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Ex-Muslim Sandra Solomon Unveils the Terror in London – on The Glazov Gang

This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia who is now valiantly fighting against the Islamization of the West — and of her new home country of Canada in particular. (Support Sandra on her Facebook Page HERE.) Sandra came on the show to focus on Unveiling the Terror in London, revealing the true reason Jihad struck the UK Parliament and Westminster Bridge. Don’t miss it!


The Muslim Brotherhood, Fountain of Islamist Violence

The Obama administration’s stubborn support for the Morsi regime and its tireless attempts to cast the MB as a moderate organization are preposterous—not only because the Brotherhood is the bedrock of some of the worst terror groups in today’s world but also because violence is endemic to the movement’s raison d’être: restoring the caliphate via violent jihad. Were the Brotherhood to give up this foundational goal, it would lose its legitimacy and sole reason for existence.

The Media’s Incoherent Reporting on the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood

From shortly after the MB’s founding, Muslim Brothers were being arrested and executed by the Egyptian government – and still are today – because they were bombing judicial offices, assassinating the leaders of Egypt (including the 1948 assassination of the Prime Minister by a Muslim Brother followed by Egyptian security services killing Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna on the streets of Cairo in 1949), attacking British soldiers and their families in Egypt, and plotting to overthrow the Egyptian government for not fully implementing sharia (Islamic Law).

There is a significant difference between “persecution” and “revolution.”

M-103 has passed. And what today has changed for the better? By Rex Murphy

There is also concern that the motion will, in some manner, chill valid criticism of Islamist terror, or will not make allowance for legitimate criticism or analysis of Islam. Such criticism would now be forced to wear the degrading mantle of Islamophobia. Given this welter of mixed impressions and varied understandings of the very point of the motion, how effective can it be?

No Truth Please, We’re British

Londoners must learn from the spirit of the Battle of Britain: “Keep Calm and Carry on.” But there’s a big difference between now and then. During World War II, Brits named their enemy. Everyone openly recognized Nazism as a monstrous ideology. And the media didn’t respond to German bombings in the East End by slandering Churchill as a “Naziphobe.”


A student needs your help!

Recently, a student named Marshall Polston at Rollins College challenged claims made by a radical Islamic adjunct professor Areej Zufari after she claimed that the crucifixion of Christ was a hoax.

Following this student’s courageous stance, Marshall received an F on a paper with no explanation as to why.

Given his impeccable prior grades, he wrote Zufari an email inquiring about the grade, as well as terrifying comments made by Muslim students during class, justifying the decapitation of “homosexuals, adulterers and thieves” under Sharia Law.

The response?  This straight A student was then summoned to the Dean of Safety and suspended from school.

What this student didn’t realize was that this professor was on the FBI Watch List, along with her husband for Islamic radicalization!

She even has ties to a co-conspirator named in the first bombing of the World Trade Center.

Professor Zufari is also on record identifying as a Wahhabi Muslim, and organizing anti-Semitic events that are reminiscent of the Third Reich.

This radical Islamic professor then followed up her attack on this courageous young man by filing a provenly false police report against him, claiming he harassed her during a time when he was at a restaurant miles away!

We cannot let this young man’s life be ruined by a radical Islamist who has somehow been able to find refuge as a professor at one of the most prestigious institutions in the State of Florida.

Please call and/or send a pre-written email to Dean of Students Meghan Weyant as soon as possible in defense of Marshall.

Let her know how appalled you are that a professor with a past as radical as Zufari’s has been allowed to teach at Rollins, as well as silence and slander an impeccable student like Marshall Polston for no justifiable reason.

Please don’t wait, contact Dean Weyant as soon as possible, and speak for this young man who can no longer speak for himself.


.@rollinscollege Zufari should be fired for filing false police report & her ties to terrorism. Marshall should be reinstated. #FireZufari

(Copy and paste this message into both Facebook and Twitter)

For Freedom,

ACT for America



Flowers and teddy bears will pour in, vigils will be held, Eiffel Towers will be dimmed, FB profile pictures will become Union Jacks, and all will sing the ever-so-popular “United in Sorrow” hymn on queue and in perfect synchronicity.

And I will puke. Once again.

Hard to put into words what profound contempt I feel for these public acts of joint sorrow and displays of international grief counselling. Or even to enunciate why I feel this way. But no shame in trying.

What do all terror acts have in common besides Islam and the liberal policies that arm and enable it? The brainwash that follows! And it all stems from the same playbook: “We will stand together”, “We will not cower to terrorism”, “We will live our life undeterred”, “We are all saddened by these events”, “Our hearts go out to the victims and their families”, etc. etc.

Pardon my very basic French, but…WTF?

