A kinder, gentler Taliban? Don’t be so deluded


Here's the thing: a West that no longer knows what it stands for is not going to be able to articulate what it stands against. A West consumed by loathing for its own traditions and values, as can be seen in the woke turn against modern Western history being embraced everywhere from the White House to university campuses across the Anglosphere, is hardly going to make a good fist of standing against a foreign movement that likewise loathes our way of life. The delusions about Taliban 2.0 is at root an expression of moral reluctance, even moral cowardice, where obfuscation replaces clarity and mythmaking about a 'new Taliban' takes the place of the tough task of asserting that our way of life is superior to theirs. Western observers cannot, or will not, admit the truth about the Taliban because this would entail doing things they no longer do - making a judgement, taking a stand, and defending enlightenment against theocracy.

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