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"A state which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands even for beneficial purposes--will find that with small men no great thing can really be accomplished."

~ John Stuart Mill ~

Letters from the Cassandra Society

Victims Real and Otherwise

by John Thonpson

This week saw real victims being generated in Toronto, when 10 people were killed and 15 injured by a van deliberately running down pedestrians. The easy assumption was that this was another Jihadist attack, but it looks like it was no such thing.

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'Inclusive' Toronto Under Attack

Terrorism expert Tom Quiggin notes, Islamist confrontation, oppression and violence are growing but Canada is "accommodating those who form the ideological basis of the problem." A Muslim terrorist like Abdulahi Hasan Sharif can "mow down the enemies of Allah" in Edmonton and "special needs" incel Alek Manassian can run over pedestrians in Toronto. In Canada, where "diversity is our strength," both can expect the most lenient treatment.

10 people dead, 16 injured: Officials have identified the victims killed in the Yonge St. van rampage

Remembering the 10 victims of Monday's rampage:

  • Renuka Amarasingha
  • Andrea Bradden
  • Geraldine Brady
  • Sohe Chung
  • Anne Marie D'Amico
  • Chul Min "Eddie" Kang,
  • Ji Hun Kim
  • Betty Forsyth
  • Munir Najjar
  • Dorothy Sewell

Canadian government ditches mediation talks in $27,000,000 lawsuit by accused jihadi who was detained overseas

A sweeping $27-million lawsuit against the federal government brought by a Sudanese-Canadian who was detained overseas - and not allowed to return home for six years - is headed back to court, CBC News has learned. A former CSIS analyst who worked counter-terrorism cases at CSIS and Public Safety said previous lawsuit settlements in cases where links to terror groups were alleged went over like a "lead balloon" with the public.

Canada: Muslim stabs ex-girlfriend 40 times, slits her throat, shoots her for "taking ownership of her life"

Abderrahmane Bettahar was raised in a culture of violence that calls for the beating of disobedient women. The Qur'an says: "Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them.

Trudeau Divides Canadians, Then Accuses Others of Being Divisive

In his desperation to maintain power, Trudeau is willing to split our country apart, so long as he thinks it will benefit him politically. In fact, Trudeau - like many elites - wants more and more division, to keep people distracted from his weakening of Canada's sovereignty and make it easier for him to sell us out.

Windsor, Ontario: Ahmadiyya Muslims invite teachers to mosque to learn the "peaceful" "true nature of Islam"

It's a sight you don't see everyday [sic] - public school teachers walking through a mosque. The goal was to break misconceptions of Islam by making the Muslim community available for face-to-face interactions.This is the kind of education that the Greater Essex County District School Board in Windsor, Ontario is bringing to local children: claims that Islam is peaceful, benign, and non-threatening, and that jihad abuses and the vastness of Muslim persecution of Christians are not about Islam.

Freedom of Speech

Nothing free about Wilfrid Laurier University's free speech policy by Christie Blatchford

If free-speech groups want to bring in right-wing speakers, the left on campus will threaten such havoc that the event becomes either unmanageable or unaffordable. By Wednesday, she was told the cost would be a little more - 10 times as much, or $28,500. It means the event is once again cancelled. Shepherd is disappointed.

What would John Stuart Mill think about today's campus free-speech debates?

This rejection of adverse opinions as "unsafe" would have driven Mill up the highest wall in Westminster. He argued the opposite: that we are safe only for so long as we are exposed to opinions contrary to our own - safe from our unfortunate proclivities to sloth, narrowness and prejudice, safe from forever riding in triumph over the corpses of straw men. He thought that there was no surer sign of a bad argument than its holder's insistence on its immunity to challenge. He also held that once any group claimed for itself the pious right to police unwholesome views, woe to any that differed from its own. Mill thought this the clear lesson of history - and he was right.

The Lesson of Sweden: Defend Free Speech

Free debate is the mechanism by which we address conflicts of opinion. Free speech is what allows us to have battles of ideas with words instead of weapons. Caring about free speech should mean resisting the urge to cozy up to the culture of consensus, the culture of fake agreement. Much has rightly been made of the problem of political polarisation, but not nearly as much has been said about the problem of political homogenisation. Both are toxic to public discourse.

Sold-Out Play Depicts Jesus Raping a Muslim Woman

The hottest new play in the Czech city of Brno is, according to ČTK, called Our Violence and Your Violence, in which Jesus Christ is depicted raping a Muslim woman. While the play's producers and supporters are congratulating themselves for being so edgy and courageous, in reality this production sheds new light on European cowardice and self-hatred in the face of mass Muslim migration.

