Freedom Defense

Do we live in America or a Communist dictatorship? When is it OK for governments to force the closure of businesses? Or to forcibly close places of worship? When will this end and what will happen when the virus flares up again this fall?

The report cannot find a single act of terrorism or even violence committed or encouraged by any leader or member of an identitarian group. The closest GPAHE gets is a donation the Christchurch shooter made to Martin Sellner a year before his attack. Is Mr. Sellner expected to read the mind of everyone who supports him and predict his future...

Jared Polis, the Democratic governor of Colorado, thinks those of us who oppose scientifically dubious, constitutionally suspect and dangerously overbroad face mask mandates are "selfish bastards." I think Polis is a pandering pandemic control freak endangering public health, safety, and sanity.

March to unmask against forced mask laws. in 16 Canadian cities on July 19th. Twelve of the cities are listed above.

Following months of lockdowns, and mixed messaging from health officials and leaders on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, masks have become a flash point in the pandemic. There have been protests over mask-wearing in Canada and the U.S., and now, it appears, deadly conflicts.

People are not allowed to amend the far-left slogan, "Black Lives Matter" and it's endlessly repeated in all the blue cities. It's painted in large letters on public thoroughfares. Trying to paint over such graffiti might get you arrested for 'hate crime.'

We must protect our birth right to breathe. This is NOT negotiable. FTBA is an agency designed to stop face mask orders and human rights oppression from spreading nationwide and globally. ​