A Beginner’s Guide to the UN New World Order


Even though the term New World Order [NWO] has been popping up in the media every now and then for over 30 years, few people could tell you what it actually means. Perhaps the most visible expression of the NWO is the United Nations. It was founded in 1945 to "unite nations". We are asked to believe this has a benign purpose, but think about it. If all nations are "united" then independent sovereign nations will cease to exist. We would end up ultimately under the control of a One World Government with power further and further removed from individual citizens.

Bit by bit the UN has been taking over nation-state activities and setting guidelines for national policy which were formerly the sole prerogative of each individual nation. The European Union is nothing but a "UN" for Europe. Our freedoms are being gradually swallowed up by the anonymous, unelected groups who control the UN and the EU.

In the past year we have seen another international agency - the World Health Organisation - effectively dictate to the Irish people the steps they should take to handle a 'pandemic'. In fact, it was the WHO which set the entire crisis in motion. If the WHO did not exist, we would have had a normal flu epidemic in March/ April 2020, no lockdowns, no masks, no social distancing, and - most important of all - no vaccines. The New World Order is a blanket term for the various international bodies and multi-national corporations which are taking over our country and, right before our eyes, installing a dictatorship.

If this sounds to you like a Marxist take-over, you are right! After World War Two, the people behind international Marxism decided that war and conflict were a clumsy and haphazard way to create a Communist world government. Their agents removed their Communist badges and pretended instead to be one of us. They infiltrated governments, the public service, churches, the media, cultural institutions, the police, the judiciary, and third level education over a period of several decades. This is why virtually every government in the world today is Communist. They pretend to be "democratic" and yet their policies are consistently socialist, communitarian, UN-directed, EU-driven, and designed to funnel more and more national wealth into the pockets of the ruling elite.

You see, Communism has nothing to do with the elevation of the little man. Rather it is a system designed to drag everyone down to the same level of enslavement. Who is controlling all of this? Well, it can only be those who control the vast financial resources that are needed to keep it running smoothly over several generations. Some critics have long claimed that the families which run the international banking system are the ones who are really running the world. And they are right! This elite group of ultra-wealthy families are no longer content to own half of the world's wealth. They now want to own the other half as well.

We can see this happening as Amazon gobbles up the trade that was once shared among thousands of family-run small businesses. Those businesses are being wiped out and millions of people made redundant. This process is ongoing across all sectors. A small number of mega-corporations are taking over and imposing their own rules. The little man is being trodden down and phased out. That little man (or woman) is you. The elite are pressing very hard at this time to wipe out as many businesses as they can.

The Covid non-pandemic is a central part of this plan. Lockdowns destroy personal wealth and break up communities. Government-imposed regulations - supervised on a global basis by the UN/ WHO - ensure that mass resistance is extremely difficult to organise. The same elite group also control the media, so the public is continually being fed information which makes them believe "normality" is just around the corner. All they have to do is obey their government's dictatorial directives! Alas, most members of the public swallow this insane propaganda and fail to see where it is all leading.

The NWO makes use of subversive slogans and phony threats to manipulate the public. Many reputable scientists have shown conclusively than manmade global warming is a hoax, an outrageous deception designed to enable a "world authority" to impose restrictive rules and regulations on advanced industrial economies. The term "sustainable development" is the magical mantra that these sorcerers are using to secure control over all human activity. Who decides what is "sustainable"? They do, of course. Wake up, people: your freedoms are being eaten away by the countless restrictions imposed by the New World Order. What will the NWO look like when it's fully in place? If you are squeamish, stop reading at this point.

One of the leading spokesmen for the New World Order is Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum. On his WEF website he boasts, "You will own nothing and you'll be happy." And he means it! The first part is true, you will own nothing. They are planning to effect a huge transfer of wealth by deliberately crashing the international banking system, an event they like to dub 'The Great Reset'. It will seem like an unfortunate accident, the result of a massive debt overhang toppling from the shelves all at once. This will be triggered, very likely, by a lethal cyber attack on key institutions. Unemployment will rocket. In the chaos that follows, where savings are wiped out, pensions disappear, companies collapse, public utilities falter, and basic services grind to a halt, the public will accept whatever "solution" the bigwigs offer.

According to the collapse scenarios sketched out in various 'insider' reports, such as those published by the Rockefeller Foundation, the governments of the world will provide their citizens with a "Universal Basic Income" (UBI) - a monthly subsistence allowance, paid (and monitored) electronically. They will also agree to cancel all personal debt but only on condition that legal title to all private property - notably one's house and car - is transferred to the state. The impoverished masses - whom they dub 'the herd' - will be nothing more than hapless tenants, tagged and tracked electronically, in a neo-feudal colonial society. The New World Order involves a complete and utter rejection of Biblical values. As such it is the culmination of a dark rebellion which began a long time ago and which, in its final phase, will impact horrifically on the world as a whole.

Robert Pye/The Irish Light

June 22, 2021