A Certain Madness Amok


On March 19 of this year, British Columbia supreme court justice Michael Tammen ordered Hoogland-who had never before been in trouble with the law-to be sent to prison. By speaking out publicly about his case, and by publicly calling A.B. his "daughter" and saying "she" and "her," maintained Tammen, Hoogland had violated "a publication ban designed to protect the privacy and dignity of a young and vulnerable person." Not the slightest concern, of course, about protecting that young person's long-term medical health, physical intactness, and psychiatric well-being.

This chilling denial of a parent's authority-and the attempted silencing of that parent's cri de cœur-by a cabal of teachers, psychologists, doctors, courts, and activists bent on politically correct mutilation is not about justice or science or the best interests of a child. It is about an establishment's cowardly fealty to an aggressive ideology bent on power at all costs.

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