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University of Western Ontario backs anti-Israel mandate of its law professor Michael Lynk

Western’s actions are extraordinary—and opposed by, among many others, Canada and the European Union, who have both condemned the mandate for being “unbalanced,” noting that it “focused exclusively on Israeli practices rather than the human rights situation in the West Bank and Gaza as a whole.”

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UNESCO is an Immoral, Anti-Semitic Organization

That the Muslim world supports the transformation of UNESCO and the resolutions proposed by the Palestinian Authority is predictable. Many Muslim countries directly or indirectly finance terrorism and approve the PA’s genocidal goals. UNESCO’s latest decision — defining Jerusalem as “Palestinian” and supposedly as “illegally occupied” — has led Israel’s enemies to conclude that UNESCO has given attacks in Jerusalem or Hebron a green-light legitimacy. Based on UNESCO’s fraudulent decisions, who can blame them for thinking that?

Tucker Carlson and Sgt. Layne Morris Discusses Canada’s Highest Paid Terrorist

This is the third segment of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight which aired July 18 2017. Former United States Marines Special Forces Sgt. Layne Morris gives his insight to the events that led to the capture of Canada’s highest paid terrorist and murderer Omar Khadr. Sgt. Morris also shares his thoughts on Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s abhorrent decision to reward the killer of his fellow American servicemen.

Three Killed, Over 200 Wounded As Muslim Rioters Rage Over Temple Mount

Over 200 people were reported injured in the clashes across Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent said, adding that the injuries were incurred from live bullets, rubber-coated bullets, burning and tear gas inhalation. The terrorist attack took place one week after UNESCO passed another anti-Israel resolution regarding the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron – considered the second holiest site in Judaism after the Temple Mount – claiming the tomb is a “Palestinian” world heritage site in danger.

Sweden: A Failed State?

Even after all this, the Swedish state, in true Orwellian style, fights those Swedish citizens who point out the obvious problems that migrants are causing. When police officer Peter Springare said in February that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in the suburbs, he was investigated for inciting “racial hatred”. Currently, a 70-year-old Swedish pensioner is being prosecuted for “hate speech”, for writing on Facebook that migrants “set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets”.

Sharia Survivor Unveils Linda Sarsour’s Jihad on the Glazov Gang

This new special edition of The Glazov Gang features, Anni Cyrus, a Sharia survivor, News Bureau Chief of ACU News and producer of The Glazov Gang. Anni came on the show to focus on Unveiling Linda Sarsour’s Jihad, where she exposes what Sarsour is really saying to America — and to her comrades. Don’t miss it!

Save the Five!

The protesters were being brats and Canadians appeased them. Sorry, ingrates, but that’s not the deal in a free country. You can’t just call yourself a chief and say that every time you vandalize statues it’s a “religious ceremony.” You don’t get to tell people where they can and cannot walk and what flags they can carry, especially when that flag is a Canadian flag and you’re proudly waving your desecrated flag on Canada’s 150th birthday. The Micmacs didn’t have their land stolen by colonizers. They signed a treaty after kicking our asses.