$277K in secret settlements at Rideau Hall


As a taxpayer, you're stuck paying $277,592 for secret lawsuit settlements at Rideau Hall in the year following former governor general Julie Payette's resignation, according to the National Post.On top of that, there's about $170,000 in legal bills that you paid out.Payette has cost you more than enough, but the bills keep coming.

As of her resignation, Payette has been collecting over $150,000 per year of your money as a pension payment.

Do you think that's the end of the bills?The National Post just broke the story about the secret settlements and also notes Payette "is allowed to claim expenses related to any work she might do as a former governor general."

That life time expense account could cost you more than $200,000 a year. And here's the kicker, our investigative journalist dug up documents showing a former governor general's estate can keep submitting expenses for six months after they pass away.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows about all of this. In 2018, it came out that former governor general Adrienne Clarkson ran up more than a million dollars in expenses after leaving office. He promised to deal with the issue."

Canadians expect a certain level of transparency and accountability and we're going to make sure we're moving forward in a thoughtful way," said Trudeau.That was four years ago.He's done nothing.Email Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and tell him expense accounts need to end the minute a governor general leaves office! Here's his email address:


You're not alone in this. There are thousands of taxpayers like you across the country who are fed up with having to pay expensive entitlements for a symbolic position.It's easy for the folks working at the Prime Minister's Office to ignore one email, but it's hard for them to ignore thousands of emails from concerned Canadians.Your action today can make a world of difference and save Canadians a good chunk of cash.Thank you for all you do. It truly makes a difference.

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