Theatre to stage musical based on imaginary death of Katie Hopkins

The Assassination of Katie Hopkins is a provocatively titled musical scheduled to open in spring next year which uses her fictional death as a way to explore wider issues of "truth, celebrity and public outrage". "She is someone who generates very, very strong opinions, positively or negatively, and what interests me as a writer is challenging assumptions."


Trudeau's CBC wants you to download an app that spies on your Facebook page. What could go wrong?

"By installing a browser extension called Facebook Political Ad Collector developed by ProPublica, CBC readers can help journalists get a better picture of the scope of political ads that Facebook users across Canada are seeing. Who funds ProPublica? Why, Trudeau's friend, George Soros, the world's most prolific left-wing activist and financier.

Facebook blocks Pamela Geller (again) for reporting accurately on Islamic anti-Semitism in Germany

Pamela Geller posted an accurate news story, accompanied by a genuine photo of two niqab-wearing Muslimas carrying a sign saying "God Bless Hitler" - a vivid, and sickening, illustration of Islamic antisemitism. For doing this, she has been blocked from posting at Facebook yet again, in what is just the latest indication of the social media giant's determination to silence all voices that dissent from its hard-Left agenda.

The High-Tech Lynching of Diamond and Silk

It would have been nice if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, one of the gods of totalitarian tech, had been sitting next to iconic conservative bloggers Diamond and Silk as they testified on Zuckerberg's censoring of their Facebook page and heard the opinions the dynamic duo expressed there. The problem for Democrats is that Diamond and Silk reject the culture of victimhood, as do an increasing number of blacks who are beginning to cast off the chains of party affiliation and ideological slavery.


Facebook has crippled the accounts of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, limiting their reach to a fraction of what it used to be. Facebook and Twitter are private companies who can do what they want, and who can alienate whoever they want, but they're underhanded about it and they belie their terms of service, which is supposedly against discrimination.

Southern Poverty Law Center

Southern Poverty Law Center Deletes List of 'Anti-Muslim Extremists' After Legal Threat

The SPLC is "probably one of the most evil groups in America according to Family Research Council Executive Vice President General Jerry Boykin. They've become a money-making machine and they've become an absolute Marxist, anarchist organization."

At last: Southern Poverty Law Center blinks

This week, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) removed a much detested "Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists" from its webpage following lawsuit threats from one of the listed "extremists." Maajid Nawaz, who considers himself a moderate Muslim, was shocked to find himself included on the list and threatened to sue.

The Persecution of Christians

The terrifying lives of Christians under Islam. "May Allah Destroy Your Houses and Burn You All!"

Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales-from Morocco in the West, to Indonesia in the East-it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam-whether the strict application of Islamic Sharia law, or the supremacist culture born of it.

10 of the Top Persecutors of Christians Around the World Today

The persecution of Christians is increasing year over year. Across the globe, more than 215 million believers face intimidation, prison-even death-for their faith in Jesus Christ. That's one in twelve Christians worldwide. While religious persecution is spread over many countries, there are some areas where the hostility is particularly intense.

Video: The Nigerian Persecution (of Christians, by Muslims) No One Is Talking About

In northern Nigeria's Middle Belt area, the latest threat to Christian communities may arguably be even worse than Boko Haram: the Hausa-Fulani Muslim Herdsman. Clashes with militants among the predominantly Muslim group have claimed thousands of Christian lives as they raze entire villages and brutally kill and rape.


Trudeau blames Conservatives for border crisis

The number of illegal border crossings is spiking again, it has been going up for over a year and now officials say it is getting worse. Justin Trudeau's only answer is the blame the Conservatives, even though his government has been in power during this entire crisis.

Around the World


Islamophobia outbreak in Australia: Massive anti-terror security in place ahead of Anzac Day march

There is the possibility that some Muslims might try to carry out a jihad massacre on Anzac Day. How dare they suggest that there is a problem with jihad terrorism - even as, of course, they refuse to name it or identify the source of the threat in any way? They need "Islamophobia" reeducation, pronto.


Soros in Retreat: Billionaire's University to Move from Budapest to Vienna

Prime Minister OrbΓ‘n has denounced Soros's influence on the migration policies of the European Union claiming that the "Soros Plan" would see millions of migrants enter Europe. "The Soros network has an extensive sphere of influence within the European Parliament and other EU bodies," Mr. OrbΓ‘n said last October and added:


Belgium: First Islamic State in Europe?

