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Why is Iqra Khalid always smiling?


Liberal MP Iqra Khalid is always smiling. Perhaps that is because she knows something that we don’t. She has become famous as one of the driving forces behind motion M-103.  M103 of course is about ‘Islamophobia’, a word that is undefined in Motion 103 as it now stands. Islamophobia as a word is clearly a verbal invention of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is committed to replacing our laws with Islamic Sharia law in both Canada and the USA.

Iqra appears to be intimately connected with the Muslim brotherhood. One may argue that Islamophobia is no different than anti-Semitism or racial prejudice such as hatred of Blacks. However, it is linked to an Islamic agenda and to terror organizations.  And so IQRA has been visiting Palestine House to demonstrate her Islamist credentials and support for terrorists.

After you read this, you may understand why Iqra is smiling.  Could it be because of the success she is having, using her position as Liberal MP to undermine Canada’s policy in the Middle East, and its battle against radical Islam in places like Iraq, where Canadians are part of the coalition fighting ISIL?

Khalid’s  “celebration” of terrorist murderers like Ahmad Manasrah at Palestine House, here in the GTA, does just that.

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Subject: LIBERAL MP IQRA KHALID [Private Members’ Motion M 103] attended Land Day event organized by Pro-Intifada PALESTINE HOUSE

Here is enough information to terminate any further questions about the intent of M 103

MP Iqra Khalid attended Land Day event organized by pro-Intifada Palestine House

Posted by: Jonathan D. Halevi  April 23, 2017

Liberal MP Iqra Khalid attended on Saturday, April 15, 2017 the annual Gala of the Palestine House marking the Land Day that symbolizes the Palestinian commitment to defend the land and to “liberate” Palestine. Fadlu Michael (فضلو ميخائيل), the chairperson of the Palestine House awarded MP Khalid a “thanks and appreciation” plaque (click HERE and HERE).

On January 18, 2016, MP Khalid met with senior members of the Canadian Palestinian community and board members of the Palestine House including its deputy chairperson Dr. Nazih Khatatba who serves also as the editor of Meshwar newspaper.

The Palestine House was de-funded in 2012 by the federal government for what then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney referred to as a “pattern of support for extremism.”

Minister Kenney’s spokesperson told The News via e-mail (February 2012) that “Palestine House has in the last few years aligned itself with terrorist causes, including celebrating the release of terrorists and honouring the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), one of the groups that formed the Palestine Liberation Organization and in the 1960s and ’70s, was responsible for numerous armed attacks and aircraft hijackings.” In response Palestine House spokesperson Samir Jabbour said then that “Palestine House categorically denounces all forms of terrorism or extremism” and its “positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are in line with universal values of human rights… [and] “are very close to the positions of the government as stated on its website.”

On October 14, 2015 the Palestine house posted on its official Facebook an invitation to its planned rally. The English version read the following:

“In solidarity and support of the Struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation and aggression.” 

The Arabic version of the invitation used the term intifada:

“Protest rally in solidarity and support of Palestine Intifada (انتفاضة). In cooperation with solidarity movements with Palestine in the area of Toronto, the Palestine House invites you to to participate in the solidarity rally with al-Quds and Palestine Intifada (انتفاضة). It will take place on Friday October 16 at 6pm in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto.”

Palestine House Facebook post – October 13, 2017

The Palestinian al-Quds Intifada, also dubbed the Knife Intifada, is supported and directed by the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah (the Palestinian Authority-PLO-Fatah) and Gaza (Hamas).

On January 19, 2016 the Palestine House celebrated the 14th birthday of the Palestinian child terrorist Ahmed Manasrah and called for his immediate release from the Israeli jail.

Armed with kitchen knives, Ahmaed Manasrah, then 13 years old, went on October 12, 2015 with his cousin Hassan Manasra, 15, to Jerusalem’s Pisgat Zeev neighborhood to attack Jews. The two Palestinian teenagers stabbed two Israelis, a 13-year-old, who was critically injured; and a 25-year-old, who was moderately injured. Hassan Manasra was shot dead by security forces after charging at police with a knife and Ahmaed Manasrah, was hit by a car, recovered after being treated in an Israeli hospital and later was convicted of two charges of attempted murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Armed with kitchen knives, Ahmaed Manasrah, 13, with his cousin Hassan Manasra, 15, stabbed two Israelis, one of whom, a 13 old year boy was critically injured. Photo: Israel Police

The event in honour of Manasrah was held at the Palestine House offices in Mississauga with the attendance of Chairman of the Palestine House, Fadlo Mechael, the Vice Chair, Nazih Khataba, other board members, parents and children.

