The BBC’s “The Betrayed Girls”: The Ministry of Truth on the Muslim Rape Gangs

What was notable about this BBC documentary was that, for the first time, the establishment has admitted that these grooming gangs are primarily Muslim men. As is evident from the conviction data, where there is barely a single case where the gang didn’t have Muslim members, or where the gang wasn’t operating in a town where Muslim gangs have got away with this kind of crime for years. The narrative has also moved on with key figures now professing their shame that they kept quiet for so many years their decisions to remain silent were also exposed in Easy Meat).

“The Betrayed Girls”: The Rochdale Scandal Documentary

This documentary is about the child abuse revelations in Rochdale and other towns. Featuring the harrowing testimony of the victims and the shocking truth from those who spoke out, this film reveals how it wasn’t just the professionals whose job it was to protect the girls who ignored their plight, but others did as well.