Memo to American Muslims: Erase the Doctrine of Jihad or Get Out!

In the age of spineless and perilously non-judgmental multiculturalism, many Americans have not blinked at the sight of burkas and hijabs within our midst.  Yet, if we continue to ignore the potential peril presented by a growing but largely unvetted Muslim population, we here in America will likely suffer the same fate as that of our Western European brethren, who are enduring a pulsating wave of violence stirred up in a cauldron of festering Islamic radicalism.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood front groups operate on our soil with a mission to silence any criticism of Islam.  They repeatedly cry “Islamophobia,” a term created by the Muslim Brotherhood in their “Explanatory Memorandum and Strategic Outline for North America,” as a wonderfully effective means of stifling criticism within our national media, where one has yet to see a critique of Islam and the threat it poses to Western civilization.

Dhimmitude is “Killing Europe”  


Why did the Ottawa library cancel the showing of the documentary “Killing Europe”event?  Because it is about Islam, that’s why. They called it controversial. We can critique and criticize Nazism, fascism, communism, socialism and capitalism; all other religions. We can attack institutions of democracy-but heaven forbid we criticize and critique Islam because that is an automatic foul; you have committed the sin of Islamophobia.   

Apparently the adults in this country are not capable of critical thinking. Of looking at an ideology and deciding for ourselves whether or not we like it. We are not mature enough to know enough about Islam to make an intelligent decision. How do I know? Because Islam tells us over and over that any negative comments about Islam is Islamophobic and our governments agree. The question I always ask is why do our governments agree-all over the free world?

Justin Trudeau: A Traitorous Disgrace by Dan Murray

For all of his treachery against Canadians, the World Court should classify Trudeau as a criminal. If you think that word is an exaggeration, please read on. Canada has at least 1 million unemployed who are now competing with recently-arrived immigrants and “refugees” for jobs. The tragedy for millions of Canadians is that as a result of other Trudeau-like policies, Canadian-born jobless will be denied jobs. Why? Virtue-signalling public and private sector employers will give preference to visible minorities in their mindless allegiance to “diversity hiring” practices. Canada also has tens of thousands of homeless. As winter begins, Trudeau virtually ensures that the country’s homeless will remain on our cold streets while he offers free hotel rooms and other shelter to grasping illegals who have recently crossed into Canada to claim asylum. As you can see, Trudeau has conducted a huge extra-judicial assault on millions of Canadians. He suffers from suicidal social diseases called “diversity” and “multiculturalism” which Canadians were never asked to vote on.

Syrian refugees slam interpreting services in Saint John

Newcomers say quality of interpreting service provided by YMCA is inadequate, especially for doctor visits. The Syrian newcomers shared a story about a woman who had major issues getting a female interpreter so was sent to a hospital appointment with a male interpreter instead. When she said she couldn’t be alone with the interpreter without a hijab, he allegedly grew frustrated with her and threw a pen and medical form at her back.

A Letter to Justin Trudeau

How many more times are you going to stand on the steps of Parliament and apologize to some group?  It seems every month, there you are, groping for words and looking ready to cry over something that has happened eons ago.

If people are still traumatized over something that happened to their great, great, ancestors, then they have more issues in their life than what an apology can solve. I’m by no means trivializing the plight of those who’ve been wronged, but is it not time to move forward and stop the “blame game”?

I’m sorry Justin but you cannot be everything to everybody.  So I’m suggesting a one time “blanket” apology for everyone, for all time, and get it over with.  If an apology works, then great, perhaps it will save the hard earning taxpayers some money.  Oh, but I forgot, some people have already accepted an apology AND money. So from now on ,they should only be able to choose one-  an apology OR money- then the matter is closed!!!  Care to guess which one most would pick?

I know you’re busy and all marching in parades and attending rallies, so to help you I’ve composed a letter. You can read it on the steps of Parliament , hand it out to journalists, or hold a news conference. Please do not thank me, living in my wonderful free Canada is thanks enough.

An Open Letter of Apology from Justin Trudeau:

This is an open letter of apology to everyone, anyone, anywhere, any place, anybody, anything, and any time period. Please accept this sincere apology from the federal, provincial, municipal, or any public office of Canada.

If you think you’ve been hurt, harmed, insulted, slighted, overlooked, under paid, over paid, under worked, over worked, under praised, over praised, or anything you deem to deserve an apology, please accept our regrets on the matter. This will be a ONE TIME apology, so please take the time to acknowledge this historical moment in history, as no others will be forthcoming in the future.

We’re truly sorry that our ancestors did not treat you fairly but 500 yrs. ago, manners and humbleness were not in vogue.  So we ask that everyone kindly move forward with their lives as the government has other very important matters to deal with.  So in closing, there will be no senate approval, no further discussion on the matter and NO more payouts for the disgruntled. We wish everyone a happy and contented life – which is why everyone comes to Canada, right?

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