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Tommy Robinson

"Tommy Robinson is an invincible power of freedom in a world shackled by political correctness; he is an inexhaustible conscience of justice in an unscrupulous world and he is the voice of the truth in the face of oppressive and cowardly politicians. He should be an exalted and living example for all of us to follow if we really believe in freedom, justice and truth because without these principles, everything else in this world is a merely futile."

The Nightmare is not Over

Supporters of British patriot Tommy Robinson were justifiably jubilant at Robinson's release from prison on August 1. It was a long time coming, but it was good to know that Tommy was reunited with his family and embarking on a two-week holiday.

News of Robinson's treatment while in solitary confinement - which he called "mental torture"- and his evident physical deterioration from his two-months ordeal are deeply disturbing. They suggest the extent of the British government's determination to break the will of any Briton who objects to mass Muslim immigration and its shocking social impacts.

Instead of having a quiet vacation with his family, he's had to go to the hospital twice, because of the physical abuse he suffered in prison. They starved him. He lost 40 pounds in two months. He clearly has a form of post-traumatic stress, too, from being locked up in solitary confinement for so long, and being constantly threatened with violence from Muslim prison gangs. And now they want to send him back to prison. Three weeks from now. On September 4th. It's outrageous.

Tommy has given his life to saving England from Islamism. He has given his life to keeping young girls safe from Muslim rape gangs. He has given his life to keeping alive the England that once was and may be again, the England of individual rights, moderation, sanity, decency, and freedom. And in return, he has been reviled, attacked, persecuted, threatened, and imprisoned.

We need to support Tommy. We need to continue to stand by him. And we need to help Tommy financially because the only chance he has for justice is to have top notch solicitors by his side.

Please go here to make a contribution:

PETITION: Stop the political persecution of Tommy Robinson!

Just last week the Court of Appeal confirmed that Tommy was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced, and improperly imprisoned. That's why they set him free. It was a total vindication of everything Tommy had said. But now the UK government wants to do it all over again. They're not done with Tommy. They want to put him in prison again. That will probably kill him. You saw him after two months in solitary confinement. Now imagine him after 13 months.

Please go here to sign the petition:

Conscience. Character. Courage. By Bruce Bawer

I didn't think I could get any more outraged than I already was over the recent abuse of Tommy Robinson by the British deep state. Arrested during a live Facebook broadcast from outside Leeds Crown Court, he was rushed through a travesty of a trial, then shipped to a prison before the day was over, only to be released - after nearly three months of cruel and unusual punishment - when the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales finally declared the whole process thoroughly illegitimate. Clearly, there were people high up in the system who were out to get him. To put the country's most outspoken critic of Islam in a hoosegow where he'd be surrounded by Muslims and, with any luck, would end up being found dead in his cell of unknown causes.

How the Left Made Tommy Robinson

It was their censorship of 'Islamophobia' that made Robinson a star. This argument is about as wrong as it is possible to be. The truth is the Tommy Robinson phenomenon is a product not of too much liberty, but of too much censorship. It is the cultural elite's cowardly instinct to chill open discussion about issues like Islam, multiculturalism, mass immigration and social tensions that created Tommy Robinson and his various movements, through allowing him to present himself as a seer in a time of silence. If Robinson really is the monster the left claim he is, they are his Dr Frankenstein.

The Torture of Tommy Robinson with Jamie Glazov

Robert Spencer discussed The Torture of Tommy Robinson, shedding disturbing light on how British jailers abused a courageous whistleblower on Muslim rape gangs.

Anti-Shariah activist 'psychologically tortured' in British prison

Tommy Robinson, the British activist known for his opposition to Islam, says he was physically and psychologically abused while in prison. "What they tried to do was to mentally destroy me," Robinson said in a Facebook video posted Wednesday night. "That wasn't a prison sentence, that was mental torture. If I was bitter and angry, I would accept my own victimhood. I'm not their victim, I'm their target."

Paul Weston - Questions for British Home Secretary re Torture of Tommy Robinson

I have many questions for Home Secretary Sajid Javid who took his Parliamentary Oath on a Qur'an and Prison Governor Darren Hughes about the psychological and physical torture of Tommy Robinson.


