Media by Ann Coulter

The crisis on the border today is no ordinary asylum fraud. It's a political stunt by a left-wing organization, "Pueblo Sin Fronteras" -- People Without Borders -- which believes, as its name suggests, that the U.S.A. has no right to have a border. This group has very publicly marched hordes of Latin Americans through thousands of miles of another country to demand entry into our country. Pueblo Sin Fronteras' month-long trek has been so well publicized that everyone in the country knows about it -- except, apparently, our media.

"They will only see Italy on a postcard": Italy turns away another migrant ship

Italy's hard-line interior minister has refused to let a rescue boat with 224 migrants on board dock in Italy, saying those on board 'will only see Italy on a postcard'. Imagine: a government that puts its own citizens first.


The Folly of Multiculturalism

Portraying what at root is a Christian paradigm as "universal," and then applying it to an alien culture like Islam, is doomed to failure. The idea that Muslims can be true to their religion and yet naturally fit into Western society is false. The idea is built on an equally false premise: that Christianity somehow also had to moderate itself to fit into a secular society. In fact, Christian principles, which are so alien to Islam, were fundamental to the creation of the West.

Southern Poverty Law Centre

SPLC On A Tear: Attacks PragerU, Turning Point USA, Amy Mek

There is a clear pattern with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Once a conservative group/individual appears to be on the rise, the SPLC declares them to be a hate group or otherwise smears them. Any group or individual that takes a stand and is clearly resonating with Americans must be stopped by using over-the-top hyperbole and vitriol.

47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn 'Editors, CEOs': 'You Are Complicit' in Hate Group 'Defamation'

On Wednesday, no fewer than 47 non-profit leaders maligned by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) - many if not most of whom are considering a lawsuit against the organization - warned a vast array of executives and leaders that if they parrot the SPLC's damaging "hate group" labels, they would be "complicit" in "defamation." I hope some effective way is discovered in the U.S. to sue this hate and smear machine for all it's worth. Their destruction of decent people whose crime is only that they dissent from the left's agenda has gone on long enough.

PR Firm Tied to CAIR Linked to Sliming of Maajid Nawaz

Considering Nawaz's belief in the reality of Muslim radicalization, his defense of Israel and discussion of the need for reform within Islam, avowed opponents like Chaudary or Saylor could have an ax to grind with him. Working with ReThink Media and Chaudary may have cost SPLC dearly. It should ask itself whether treating CAIR or ReThink Media as credible partners or advisers was worth it.

Antifa and the Left

Are the Antifa the Brown Shirts of Our Time? By Madeline Weld

As the multicultural "narrative" of our globalist leaders is increasingly challenged and popular resistance grows toward the social and cultural changes being forced on Western countries by a high intake of often poorly assimilating migrants, the authorities have taken to choking off the expression of unwelcome views. More and more, speech that doesn't conform to the progressive narrative is being silenced as "hate speech" by "anti-fascists," open borders advocates, or anarchists who can count on the authorities to mostly turn a blind eye to their brown shirt tactics and on the media to shift the blame on those being silenced by designating them as "far right." Unfortunately for those of us who actually believe in free speech, "hate speech" seems to be a very expandable concept.

Southern Poverty Law Center does not include Antifa

In September 2017, SPLC elected not to include the violent Marxist/anarchist Antifa movement in its list of "hate groups." SPLC president Richard Cohen explained that while "we oppose these groups and what they're trying to do" by censoring speech and inevitably provoking "other forms of retaliation," Antifa does not qualify for designation as a "hate group" because its adherents do not discriminate against people on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, or other variables protected by anti-discrimination laws. In short, said Cohen, Antifa's brand of hate is "not the type of hate we follow."

Marxist Protesters Surround DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's Home Over Immigration

This whole farce over separating illegal immigrant children from mostly non-existent parents at the border needs to stop. It's gotten totally out of control. President Trump and his children and grandchildren have had their lives threatened. So has White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Leftist Group Shows Activists How to Kill an ICE Agent, Pledges to Go After Their Families

As the outrage over the Trump administration's enforcement of immigration law continues at the southern border with Mexico, the left is resorting to violence and intimidation tactics against Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. They're also going after their families. Today, actor Peter Fonda demanded activists visit the homes of ICE agents to harass their families. He also urged his followers to surround their kids at school. Meanwhile, ICE and Border Patrol agents continue to do their job.

Berkeley Jury finds Antifa NOT GUILTY of Violent Beating of Trump Supporter - Despite Multiple Witnesses!

The judge allowed Antifa and BAMN to pack every seat in the courtroom every day, where they constantly booed, and hissed and held up banners and interrupted witnesses, etc. The entire trial was a circus - and the judge never once stopped it or threatened a mistrial! Completely insane. Antifa members even stalked the jurors and yelled threats and lies at them during the trial! Mind-boggling.

The Left's descent into the abyss of odium

The left today is vicious beyond reason and they are dangerous. They are purposefully trying to incite violence against the President and his family. They are appealing to the craziest, most mentally deranged among us. They are hoping for an assassination. If it happens, as when Steve Scalise was so injured, they will celebrate. It is who they are. Odious. They have descended into the abyss of revulsion from which they are not likely to recover any time soon. We need to fight back as conservatives have never before fought back. This left needs to be repudiated.

Around the World


Muslim migrant confesses to murder of "Refugees Welcome" activist

Sophia Lösche no doubt explained to many people who questioned her work with Muslim migrants that the "refugees" were not dangerous, they were in danger. Sources consulted by this newspaper stressed that the body had "clear indications of violence." The alleged perpetrator of the crime tried to burn her in a vain attempt to eliminate any incriminating remains. The autopsy, which will probably be carried out today in the Forensic Pathology Service of Vitoria, will determine the causes of death.


