37 Civilians MURDERED At Canadian-Owned Mine, Media BURY Islamic Terror Connection


At least 37 civilians are dead and more than 60 are wounded after gunmen attacked a convoy of local employees working for the Canadian gold mining company Semafo in Burkina Faso.

Five buses and a military escort were ambushed approximately 40 kilometers from a gold mine in Boungou in the eastern part of the country.

Statement condemning this Jihad-infused mass terror act from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: nothing-not one word. Canadian media coverage was sporadic, however in typical fashion, all the "sting" was exempted from the coverage.

A headline from leading Canadian media corporation, CTV News-

"Semafo raises death toll to 39 from ambush of bus convoy in Burkina Faso"

"There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but the country has seen a significant rise in jihadist violence in recent years."

Now contrast this with an article in The Economist entitled "Jihad And The Gold Rush":

"A survivor told news agencies that men shouting "Allahu Akbar"(Arabic for 'God Is Great') overwhelmed their security escort. At least 39 people were killed and another 60 were wounded."

Quite a difference in presentation, eh? Please-why oh why has Canada become the great western protector of militant Islam? How many Canadian citizens consented to this peculiar designation? Try zero times no one. Basically, our ruling government just went ahead and did it themselves-no mandate, no public input or approval. No democracy?

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