"Notes from the Cassandra Society"

by John Thompson

The Creeping Jihad

One of the most important characteristics of a civilization is the willingness to defend itself. Oh boy, are we in trouble... or maybe not.

POLITICAL COURAGE: Maxime Bernier Pushes Back Against Justin

In a display of toughness and political courage, Maxime Bernier is pushing back against Justin Trudeau's "diversity is strength" sloganeering. "Having people live among us who reject basic Western values such as freedom, equality, tolerance and openness doesn't make us strong. People who refuse to integrate into our society and want to live apart in their ghetto don't make our society strong." Cultural balkanization brings distrust, social conflict, and potentially violence, as we are seeing everywhere. It's time we reverse this trend before the situation gets worse. More diversity will not be our strength, it will destroy what has made us such a great country.

Saudis expel Canadian ambassador for calling for release of women's rights activists

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada was 'seriously concerned' by Saudi Arabia's actions. "The Canadian position is an overt and blatant interference in the internal affairs of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,' the Saudi Foreign Ministry said in an extraordinarily aggressive statement posted on Twitter. Canada and all other nations need to know that they can't claim to be more concerned than the kingdom over its own citizens."

Saudi Arabia cuts Exports to Canada over Raif Badawi

While it is commendable that Canada has finally advocated for Raif Badawi's release, the timing is curious. While Badawi was serving a 10 year in prison sentence with 1000 lashes for "online criticism of Islam", the Prime Minister was silent. However, once a few women were arrested and there was a "feminist" angle, the Prime Minister rushed in publicly to demand the release of all prisoners of conscience. He did so in the laziest way possible - a tweet! In this article, I argue that there is one major factor we are all overlooking here: Iran. The Prime Minister's love of Saudi Arabia's arch nemesis, the Islamic Republic, is the more likely cause of their ire, and the tweet merely the excuse for which they were waiting.

Trudeau Gave $50 Million of our Taxpayer Dollars to the Palestinians. Then they Sided with Saudi Arabia and Condemned us

Justin Trudeau took $50 million away from the Canadian People, and gave it to the Palestinians. "Palestinian news agency Wafa reported on Monday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stands with Saudi Arabia in a political row with Canada, rejecting what it called Ottawa's "blatant interference" in Riyadh's internal affairs. He also called on the Arab countries to stand by the Kingdom to reject and condemn the Canadian intervention in its internal affairs."

The Elephant in the Room: John Tory's Grand Deflection

There is another story at play here - the elephant in the room - a story the government does not want to talk about. A story with a nightmare ending were it not for a drug overdose and a carbon monoxide alarm. Hussain and Ansari possessed enough poison to kill the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA) 328 times over, or enough to kill the entire population of Canada 58 times. And the government does not want to talk about this terrorist plot.

Canada Mosque Loses Charitable Status Over Speakers Endorsing Suicide Bombing, Murdering Homosexuals

The Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque has been stripped of charitable status for inviting speakers who "promote hate and intolerance", with some claiming that women are "deficient", homosexuals should be "thrown off" mountains, and suicide bombing is a legitimate "military action".

Brouhaha in Canada over "racist" tweets against Muslim MP Omar Alghabra, but who really is Alghabra?

Canada has been aggressive in its fight against "Islamophobia," with a troubling determination to take action against those it deems to be "Islamophobic." Such initiatives have been propelled by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (formerly CAIR-CAN, an offshoot of CAIR - an unindicted co-conspirator in a jihad terror funding case). Taking "action" against "Islamophobia" is also a feature of the anti-Islamophobia motion M103, disguised under a wider anti-discrimination initiative that eventually cost taxpayers 23 million dollars to implement. The NCCM and IRFAN are included for funds, despite IRFAN being designated a terrorist group by the previous Conservative government.

Securing Canada's Border: What's the Solution?

As the Liberal government is fond of noting, anyone who opposes these people walking into Canada from the United States is "alt right" and "un-Canadian." In a recent cabinet shuffle, MP and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair was appointed Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction. This was a newly created ministry and the media had fun asking Blair what his duties are. Blair had no idea. But it's not his fault. It is the government and not the minister who decides what the ministry entails. The new portfolio was probably created to make Blair, an old white guy, take the heat for the Somali-born Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a real favourite of Justin's.