The Mullahs and Hanging

"I am innocent and I had to confess under the torture." These are the last words of Mohammad Salas, who was executed by the Iranian regime authorities at dawn on June 18, 2018. While the regime has tried to sugar-coat their action and sell it to the rest of the world as religious retribution, on scratching the surface and going a little deeper, it is clear it is not just a mere form of punishment, but more an instrument for spreading fear among its citizens.


The War That Changed the Middle East

Perhaps the most profound change in the Middle East has been the realization by the moderate Sunni-Arab states that Israel will not be defeated militarily, and that it is a permanent fixture in the region. In fact geo-politically, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states no longer see Israel as a threat but as an ally against a hegemonic Iran. The Six Day war was the catalyst in that change.


In Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi Does Not Deserve the Media's Malediction

The Rohingya rose up against the Burmese state, and in the 1990s the "Rohingya Solidarity Organisation" attacked Burmese authorities near the border with Bangladesh. In other words, this insurgency by the Muslim Rohingya has been going on - waxing and waning - for more than half a century. It is in that context that Buddhist fears of a Muslim takeover of northern Myanmar should be viewed, and taken seriously.


Switzerland Welcomes Radicalization

Switzerland has just rejected a proposed law preventing mosques from accepting money from abroad, and compelling them to declare where their financial backing comes from and for what purpose the money will be used. According to the proposal, imams also would have been obliged to preach in one of the Swiss national languages. The Federal Council, which constitutes the federal government of Switzerland, was also against the proposal, and claimed that it constituted 'discrimination': "We must not discriminate against Muslim communities and imams and put them under general suspicion," Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said.

United Kingdom

BREXIT by Brendon O'Neill

Two years. Two years since the largest democratic movement in British history voted to leave the EU. Two years since 17.4million Brits batted aside the establishment's overtures and threats and chose to reject the status quo. And in those two years, all we've had is abuse. We've been told we're dumb, racist; that we are a 'low-information' throng whose vote will bring about an economic apocalypse. Enough. It's time to rebel against this elitist Brexitphobia as surely as we rebelled against the EU. It's time to assert the brilliance of Brexit. No defensiveness, no apologies. Brexit was a political and moral good. First, because it delivered a much-needed blow to the illiberal, undemocratic oligarchy in Brussels. And secondly because it shook up a British political scene that had become lazy, aloof, entitled and contemptible of ordinary people's views. Nothing can be the same after That Vote. We did that. We changed Britain, and Europe, forever, by reasserting the hard-won right of the people to determine the destiny of their nation. Let us imbue the Brexit discussion with the democratic optimism we displayed on 23 June 2016. Happy Brexit Day! Raise a pint to this revolt.

United States

Trump's Critics Have Destroyed the Memory of the Holocaust

The claim that Trump's behaviour echoes the start of the Holocaust represents a tiny pang of conscience among those who are exploiting the horrors of the mid-20th-century to signal their disgust with Trump. Perhaps they know, at some level, that it is mad - not to mention immoral - to compare Trump's policies to the Holocaust itself. To compare the temporary removal of children from their parents to the shoving of children into ovens. Actual ovens. The vast majority of children who were sent to Auschwitz were put in an oven and gassed to death and then their bodies were burnt, leading to their ashes raining down on their parents who had only been enslaved rather than gassed. They were gassed later.

Muslim Migrant Violence Comes to Maine

For years now, the U.S. has been importing entire communities from jihadi hotspots such as Somalia and Iraq, and placing them in middle-sized American cities such as Lewiston, Maine, certain that "diversity" will triumph. But will it? How can we be so sure, when, as I demonstrate in The History of Jihad, there are simply no historical precedents for the kind of society that the Left is trying to build in the West by means of mass Muslim migration?

New Jersey: Parents sue public school district for teaching "Islam is the true faith"

The lawsuit claims that seventh-grade students at the Chatham Middle School were forced to watch a set of videos in their World Cultures and Geography class that sought to convert them to Islam. The video ends with this: "May God help us all to find the true faith, Islam."

Other Articles

UNHRC: World's Most Inhumane Institution

The United Nations Human Rights Council contains such human rights beacons as China, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Congo. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley called it a "cesspool" in her remarks announcing America's exit, making it the first country to leave in UNHRC's 12-year history. The UNHRC is so predictable in its anti-Israel hatred that those who observe it can announce what it will do before it acts.

Why Socialism Is Doomed To Fail By David Solway

It may sound heartless, but the triumph of the unqualified spells the end of a nation's - indeed, of a civilization's - historical term. In the real world of ability and performance, skill and attainment, the race is always to the swift and Achilles will always outpace the tortoise - Ecclesiastes, Aesop and social egalitarians notwithstanding. To rig the race for the advantage of the slow would defeat its purpose, leading to social stasis, personal ennui and lack of meaningful production across the entire sweep of human initiative. If this were the case, there would be no race.


Minimal Muslims with Dr. Bill Warner

The hajj is not only a religious exercise, it is a political exercise. Mecca is the most apartheid place on earth--no Jews, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, allowed.

Trinity Western Ruling: Wrong On The Facts

Justice Centre president John Carpay analyzes the Supreme Court of Canada's Trinity Western ruling.

Rest in Peace

"The catastrophe that awaits everyone

from a single false move, wrong turn,

fatal encounter. Every life has such a

moment. What distinguishes us is

whether - and how - we ever come back."

The Example of Charles Krauthammer

"The catastrophe that awaits everyone from a single false move, wrong turn, fatal encounter. Every life has such a moment. What distinguishes us is whether - and how - we ever come back."

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