While the Silent Muslims Still Sleep

While the silent Muslims still sleep, the governments of Europe are also asleep, dreaming of that utopian liberal world that sees and hears no evil and wallows absurdly in guilt over nothing except being civilized, educated, humane and tolerant……tolerant of intolerance, violence, aggression, fanaticism and visible repeated crimes against anyone who is not a fanatic Muslim. One does not have to love the right wing government of Hungary to understand why they are building a wall, why the UK is refusing to let the EU dictate its domestic immigration policies, and why Greece, Italy, and Romania are giving a hard shove to Muslims to make sure they move on quickly to the next country, or why Estonia will only accept Christians. Let’s hope other countries follow their lead and send all the Muslims back on a fast boat. And what about a blockade of Libya, by the way? Or other countries with a Mediterranean coast who can keep boats out? (forget about the law of the sea that compels them to let refugees in if they are within their marine jurisdiction…. just think about what the Islamic laws are about…..)

Meanwhile the USA and the suicidal EU turn the other cheek and try to pretend that the refugees are escaping persecution and genocide. This is true of most of the Syrians no doubt, but all the others from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and north Africa are comprised not of your delightful educated English-speaking professionals with PhDs and a happy family but of young male criminals, unskilled, uneducated youth escaping military service or the police, fanatic Muslims so evil that they threw 12 Christians overboard to drown off Libya, drug dealers, serial rapists, and of course terrorists or future terrorists ready to do the bidding of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, El Nusra front,  or just melt into their new country and become part of the domestic criminal element…..getting government money to survive and carry out their plans. Hardly a family or young woman among them, as you will note in the photos.

Europe is being overrun by the new Nazis. It won’t survive unless a new Churchill brings them to their senses. What is surprising is that there has yet to be a serious political backlash against the refugees. But there will be though it may take some truly egregious crime and many deaths before the citizens strike back. This crime should be headed off and soon. If it occurs, there will be dire social consequences. Where is the courageous leadership needed? Not in sight.

Lorna Salzman