$60,000 fine for Quebec blogger who reported on Islamic veil activist

"Québec Superior Court judge Honourable Carole Julien has rendered a decision that will potentially discourage independent journalists from investigating and reporting on stories and personalities of public interest - while giving mainstream media a better level of comfort when producing their own work... as the judge believes such professional media possess 'quality control mechanisms'." Quality control? In the professional media? What this amounts to is an attempt to inhibit and silence voices that dispute establishment media propaganda. The freedom of speech is under assault everywhere in the West today; this is another victory for its foes.

Trudeau Liberals Dismiss Poll Showing Massive Opposition to Their Open Borders Policy, Insult Intelligence of Canadians

Time and time again, Trudeau, Hussen, Blair and others in the Trudeau government blame Canadians and insult our intelligence whenever we 'dare' to question what the government is doing. It's as if they can't even process the idea that their policies are wrong, and instead insult the intelligence of Canadians by saying we can't 'understand' what's happening.

Laurier, trading 'free speech' for 'better speech,' proves unspeakably clueless still by Rex Murphy

Jordan Peterson spoke in Kitchener, Ont., on July 22, back as we might say, to the scene of the thought-crime. No buildings levitated, no trauma teams were needed or called, lightning did not spike the night sky, security teams spent the length of his lecture playing cribbage, and the "humanity" of all present, I may report, was left unimpaired, and in many cases quite enhanced. Free speech is not better speech. It is the best speech.

Trudeau government appoints former Omar Khadr lawyer as federal judge

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has appointed one of Omar Khadr's former lawyers as a justice in federal court. The appointment of Toronto-based lawyer John Norris was announced by Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould Monday. The lawyer has taken on several other high-profile criminal cases involving murder, suspected terrorism and sexual assault. According to his website, he has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada about 20 times.

Free Speech

Censorship: How to Shutdown Free Speech

The ban of the Alex Jones channel by Youtube was just the tip of the iceberg. Many more conservatives have also been banned by Youtube, Facebook, Apple and Twitter, but socialist political hacks can spout off 4 letter words on Youtube, and make hate filled racist remarks against whites on Twitter with impunity. Apparently, corporate media censors have gotten together to silence conservative voices. Is this just the usual Liberal hypocrisy, or something else? I think it's something else, so let's examine it to see.

Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Purge.

This is a day that will live in infamy. This is language policing. This is political censorship. This is election rigging. This is big tech collusion.

The Liberal Attack on Our Right to LISTEN

Consider the saga of Alex Jones, the radio talk show host who manages the website He is controversial, to say the least, having pushed various conspiracy theories. Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube all banned Jones, sharply restricting his ability to reach readers and listeners. Only Twitter did not delete him; CEO Jack Dorsey explained that Jones had not violated the company's terms of service. Instead of focusing on Jones, we should consider those who want to hear him. The tech giants are not just shutting him up. They are interfering with the right of Americans to listen to him. What is the value of free speech if others don't hear it?

Free Speech: The Right to Be a Moron

For many, the most arduous aspect of supporting free speech is the principled requirement to defend disagreeable speech; moreover, the degree of difficulty in defending free speech increases in proportion to the detestable nature of the individual or entity uttering said offensive speech. Yet we must. For to infringe upon the free speech rights of one, however loathsome, is to endanger the free speech rights of all. And, really, who doesn't like to do a little bitching?

Censorship: the true bigotry

There is no such thing as "hate speech" or a "hate group". These are not legitimate intellectual concepts. They are concepts specifically created to marginalize the entirely legitimate ideas and arguments of people on the political right, the political opponents of the Marxist radicals who spun these illegitimate intellectual concepts out of whole cloth a few decades ago. If you are not exposed to different ideas, even wrong ideas, even stupid ideas, you're not really free to choose your own destiny as an individual or as a people. Knowing what other options there are is a prerequisite to selecting them.


