We Need to Talk About Quebec by Kathy Shaidle

Ever since Trump’s election, U.S. “progressives” have turned their red, watery eyes north of the 49th parallel for psychological succor. PM Justin Trudeau quickly positioned himself as the West’s left-wing leader-in-exile, declaring, among other risibilities, that individuals affected by the president’s “Muslim ban” were welcome to come to Canada instead. (Funny, I’ve been inconvenienced at airports for over 15 years thanks to a bunch of Muslim immigrants. Yet Muslim immigrants suddenly being inconvenienced at airports for 15 hours is evidently Holocaust 2: Electric Boogaloo. P.S. If Muslims are “the new Jews,” why are they are so eager to flee into a nation their infidel enablers insist is ruled by “Hitler” and overrun by “Nazis”…?)