Canadian government appointee Christine Douglass-Williams under fire for writing for Jihad Watch

Much is made of my saying that “Islamophobia” is a term designed to intimidate people into fearing to oppose jihad terror, but this article itself, and the “scrutiny” of Christine Douglass-Williams for writing for Jihad Watch, is an illustration of the truth of what I said. She opposes jihad terror, and so is under fire on suspicions of “Islamophobia.” This is what the Left and Islamic supremacists, as well as the establishment conservatives, have done to Jihad Watch for years, and now the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau is doing the same thing, stigmatizing honest reporting about the nature and magnitude of the jihad terror threat as “bigotry” and “racism.” Meanwhile, who calls Jihad Watch a “hateful website”? A representative of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, formerly known as CAIR-CAN. That’s right, Hamas-linked CAIR. Expect Melanie Joly to jump to do its bidding.