A look at the Continent's leaders by Daniel Pipes

I focused not on run-of-the-mill political leaders - the U.K. prime minister, French president, German chancellor, or even the Roman Catholic pope - but on the disruptive politician leading Europe's revolt against immigration and Islamization. Conventional politicians optimistically assume that the continent will muddle through, that some form of convivencia (Spanish for "coexistence," a term deriving from medieval Andalusia) will emerge, that multiculturalism somehow will tame the beast of Islamic supremacism. Here, in my estimation, are the 10 outstanding civilizationist leaders of this moment, in ascending order of importance (to be clear, this is an assessment, not an endorsement):

Welcome Everyone, Take Our Country

The globalists have unilaterally decided, without as much as a vote, to open the borders of the developed rich countries and to welcome the flotsam and jetsam of the third world across any developed country's borders, including ours, in search of generous welfare, free medical care, housing, public education, college education, and food. "Isn't it wonderful that all your ancestors including fathers, husbands, and sons died fighting to keep America free so we can give it away to the third world!" Should we, instead of having a border wall and sovereignty, start leaving our doors wide open and place huge signs at the former border, "Welcome everyone, and please take our country?"

Migration to Europe Becomes a Crisis with Daniel Pipes

The mass Muslim migration to Europe has galvanized civilizationist forces of populism and nationalism across the continent. This happens in three different ways, as shown by recent elections: In Hungary, the civilizationist part on its own forms the government; in Austria, the conservative party joined in a coalition with the civilizationist party; in Italy the anarchist-left Five Star Movement formed a coalition with the civilizationist party. For now, proposed solutions to relieve the migration crisis plaguing Europe are at an embryonic phase. The extent of their success, however, is not only important for the vast and prosperous continent but will likely influence future developments in the United States.

A Feeling of Apartheid in Holland

I had been living in Amsterdam, fabled in my home country as one of those 'safe', 'working' first-world European cities, for almost a year, and had yet to shake off the pervasive feeling of racial tension and cultural segregation that I had carried over from South Africa. The vision of a globalised society, wherein Moroccans, Persians, Eritreans, Scandinavians and Latin-Americans or what-have-you live in the same street, shop at the same stores, and drink at the same bars, presumably in a land of perpetual sunshine is a fantasy so flawed, so objectively failed, that one would have to spend one's days in an ivory tower, locked away from reality, in order to believe it.

Why don't Qatar and Saudi Arabia take Muslim refugees? This isn't a European problem! - Polish MP

In a heated exchange on TRT's 'The Newsmakers', the polish MP asks why neighbouring countries, some of the richest countries in the world, aren't taking these majority Muslim migrants and why it's being labelled a 'European problem'. 'Where is Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, where is Qatar? Most of the refugees are Muslims which are neighbours to this country, so why you are calling this a European problem?'

Britain Confronts the Problem of Sharia Law

Baroness Cox, a British campaigner against discrimination of women, said, "This [Muslim law] violates everything we stand for. It would make the Suffragettes turn in their graves." Lady Cox was critical of what she considered a quasi-parallel legal system operating in some Muslim communities. This has been shown in some major cities - Birmingham, Blackburn, and Sheffield among others - that have Muslim mayors. Somewhat ironically, in 2014, all British schoolchildren were required to attend a course on the "History of Islam, the religion of peace."

Britain Welcomes Radicals - Again and Again

In the past year, the UK has banned a fair number of people from entering the country. It has, for example, barred the Canadian activist and blogger Lauren Southern. It has also banned the Austrian activist and 'identitarian' Martin Sellner. Whatever anyone's thoughts on either of these individuals, it is not possible to claim that either has ever addressed a rally of thousands of people which they have used to extol a murderer. If either of them had done so, a ban from the UK might be explicable. Yet Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman has done these things -- and yet has been allowed into the UK three years in a row. It is more than a year since the UK suffered three Islamist terrorist attacks in quick succession.

Antifa and The Left

ANTIFA, The Real Fascists

The attack in Philadelphia and other recent violent actions by Antifa are yet another reminder that the totalitarianism-loving domestic terrorists of Antifa, who call themselves anti-fascist activists, are the real fascists in today's America because, among other things, they use violent tactics pioneered by the real-live fascist storm-troopers of Weimar Germany, the Sturmabteilung (SA). These Antifa goons opposed the Nazis but eagerly copied their tactics, using their fists to shut down political opponents and break up meetings and rallies. Some Antifa today even dress like Nazis, wearing black and red, the anarchist colors which traditionally have also been used by Nazis.

Other Articles

The New Mexico Militant Jihadi Training Compound and Child Abuse is the tip of the National Islamist Iceberg

Every day more information is being released about the situation including the fact that this separatist compound was a terrorist training facility for Islamist radicalization that not only abused these children through starvation and torture, but apparently had plans for terror operations that included attacks on American schools by these radicalized children. This entire situation is straight from the ISIS playbook.