A birthday cake was baked in honour of Ahmad Manasrah and decorated with the following message written on it: “Happy Birthday. Freedom. Ahmad Manasrah, 13 years old boy, shot and caged by Israel.”

The event featured children holding colourful balloons and posters that read in Arabic: “Palestine House Canada [flags of Palestine and Canada], Free Ahmad Manasrah, Solidarity campaign with the child prisoner.”

A little girl greeted Manasrah on his birthday by reading the following message in French and English:

“Hi everyone, I’m Maryam Muhanad. We are Canadians Palestinians children came today to celebrate the 14th birth of Palestinian prisoner hero Ahamd Manasrah. We ask all the nations in the world for freedom to Ahmad Manasrah. Free, Free Ahmad Manasrah. Free, Free Ahmad Manasrah.” 

To watch the video click here. To see more pictures of the event click here.

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, during a demonstration in downtown Toronto, several dozens of anti-Israel activists, including senior board members of Palestine House and their children held a rally during which they held pictures of Palestinian “martyrs” who they claimed were “executed” by Israel. CIJnews was able to conclusively verify that most of the so-called “martyrs” were, in fact, terrorists, including Hamas and Fatah operatives, who were killed while trying to carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis or during violent clashes with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

In January 2017, the Palestine House held a event with the attendance of Toronto Imam Ahmed Shehab commemorating Archbishop Hilarion Capucci who was sentenced on December 9, 1974 to 12 years in prison. Capucci, who as the head of the Greek Catholic Church in Jerusalem was arrested in 1974 after using his Mercedes sedan to smuggle arms to Palestinian terrorists. The Israeli security forces found in his vehicle four Kalashnikov rifles, two pistols, 220 pounds of dynamite and several detonators. The New York Times reported that investigators said the archbishop had been involved in a plan to fire three Katyusha rockets toward Jerusalem during a May 1974 visit by Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger.

On December 10, 2016 the Palestine House held an event commemorating Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro who Castro was heavily criticized by governments and human rights organizations for depriving Cubans of their basic rights and involvement in political exectutions.

Nazih Khatatba, a board member of the Palestine House at least until December 2016, openly sympathizedwith the Palestinian “struggle” which includes activities and operations that are deemed by Israel, US, Canada and the West as acts of terrorism.

In an editorial titled “al-Quds Operation and the Quiet Intifada” published on November 28, 2014, Khatatba portrayed the massacre of 4 rabbis in a Jerusalem synagogue by Palestinian terrorists who hacked their victims to death with meat cleavers as a “courageous and qualitative” operation. One of the victims was Howie Rothman, an Israeli Canadian, was died of his wounds a year after he was struck in his head and neck with a cleaver.

On the same day the Jerusalem massacre occurred, Khatatba slammed the Palestinian President for issuing an official announcement condemning (however faintly) the attack.

A few days prior to the Jerusalem massacre, Khatatba justified the ‘run-over’ and stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews and overtly supported launching a Palestinian armed Intifada (war) against Israel.

In a editorial (Meshwar, Issue 106, June 13, 2014, P. 5), Khatatba called the Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli jail “freedom prisoners” and “freedom fighters”, even though many of them were convicted (and confessed) of terror-related crimes, including murder of civilians.

For one of his editorials (Meshwar, Issue 103, May 2, 2014, p. 5), Khatatba chose the following heading: “Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and [the City of] al-Quds [Jerusalem] are in need for mujahideen [jihad fighters], not tourists.”

Khatatba also praised the Lebanese terrorist Samir Quntar who was killed in an Israeli airstrike last December for his “bold offensive operation”. What Khatatba called a “bold offensive operation” was a aterrorist attack in 1979 during which Quntar murdered an Israeli civilian and crushed the skull of his 4 year-old daughter with the butt of his rifle.

In 2014, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) submitted to Peel Region Police several complaints of possible hate crimes allegedly committed by Meshwar newspaper. The complaints documented cases of anti Jewish rhetoric including sympathizing with a terrorist attack (Jerusalem massacre), posting an article questioning the veracity of the Holocaust and a cartoon that depicted the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drinking the blood of Palestinian children. No charges have been laid against the Palestine House.

