Impoverishment and Replacement

There was a time in the United States when people depended on their neighbors and those neighbors depended on them. That was when the county was 90 percent white. You can't have an Ozzie and Harriet society and diversity. In America, the government has to step in when there's a crisis because so many people can't count on neighbors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that It is time we, as Canadians citizens, pressure our traitorous, globalist politicians to promote and support the "Buy Canadian" movement.

The fundamental fact is that European man both at home and in the diaspora is in a life or death struggle for survival. Our numbers are dwindling, our hostile elite is replacing us with hostile foreigners, anti-white propaganda is ubiquitous in the mass media and academia, interracial propaganda is everywhere urging us to marry out so as to destroy...

Parliament yesterday passed a bill granting cabinet emergency powers to nationalize private financial institutions. Canada has not seen a bank run since the 1985 recession in Alberta: "We unfortunately do not know either the depth or the duration of this challenge."

In a socialist economy, the rich are pulled down to the level of the poor so that everyone is the same. Politicians and government officials become the new elite, and the free enterprise engine of wealth creation is shut down. In a socialist society there are only two classes, the rulers and the ruled.