An Iraqi Tells the Truth, and Takes His Life in His Hands

In an article posted February 28, 2018 on the liberal Arab website Al-Hiwar Al-Mutmaddin (, Iraqi Muslim Arab writer 'Ali 'Abd Al-Karim Al-Sa'di harshly criticized Muslim Arabs, saying they are racist, greedy, harbor expansionist aspirations, and hate the other - yet, by a double standard, they attribute all these traits to Israel, and raise their children to hate it and also to hate all those who are not Muslim Arabs. "I regret that for 17 years of my life I was misled. I feel that this regret has aroused in me an internal counter-reaction, causing me to hate my affiliation, my origin, and my ethnic group, and from now on I will feel shame when I say I am Arab.

"Fire Is One of the Soldiers of Allah."

Absent from mainstream media reports is any mention of calls by al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other radical Muslim groups for lone wolf Muslims to use fire as an instrument of terror against the West. But these exhortations are found regularly in radical magazines and missives, and are being openly employed in some places around the world. It's not surprising to hear Muslim militants calling for "forest jihad," enlisting fire as a fellow soldier of Allah.

Hijab Chronicles

It is not only some schools and mosques that are used as platforms to plant seeds of fear into little girls with regards to displaying their hair. Once sharia law enters the political establishment, it requires an Islamist judiciary system to be put into place, through which severe punishments can be inflicted on people who disobey God's rule. Sharia law is not solely about placing religious leaders in positions of power to rule the nation; it is also about controlling people's day-to-day activities, and every aspect of their lives, including their bodies. That is why radical teachings in schools and mosques should be halted, before the sharia dominates the state.

The Islamic Threat Can Be Countered

Those of us who lived through the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) can never see the Islamic threat as anything but real. Would it have made sense to have invited the immigration of Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor? Would it have made sense to invite more Germans to our shores after the German unlimited submarine warfare was begun in earnest in 1916? Should we have engaged in a love feast regarding Mexicans after raids by Pancho Villa during the Woodrow Wilson years? Our posture should be firm and guarded - defensive, but with a resolve that is truly God-centered and undaunted.

Freedom of conscience, so valued in the West, is repudiated by the jihadists. Theirs is a theocratic ideal, and the linchpin is obedience to God in a tribal or semi-tribal order, not within the nation-state concept as we in the West understand the nation-state. It is a religion without miracles, without grace, without mercy and forgiveness as the linchpins of personal faith.

The Ten Most Hateful Americans and Why they Matter

Our country is 242 years old. One has to wonder how it can survive much longer as the decibels of hate, particularly from the left, continue to rise almost hysterically. We've already had one civil war. That one cost over 600,000 lives. We don't need another one. At a minimum, those pumping out the hate need to be identified, shamed and shunned. This is what an active media should be doing. So, who are we talking about? Here's my list of the top 10 most vicious and dangerous haters in America today.

A Turning Point in History

The West's self-imposed blindness to what is happening forces us to another observation about the historical turning point that is now developing. The battle is not simply a civilizational struggle between Islam and the West; it also involves a war within Western civilization itself. Many of our Western institutions now reject the Western heritage, and many of them have effectively taken the side of Islam. Committed leftists and committed Islamists: it's a hard combination to beat. Both believe very firmly in what they believe. Unless Christians believe very firmly that they must be stopped, both will continue to expand. We stand at a decisive point in history. Choosing to stay on the sidelines only serves to increase the odds that these regressive forces will triumph.


Islamist Influence in Hollywood - Deborah Weiss discusses her new book

Frank Gaffney, head of Center for Security Policy with Deborah Weiss discussing her new book "Islamist Influence in Hollywood". In her new monograph published by the Center for Security Policy, Deborah Weiss, attorney, expert on Islamist censorship, and newly minted Senior Fellow with the Center, reveals the efforts by Islamist organizations to manipulate Hollywood movies and independent films through censorship, propaganda and disinformation. Organizations that have a politicized agenda to whitewash Islamic terrorism and its totalitarian political-religious ideology known as Sharia, have targeted the film-making industry in order to shape young minds and control the public narrative on critical issues of the day.

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