"Nearly a third of the population of Brussels already is Muslim, indicated Olivier Servais, a sociologist at the Catholic University of Louvain." The practitioners of Islam, due to their high birth rate, should be the majority 'in fifteen or twenty years'. The ISLAM Party is working in a favorable environment.


European Court of Human Rights halts deportation of Muslim hate preacher from France

The deportation of notorious radical Islamic Salafist hate preacher Imam El Hadi Doudi from France to his native Algeria was halted at the last minute this week by an intervention from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The harm that might come to non-Muslims in France if Doudi is not deported is not a matter of concern for the European Court of Human Rights. The court is not interested in protecting the lives and well-being of non-Muslims.


An open letter to Natalie Portman

Ms. Portman, as long as Israel must deal with people who believe in blowing up pizzerias, placing munitions in schools and hospitals and encouraging and rewarding terrorists, it may be somewhat difficult for them to live up to your lofty moral standards. I thank G-d every day that they do what is necessary to protect their land, and I honour their sacrifice and courage rather than nitpick at their occasional missteps.

United Kingdom

UK: Mayor forced to resign for following Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn, and Raheem Kassam on social media

The mayor of a small British town quit his post for "personal reasons", reportedly after a single complaint was made about his social media activity, including expressing concern about mass migration, and being subscribed to right-wing personalities on Facebook.

United States

A Rebuttal to CAIR's Dawud Walid and His Article "Take A Stand Against Anti-Muslim Fearmongering"

Despite nearly ten years of legal efforts and PR by CAIR to deny these irrefutable facts, it remains true to this very day that the goals of CAIR remain inextricably entwined with the goals of Hamas, which is still part of the Muslim Brotherhood's "intellectual school," while supposedly operating as "an independent Palestinian organization."

Remembering the Sea Burial of Osama bin Laden

According to John Brennan, the "Islamic law" that required that an individual be buried within 24 hours after death also limited the amount of time for any forensic examination of the body because there had to be time allowed for the burial preparations of that body!

Other Articles

Emerging Islamist Political Clout Accelerates Europe's Self-Islamization

Forget the beheading videos, the ISIS propaganda on social media, even the terrorist attacks themselves. Europe, says counterterrorism expert Afshin Ellian, is Islamizing itself, and in the process, the Western values on which its democracies are built are increasingly put at risk. Other signs of self-Islamization can be found in the rise of other Muslim parties in Austria as well as a failed effort in Sweden; a proposed ban on the British press against identifying terrorists as Muslim; the proliferation of sharia courts in the UK; and the repeated efforts by some Canadian officials to legalize sharia - a debate that recently has been revived.

"Everyone Was Afraid to Be Branded as a Racist"

I do not believe Islam can be reformed. I know that some people, for instance Ayaan Hirsi Ali, believe in this, but how can you reform God? The Koran is God's Word. The reform that the liberal Muslims believe in would only be possible if Islamic leaders wanted to reform and change Islam. It cannot come from individuals.

Human Rights: Other Views - Part I

In Islam, there are no 'human rights' or 'freedoms' admissible to man in the sense in which modern man's thought, belief, and practice understand them: in essence, the believer owes obligation or duties to God if only because he is called upon to obey the Divine Law and such Human Rights as he is made to acknowledge seem to stem from his primary duty to obey God. Restrictions on the behaviour of individuals, including non-Muslims, are characteristic of Islamic rights charters.

Politics as a Weapon in the Cause of Islam by Janet Levy

In 2007, in a highly controversial move, Keith Hakim Ellison, the first Muslim congressman, swore his oath of office on a copy of the Koran. In effect, Ellison rejected the values that unify Americans and instead pledged to follow a religious text that commands Muslims to wage war against secular legal systems. Today, swearing the oath of office on the Koran and even simultaneously praising Allah have become almost commonplace.

Europe: Safeguard Values or Disappear

The values of Western civilization are now being undermined in schools, universities, the media and cultural spheres. One thing is sure: Without the courage to insist on safeguarding our values, and passing our inheritance on to our children, we Europeans will simply disappear -- as many groups have before. With us, however, will disappear the most enlightened civilization the world has ever known.


Labour MP explains Islamic takeover: "At this rate the whole parliament will be Muslim" (VIDEO)

Labour Party MP Shahid Malik has predicted the total Islamification of Britain and a Muslim prime minister, Allah willing, within the next thirty years.

Jordan Peterson's rousing call for people to SPEAK UP because silence is WORSE

Jordan Peterson argues there's a price to pay both for speaking up and remaining silent, and that remaining silent is far worse.

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