You will stand together? In what? In sorrow? Instead of in battle against liberal policies and Islamic jihadism and radicalization?

You will not cower to terrorism? The hell you won’t! You do every time it smacks your powdered Paris (or Brussels, London, Berlin, Nice, Cologne, New York, or Madrid) ass! You don’t lift one finger against it! You don’t raise one political voice against it! You do nothing! And some of you, in fact, squash any rumblings of opposition to Islamic terror. You demonize the likes of Geert Wilders in Holland, you mock President Trump, you dismiss any British or American patriot as a right-wing zealot, you turn on law enforcement and accuse them of racial instigation, you pronounce every critic of Muslim jihadism as a racist, and you extend your warm inclusive arms to murderous Islam. Cowardice on steroids! But at best, you stand aside and say nothing. Silence, your Swiss-inspired choice of capitulation, doesn’t need a bullhorn. Your cowardice is persistent and palpable, and rivals that of European ambivalence of the 1930s.

You will live your life undeterred? Well, if you do (which means you feel no continued threat to your children’s future), you’re probably deserving of the evil Islam bestows upon you. If you do gornisht (translation: “bupkes”) and continue on your merry way, like nothing happened, it is quite possible you’re lobotomized or comatose, at minimum! Continuing with your life , the chirping birds and sunshine outside your window, while almost 30,000 acts of Islamic terror have been executed since 9/11 ….is unequivocally the most psychotic and psychiatrically depraved reaction you can exhibit. Worthy of a straight jacket.

You’re all saddened by these events? Your hearts go out to the victims and their families? That’s what I write on a sympathy card to a distant acquaintance when someone passes away from disease or old age. This isn’t the normal reaction of a militarily-capable, law-enforcing, governing body of a G8 country! Or a leader of a nation which has been terrorized for the umpteenth time by the same religious cult! Is this what Churchill would say after dozens of terror acts and scores of dead on his soil? Is this what Golda Meir and Bibi Netanyahu gently murmured to their parliaments when their country was befallen by barbaric followers of the 26th Prophet?

So….Why?…Why the buffoonery?…Why be these useful idiots?

Because you have an innate need for an emotional public response. You need a socially-acceptable sliver of an action to feel good about yourself. You need sentimentality. Hence, the teddy bears. Hence the flowers. Hence, the dark Eiffel Tower. Hence, the vigils around the world. Hence, the Union Jacks and all the empty words that are so easily uttered. It provides you with a convenient sense of empathy and a false and debauched sense of standing up against Islamic terror. And it is PRECISELY what liberal governments want out of you! It is precisely the meticulously conditioned non-threatening, pandering and self-defeating, self-abhorring, categorically weak and most submissive response they’re looking for. If you do THIS – you’ll do nothing else. Mission accomplished (and nobody gets hurt, literally).

After countless terror acts throughout Europe and the world, this is all that we can muster up? This is what we think families of terror victims want from us? They need our tears? Our vigils? Our teddy bears?

Who in their right mind could fathom that an abused woman beaten and raped every day for decades would want a bouquet of blooming carnations and a note saying “we’re all together in this”? Who in their right mind would think that changing their profile picture to a Swedish flag when young girls are raped daily in Sweden is therapeutic or helpful? Who would hold their 100th vigil in front of some embassy when we’ve done nada to stop Islam in Europe or hold politicians importing it accountable?

Executing the marching orders of liberalism by producing all the acceptable and conditioned reactions (instead of actions) is exactly what Islam counts on. It is this bundle of cowardice and weakness on the “unity” shelf, all gift-wrapped with a bow on top, Islam seeks to obliterate.

Screw your exhibitionist empathy and crocodile tears. Acknowledge fear and articulate it! Scream it and scream it loud. Find your balls and activate your survival instincts. Take to the streets (without the vagina foam headwear, of course). Demand political change. Impeach and sue liberals who import evil. Call things a spade a spade. Lose the teddy bears and equip yourselves with real protection. That’s what the fallen victims of terror would want from you.

Until then, I will puke in my big bucket every time I’ll see a compliant little soldier of liberal indoctrination sighing heavily while offering their teddy bears and holding hands in that united sorrow of theirs. And doing absolutely nothing about it.

  1. The year of teddy bear empathy. The year of entitled liberal millennials who believe liberty and freedoms fell from the sky and do not have to be assertively defended. The year we feel our outstretched arms and inclusive interfaith prayer service can soften Islam. The year we all feel invincible, because it always happens to the other guy. The year we FEEL, but not think.

Ps. And in case we haven’t figured it out yet – the collective grieving and mourning of the infidels is exactly the coveted goal of Koran-instructed Islamic terror. It’s Act 2 in the Theatre of the Marionettes. Break a leg, the curtain is rising…