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M103 Condemned Islamophobia, Now Let us Focus on Christianophobia and Judeophobia

On Mar. 23, 2017, The Canadian House of Commons passed motion M103, introduced by Mississauga Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, a Muslim who was born in Pakistan, supposedly to combat the rising tide of Islamophobia in Canada. 201 Members of Parliament supported the motion and 91 voted against it.

Motion M103 did not progress in a vacuum of ideas. It represents decades of efforts, especially on the international political landscape, to impose the “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, Aug. 5, 1990”,

deeply rooted in Islamic Sharia rules, on Western Democracies, with the clear goal of using and abusing democratic values to silence any form of criticism related to Islam or the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammad-Salla Allahou Aleyhi Wa Sallam.

The international assault to impose “The Cairo Declaration” on Western democracies was led by Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the former Secretary General (SG) of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)-an international organisation with a permanent delegation in the UN, and a membership composed of 57 Muslim states. According to official press releases of the OIC the 57 states/members dedicate resources and coordinate efforts, to articulate and promote with a unified voice the interests of Muslims globally-meaning the supremacist views of Islam, considered by all Muslims, The Perfect Deen (Arabic for religion).

Dr. Ihsanoglu lectured extensively in US universities back in 2006 to promote a conference titled “Islam and Muslims in America”, organized by the OIC for the primary objective of familiarizing America with “the true and real image of Islam, based on tolerance, peace, pluralism and acknowledgement of diversity .”

Dr. Ihsanoglu’s efforts were very successful in recruiting an army of “Useful Idiots” from the West, who bought the naïve argument that Islam-“The Naked Emperor”, is one of the most tolerant religions of the world, and offending Islam, even with valid criticisms should be outlawed by labeling the criticisms as “Blasphemous Statements” representing Islamophobic views that clearly insult the sensitivities of Muslims.

Here, I find it very appropriate to mention to MP Iqra Khalid that nowhere the “Tolerance” displayed by the religion of peace Islam, is more obvious than the judicial approach of Pakistan in enforcing anti-blasphemy laws in that country. A maximum sentence of imprisonment for life is reserved for those insulting the Qur’an and more specifically challenging the traditional Islamic notion that every verse in the book represents the authentic words/wills/commands of Allah conveyed to Prophet Mohammad during a period of 2 decades back in sixth century Arabia. The punishment for insulting Prophet Mohammad in Pakistan (such as cartoons) can be the death penalty, although it has never been imposed by a court, for the simple reason that no accused person (always a Christian, sufi, or any other Pakistani who does not belong to the Sunni mainstream), managed to make it to a Pakistani court of law. Street justice administered by mobs, fanatics, Jihadis, always made sure that the person is bludgeoned to death before the arrival of any law enforcement agency on the scene of a confrontation.

On the local Canadian scene, the useful idiots of this country were influenced by E411. A petition spearheaded by Samer Majzoub of Pierrefonds, Quebec, who between June and October 2016 managed to gather 70.000 signatures from Canadians who have never lived in an Islamic country, who have never read an unsanitized version of The Koran in the Arabic language, and naively accepted the foolish argument that one of the most fundamental principle in any democracy, freedom of speech, should be compromised and curtailed to protect the dignity of the “Naked Emperor”. Mr. Majzoub highlighted in his petition that Islamic terrorism, that claimed thousands of innocent lives worldwide since 9/11, has been strictly acts of violence performed by an infinitesimally small number of misguided extremists who “…have conducted terrorist activities while claiming to speak for the religion of Islam. Their actions have been used as a pretext for a notable rise of anti-Muslim sentiments in Canada.”

According to Mr. Majzoub, (Petition E411) “These violent individuals do not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam. In fact, they misrepresent the religion. We categorically reject all their activities. They in no way represent the religion, the beliefs and the desire of Muslims to co-exist in peace with all peoples of the world.”

Mr. Majzoub conveniently forgot that nowhere the genuine Muslim desire to co-exist in peace with all peoples of the world is better reflected than Egypt. The desire of peaceful co-existence is so deeply rooted in the teachings of Islam, that Muslim mobs very casually attack Christian Copts in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria and bludgeon them to death, simply because unfounded rumours claim that Copts are converting Muslims or desecrating the words of the Prophet. Let us also not forget that dozens of churches have been bombed with explosive devices or targeted by suicide bombers (as recently as April 09/17),

fully committed to co-exist peacefully with Christian minorities, and fully focused on chastising infidels based on the commands of Allah who instructed pious Muslims to implement the following direct order:

“We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (Jews and Christians). They serve other Gods for whom no sanction has been revealed. Hell shall be their home; dismal indeed is the dwelling place of the evil-doers”. Koran 3:149

Any psychologist who has studied the basic tenets of group violence will confirm that the previous verse demonizes (Evil-Doers) Jews and Christians and dehumanizes them based on strong sentiments of Judeophobia and Christianophobia.

