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The supposed popularity of "Black Lives Matter, Inc." is a complete fantasy - willfully repeated ad nauseam by the left and the media - that is distorting public discourse around the wave of radicalism that has ravaged our cities this summer.

Nonstop propaganda from national media continues to frighten people into mental paralysis and submission to health authorities. This Technocrat-led tsunami can only be resisted by individuals who refuse to play their assigned role in the Great Panic of 2020.

If Black Lives Matter were a peaceful organization, it would not draw its inspiration from Assata Shakur, who is wanted for murder by the FBI, and was the first woman on the Most Wanted Terrorist List. Nationwide riots by a group that draws its inspiration from a domestic terrorist are not peaceful.

Mark Levin says Anthony Fauci has been in the federal government for 50 YEARS, and is consistently over-hyped and given far too much attention. He's not "America's Doctor," he's just the infectious disease guy!

Mike's work is done, but he left fellow patriots and freedom-lovers a legacy we must not betray through indifference or surrender. He was right that in these tumultuous times we are engaged in a spiritual battle against dark, chaotic forces that have been unleashed in our nation, and that "there is much too much at stake to remain hidden on...

They are the purveyors of the new regime of American socialism of which, as Dinesh D'Souza baldly states in his recent The United States of Socialism: "In principle, no less than in practice, socialism is the ideology of thieves and tyrants. As for the people who fall for the temptation, they are connivers attracted by the rip-off scheme."

I just have a few questions for you. Let me start with - I already know you don't like President Trump - that's a given. SO, let's move on from that. How about the division of America? Do you really blame Trump for that?

Unilever is one of the biggest foreign companies to join the Facebook boycott by leftist pressure groups. Joining them are Body Shop, Honda, Diegeo, Pernod Ricard, Volkswagen, Puma, Adidas and many others.The boycott's goal is to suppress conservative speech on social media, especially by President Trump, before a presidential election, by...

Nancy Pelosi now calls Covid 19, the virus that came to us from China, as the Trump Virus. Well she has the right name but wrong symptoms. The Trump virus has nothing to do with respiratory failure, or organ failure. Oh no. This virus attacks the brain cells of left leaning people whose bodies seem to have been invaded by...