A Proposal for the White Race


The white race has capitulated. We have internalized the novel original sin of "whiteness" and have thus destroyed the foundations of our survival. It is henceforth inevitable that our birth rates will plummet and our cultural and scientific productivity will collapse as we slowly die in our collective shame.

We are in an existential war, and the forces arrayed against us are ruthless and legion. They now offer us three choices, each one ruinous. We can agree with the narrative of white guilt and confirm the existence of "systemic racism," thereby damning ourselves yet receiving no absolution. We can disagree with these charges and reveal our profound and intractable racism. Or, we can struggle to remain neutral and be found guilty of violence as a result of our silence. This is the very definition of a Kafkatrap.

As George Hutcheson (the founder of Students for Western Civilization) so astutely observed, since white people allegedly created the concept of race in order to conquer and enslave all non-white people, not only are we racist - we are racism.

Under these conditions the white race cannot endure. The white "brand" is irredeemably tainted. Our enemies have successfully redefined us, and there can be no recovery from that rot which now goes to the root of our identity.

So what is to be done? I suggest there is a solution, unwittingly offered by our enemies themselves. The critical theorists of the Left have always had a cunning for shape -shifting, frequently re - defining themselves to present a moving target as well as appearing stronger and more numerous than they really are. Their revolving doors of oppressed identity - being gay, lesbian, transgender, feminist, BLM supporter - have provided escape hatches through which to evade criticism (and if white, gain slight expiation for their racial sin). So too for today's "Blacks," who were at various times negroes, colored persons, POCs, blacks (with a lower case 'b') or African Americans. We however (being fixedly white) have no such avenue of escape. We're perpetually backed into a corner.

Many white people are now so overwhelmed by progressive browbeating that bringing up the word "white" activates psychological conditioning and suppresses actual critical thought. Therefore we cannot rely on appeals to reason, since such appeals often trigger a countervailing emotional rejection mechanism. Proclaiming ourselves to be white advocates, apologists or nationalists is also counter - productive; we might as well be Fascism advocates. Most whites now suffer from a form of racial Stockholm syndrome and are unreachable through statistics, facts or logic.

The only solution is to co - opt critical theorists' programming methods, using their own ideological machinery. The germ of this concept comes from a surprising source, the infamous Leftist racial theorist Noel Ignatiev, creator of the term "white privilege" and from whom I quote:

"It is not fair skin that makes people white; it is fair skin in a certain kind of society, one that attaches social importance to skin color. When we say we want to abolish the white race, we do not mean we want to exterminate people with fair skin. We mean that we want to do away with the social meaning of skin color, thereby abolishing the white race as a social category."

Ignatiev was as adept as any critical theorist in his use of etymological weapons in this culture war. So must we. It is imperative that we create an arsenal of terminology that accords with, yet neutralizes, critical theory doctrine, beginning with the seizing back of our own identity. But how to do so when that identity has been poisoned at the fountainhead?

The answer is apparent. We must transcend our white identity and cast off the mantle of our historic and contemporary guilt by which our enemies define, condemn and suffocate us. We must "pivot" and re-brand ourselves as FAIR SKINNED PERSONS.

In so doing we become racialized, leveling the playing field. As Fair Skinned Persons we will cease to identify as white, joining the vast fellowship of identity politics minorities and thereby disrupting the critical theory whiteness narrative. Without people identifying as white there can be no white privilege, white supremacy, white fragility or systemic racism. Without people who identify as white there can be no racism at all, since by our enemies' own definition those who do not identify as white cannot be racist.

Inevitably there will be attempts to defame and attack us with accusations of chicanery, manipulation and deceit. This is when we deploy the tools of critical studies. For example:

"I self-identify as Fair Skinned. You have projected your bigoted, hateful bias on me by labeling me as white. You are denying my Fair person - hood and erasing me. You are denying my right to exist."

Such a full frontal self - righteous assault on our part will have a devastating effect on our opponents. The co - opting of other progressive terminology (such as "deadnaming" to describe the hateful act of calling a Fair Skinned Person "white") should be similarly destabilizing.

This strategy will bear other fruit. Being Fair Skinned will allow us to criticize or praise the actions of historical white figures impartially. In the early stages we would, if necessary, be positioned to publicly oppose "whiteness" without being guilty by association, all the while exposing the absurdity of that entire construct. With regard to the few genuine historical evils perpetrated by whites, we will be emancipated from our present state of sanctioning the indefensible simply by existing.

As time passes our new identity can evolve, in polyvalent fashion, into a movement along progressive lines. A Fair Skinned Persons Association (FSPA for short, with a nice Scandinavian ring to it) can be created and chartered. Fair Skinned Persons can abbreviate to FSPs and in the fullness of time, simply Fair. The name will put arrows in our quiver: "We demand Fair treatment." "All we want is to be Fair."

The "whiteness" slogan, a weak, amorphous and meaningless neologism only recently coined by critical theorists for the sole purpose of degrading us, must eventually be displaced by the term "Fairness." Its subtle and effective double meaning is supported by a solid center of gravity imparted through centuries of primacy in Anglo - European philosophy, cultural morality and jurisprudence. Any Leftist attempts to defame or criticize the concept of Fairness are likely to fail or rebound against them due to our society's deeply ingrained positive associations with the term.

This proposal will require persistent application and publicity for it to coalesce into a meme. Greater minds than mine await this task. Many people who, for lack of any alternative, presently identify as white will welcome the opportunity to liberate themselves from that burdensome albatross. After all, who but a masochist would want to live with constant smears, humiliation and opprobrium?

If some self - loathing white people wish to carry on identifying as oppressors, embracing their shame and white guilt, they will of course be free to do so. However, being Fair Skinned Persons gives us an alternative to being forced to do so.

I will conclude with a slight alteration of the benediction given upon the death of Kings: The whites are dead. Long live the Fairs!

Richard Lambert

July 23, 2020