At this point there is a clear imperative to put to a final rest the cardinal claim made by too many useful idiots in Canada that acts of violence, performed by a small group of Islamist militants, are confined to an insignificant number of radicals who “…have conducted terrorist activities while claiming to speak for the religion of Islam.” How insignificant are the numbers?

Experts from Western intelligence agencies and researchers from a variety of academic disciplines focused on religion and political violence in general, and Islamic terrorism in particular, agree on the 15% figure out of more than 1 Billion Muslims worldwide. Viewed in a historical perspective, “10-15 percent suggests that Islamists number about 150 million out of a billion plus Muslims – more than all the fascists and communists who ever lived.”

Any individual with the basic understanding of mathematical figures agrees that 150 million radicals/Islamists do not constitute an insignificant number of Muslims misinterpreting the teachings of the religion of peace.

What about the Islamist presence in Canada? The figures are a very close reflection of the assessment discussed in the previous paragraph. Back in 2007 Environics conducted an opinion poll based on the arrests of 18 Islamist radicals in Toronto/GTA who were plotting a violent acts designed to put an end to Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan. “Fully 12% of Muslim Canadians polled by Environics said the alleged terrorist plot— that included kidnapping and beheading the prime minister and blowing up Parliament and the CBC was justified.” But just how “negligible” is 12% of 700,000 Muslims living in Canada back in 2007?

The answer is simple. 84,000 Canadian Muslims think it’s justifiable to behead our democratically elected prime minister and blow up the very symbol and centre of our democracy-Parliament building in Ottawa!

At the time the poll was published too many useful idiots claimed that the poll carries a high percentage of inaccuracy, and no one should assign a serious weight to the figures reached by Environics. Then, let us rely on a more authoritative source to assess the threat level of Islamists presence in Canada.

Let us focus very closely on the words of the most authoritative person involved in fighting Islamic radicalism in Canada- Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell, the head of RCMP’s national security criminal investigation section.

Assistant Commissioner McDonell pointed out during an Ottawa conference on critical infrastructure protection that, since Sept. 11, 2001, the RCMP’s caseload has grown 780 per cent, an unprecedented 848 national security cases, related predominantly to Islamic terrorism.

Of course not all of the 848 cases based on the realities of 2008 involve acts of violence. Many cases are related to the investigation of Islamic clerics spreading hatred and contempt against the West in general and Canada in particular during Friday sermons destined to radicalize young unsuspecting minds, for example:

“ Satan has gained possession of The People of The Book (Jews and Christians) and caused them to forget Allah’s warnings. They are the confederates of Satan; Satan’s confederates shall assuredly be lost in hell. The Believers are the confederates of Allah (Hizbollah); and Allah’s confederates shall surely triumph”. Koran 58:19 (Demonizing Christians/Christinophobia and Jews/Judeophobia)

“Do you fear the unbelievers (Jews and Christians)? Surely Allah is more worthy of your fear. If you are true believers make war on them; Allah will chastise them through you and humble them. He will grant you victory over them and heal the spirit of the faithful”. Koran 9:14

“Cast into hell every hardened unbeliever, every opponent from the people of the book (Jews and Christians), and every doubting transgressor who has set up another God besides Allah. Hurl him into the fierce tormenting flames of hell”. Koran 50:21 (Christianophobia & Judephobia)

Suicide bombers use this verse to justify the blowing up of their explosive charges on buses and in a variety of public places frequented by Jews and Christians. By becoming a “Shahid” (Arabic for martyr) and securing a place in Allah’s heavenly kingdom, the suicide bomber is hurling his victims (hardened unbelievers) into the fierce tormenting flames of hell-the inferno created by the explosion in a confined space.

