Upcoming Conferences


ACT! For Canada

is proud to present an evening with

Tiffany Gabbay


                                             Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Her topic will be:


“The persecution of Middle Eastern Jews and how the GRAND MUFTI collaborated

with the Nazis to bring about a Holocaust of their own in the Middle East and the

repercussions we are still experiencing today.”

 Her passion for politics and expertise in Middle East affairs was fostered at an early age

by her Father, a successful entrepreneur and Israeli war hero who fled Baghdad following

the Nazi-inspired Farhud (pogrom) that marked the end of Iraq’s flourishing Jewish community.

                                                                        Time:                    7:30 p.m. sharp

Location:             Ruby Foos Restaurant

Address:               7655 Decarie Blvd.

Metro stop:         Namur (Orange line)

Ticket price:       $15.00; free for students



We encourage members of ACT! For Canada to bring a friend

to this evening, for which there will be no charge as a first time participant.

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