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Are MP’s getting the wool pulled over their eyes regarding M-103? By Tarek Fatah

“I am not an expert on the subject matter”, Iqra Khalid noted. In Islamist circles, “experts” are those blessed by their commitment to sharia, with an ability to reference Arabic quotes off the cuff that leave guilt-ridden white liberals awestruck. We who fled the Islamic world to escape the tyranny of falsely being called “Islamophobes”, and make Canada our home, now find our enemies have hunted us down. If “Islamophobia” is ever declared a criminal offence in Canada, I will be the first to defy that law and go to jail to protest it.

Robert Spencer’s Letter to Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister in the Trudeau Government

I am deeply concerned that Ms. Douglass-Williams is being smeared by association with me and Jihad Watch. I have been writing against jihad terror and Sharia-justified denial of human rights for many years, and I’ve found over the years that one tactic that the allies of jihad terror and Sharia supremacist groups frequently resort to in Canada, the U.S., and Western Europe is to smear those who expose their activities as “hatemongers,” “racists,” and “bigots.” But a false charge does not become true for being often repeated.

Is Allah the Author of Islamophobia?

There is a debate concerning the origins of the term Islamophobia. Should it be traced back to the 1970s or 1990s? And there is a debate concerning the usage of the term. Is it Islamophobic to be afraid of radical Islam? But a Christian colleague of mine who is an expert in Islam made a suggestion to me. He believes it is Allah himself who is the author of Islamophobia, and he finds support for this in the pages of the Quran.

When Opposite World Moves In Next Door by Mark Steyn

One assumes from the specificity of their Bi-Mobiles and Trans-Cruisers that they already have liveried gay and lesbian vehicles, with the rest of the LGBTQWERTY fleet to follow. If they need to pull you in for questioning, they’ll send the Questioning Cruiser. The cool thing is these new liveried vehicles look totally awesome as you’re speeding past the eleven-year-old girls being taken as sex slaves of Lancashire’s manyAsiangrooming gangs en route to the LGBT Outreach Ball.