Why Is Raheel Raza Screaming?

Speaking before the Heritage Committee – the full speech. “My family and I will have been in Canada for 30 years next year. Like most immigrants we came here to embrace democracy, gender equality and freedom of speech. I can say with conviction that Canada is the best country in the world with a role to play in terms of leadership and I thank God for being a Canadian citizen to share in its values.Today we are here to discuss Motion 103.”


UK: Rich, Porsche-driving Muslim barrister gives it all up to join the Islamic State in Syria

The idea that poverty and ignorance cause terrorism has led the U.S. to shower billions on Muslim countries, hoping to win hearts and minds and alleviate what mainstream analysts doggedly believe are the root causes of terrorism. But it has been known for years that poverty doesn’t really cause terrorism at all. Social scientists have collected a large amount of data on the socioeconomic background of terrorists and they have found little evidence that the typical terrorist is unusually poor or badly schooled. Three-quarters of the Al-Qaeda members were from upper middle-class homes and many were married with children; 60% were college educated, often in Europe or the United States.


To Silence Me … Please Stand at the End of the Queue! By Raheel Raza

 Certain quarters on the Left, probably under a lot of $$$$ influences, are suggesting that I’m anti-Muslim. These organizations are not even Muslim themselves so how dare they question my faith, my relations with fellow Muslims who are my family and friends and my right to critique those Muslims who are tarnishing my faith. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Do they suggest I am anti all of them? That would take a lot of ‘anti’ and BTW being anti-anything is not my beat – I leave this to anti – fa and regressive left types!


The Hate-America Death Squad

The virulence of their ISIS-like demonstrations is because the real powers-that-be in the globalist hierarchy are choking with rage that everything they dreamed about and worked for and thought they achieved when they implanted the poseur “president” Barack Obama in office for a full eight years was shattered to smithereens when Donald J. Trump destroyed their other puppet, Hillary Clinton, in the presidential election of November 8, 2016. And so the arch goal, the singular mission, indeed the psychotic obsession of these temper-tantrum infants-cum-political-activists is to destroy the man who embodies everything they are against: Freedom, Democracy,A strong military,Secure borders, Capitalism, Low taxes, A thriving middle class, A conservative Supreme Court, Free speech, Gun rights  and on and on and on.


The Growth of Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is also an effective means of rationalizing the quest for “the ethnic vote.” The cultural-Marxist dogma plays into an alleged economic need: to increase immigration and thereby sustain a “growing economy.” Yet massive immigration really has little or no benefit to the country, and in fact leads to overcrowding, unemployment, and other social ills. For the rich, on the other hand, massive immigration means more buyers, more workers, and more investors. For politicians, more people means more votes. For religious groups, larger numbers of the “faithful” means a greater chance of pushing out competitors. Yet none of these groups has the overall good of the country in mind.


Snapshots From A Muslim Photographer (Part 1) by Hugh Fitzgerald

One would like to ask Carlos Khalil Guzman if any of these revealing episodes in Muhammad’s life will be part of his project, or if he will carefully leave out all mention of Aisha, the killing of the Banu Qurayza, the rape of Saafiya, the torture and murder of Kinana, the assassinations of Asma bint Marwan, Abu ‘Afak, and Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf. None of these stories, to which many more might be added, suggest an exemplar of “what it means to be tolerant, charitable, and compassionate.”