2019 Migration Flow of 950,949 into Canada


Migration Flow of approx. 950,949 into Canada Per Year. This migration flow helps explain the apparent 11 to 20 year backlog in migrant applicant processing times, and the 600,000 plus international student permit holders in Canada. 

 Although a portion of the migration flow includes temporary categories like foreign student permits and temporary foreign workers, there are many avenues to permanent residency for temporary residents, which the mainstream parties support. 

All the mainstream parties including globalist libertarian Bernier are silent about the real migration numbers in Canada. 

The Century Initiative, which includes Andre Desmarais of the Power Corporation based out of Montreal, supports pushing Canada's population to 100 million by 2100. 

The Desmarais family has ties to Bernier through Montreal Economic Institute (Paul Desmarais jr's wife runs this institute) and strings on ever PM since the 1970s. The Century Initiative has direct ties to federal government and opposition parties including Bernier. 

 The National Citizens Alliance supports a moratorium on immigration into Canada with no set end date, followed by 50,000 or less per year in total for economic, environmental, and societal reasons. To view the NCA Immigration Plan for Canada please visit: https://www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca/