A migration pact to disaster


What the reader is also never told is that all migration to date is from poor third-world places to the well-off Western countries with established welfare systems and that, with very few exceptions, the migrants are, at best, economic refugees who haven't been persecuted either politically or religiously. Moreover, the absorption capacity of these countries is finite before their welfare systems break down under the onslaught of the vast numbers of migrants this pact seemingly wants to encourage. Open borders and the welfare system are not compatible, Milton Friedman once said. Try as it might, the U.N. cannot change that.

Americans should be proud that President Trump was the first to make clear the disastrous consequences of this pact and pull the United States out. In the meantime, virtually all of Eastern Europe and many others have also pulled out. Thanks to Trump, when the leftist U.N. cabal assembles to celebrate its victory in Morocco next month, that victory will be pyrrhic at best.