The Communist Dictatorial Disgraceful CBC

CBC is featuring 30-second clips leading up to Canada-150 (see below).  They feature different Canadians speaking about their lives and perspectives.

One – that has been played ad nauseum and that should never have aired at all . . . features a “proud, strong, Muslim Canadian woman” . . . who says “if I could change one thing about Canada” it would be “Islamophobia”. . . .

Well – promoting the “fact” of Islamophobia – again, without it ever having been defined – in a country that only last year, brought in 45,000 Muslim (many paid for by private sponsorships at $30,000 / each) presages the inevitable outcome of the Hedy Fry “consultations”.

The promotion of “rampant Islamophobia” intentionally masks the fact that the Jewish population is 1/3 of the Muslim population in Canada, yet is attacked (through violence and vandalism) at three times the rate.

How is our voice to be heard on this matter?!

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