After the dispiriting performances of erstwhile luminaries like Pipes and Black, we must be grateful for the warriors among us who refuse to give an inch, stalwarts like Pam Geller, David Hornik, Valerie Price, Geert Wilders, Victor Davis Hanson, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Gavin Boby, Diana West, the two Andys (Bostom and McCarthy), Bruce Bawer, Caroline Glick, Thomas Sowell, the redoubtable David Horowitz, and a few dozen others, including a small contingent of former Muslims such as Nonie Darwish, Ibn Warraq, and Wafa Sultan. They constitute a definite minority among our intellectuals and journalists. As I wrote in an article titled “Saving the Neighborhood,” “Unlike our cultural elect, they refuse to pay Dane geld to a supple and formidable adversary.”