Out of the 848 cases in 2008, many include fundraising for Muslim radical/terrorist groups masquerading as “Humanitarian Organizations” alleviating the pain and suffering of innocent Muslim victims targeted during Western military activities in Afghanistan or The Middle East. Other radical Islamist groups facilitate the export of Canadian radicalized young volunteer fighters to the multiple fronts of Syria and Iraq. In its annual report to the Canadian Parliament titled “2016 Public Report On The Terrorist Threat to Canada” , CSIS pointed out to lawmakers that in 2014 the number of radicalized Muslim Canadians engaged in terrorism-related activities overseas was 130. As of the end of 2015, this number had grown to about 180 (Page 7). A 38% increase in a period of less than 2 years. According to Canadian experts monitoring the spread of radicalism in Canada, today the Muslim population is close to 1.2 million, and it is safe to assume that the 84.000 Islamists who supported the Toronto 18 in the 2007 Environics survey, have mushroomed into 115.000 radicals ready and willing to obey the commands of Allah to enjoy the 72 virgins in the afterlife. These figures are confirmed by agencies monitoring the worldwide internet traffic. Prior to the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, less than 200 websites preached Islamic radicalism. In 2013 the number of Muslim extremist websites worldwide reached 10.000

Almost 115.000 Muslim Canadians regularly access radical sites to keep the fervor of hatred alive in their hearts, and comply with the requirements of the following Koranic verse:

“Believers, do not make friends with any men other than your own people. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say, but more violent is the hatred which their breasts conceal”. Koran 3:117 (Judeophobia & Christianophobia)

With the exponential growth of Islamic radicalism in Canada, no longer confined to a handful of naïve misguided individuals, contempt of Canadian values and customs have reached our public schools too, where Islamist parents are planting the seeds of hatred in the hearts of their children by insisting to school boards that their children must be exempted from music lessons because music corrupts the mind of a pious Muslim child.

The most recent attack on cherished Canadian values was initiated by a Koran teacher, an active member of the Scarborough Mosque Jame Abu Bakr Siddique, named Mohammad Nouman Dasu, who wanted his children to be exempted from music classes held at Toronto’s Donwood Park elementary school, based on a set of Islamic theological principles, that see a direct causal effect between listening to instrumental music and the corruption of the soul of children and their pursuit of pious activities that should be devoted to the praise of Allah-Subhanahu Wa Taala.

Mr. Mohammad Nouman Dasu, a venerable Koran instructor, extremely well versed with the authoritative HADITH, and the fatwas of Moslem theologians, conveniently forgot the warnings of Ibn Taymiyyah the famous 12th century Hanbali theologian, the most frequently quoted by Sallafi and Islamic Jihadi movements, who insisted on the death punishment “when a Muslim selectively forsakes what he knows of the Book of God [The Koran] and of the sunna of his messenger and follows the ruling of a ruler which contravenes a ruling of God and his messenger, he is a renegade, an unbeliever who deserves to be punished in this world and in the hereafter.”  Source: Michot, Yahya (2012). The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought. Princeton University Press.

Mr. Dasu was not alone in his quest to put an end to the corrupting influence of music on Muslim children. With the unconditional support of the senior imam of the mosque, Kasim Ingar, 130 Islamist radicalist parents were sold Mr. Ingar’s argument that: “We [Muslims] here [in Canada] believe that music is haram [forbiddenl]. We can neither listen to it, nor can we play a role in it.”  They orchestrated a collective effort to obtain an exemption for their children and The School Board complied, after the insistence of Imam Ingar, who also heads the Scarborough Muslim Association, that : “We do not compromise with anyone on the clear-cut orders and principles conveyed by the Prophet [Muhammad].”

How is the mind of a young child affected by such a narrow interpretation of The Koran or The Sunna. The most reliable authoritative opinion comes to us from Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan(a Muslim herself), currently living in the US.

When I examined the Koran, the hadith, and the Islamic books under a microscope, I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible – impossible! – for any human being to read the biography of Muhammad and believe in it, and yet emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.

The language of Islam is a negative, dead language, replete with violence, anger, hatred, and racism. Man is the product of language, the outcome of the negative and positive language to which he is exposed in this lifetime. If his life is dominated by negative language, he will emerge as a negative, reckless, and non-productive person, who rejects everything.

Islam is a political doctrine, which imposes itself by force. Any doctrine whatsoever that calls to kill those who do not believe in it is not a religion. It is a totalitarian doctrine that imposes itself by force. And When a faith manages to strip its believers of their last grain of compassion, it strips them of their spirituality as well. aired on Al-Hayat TV on May 29, 2008.

When young Muslim children are forced to repress any thirst for music in the name of Allah and the instructions of the prophet, the end result is a carnage to placate a bloodthirsty Allah and save the honor of Islam. The following story endorses the conclusions reached by Dr. Sultan and forces me to repeat a question first raised by journalist Tarek Fatah: “To those who are offended at the defence of Canadian values, I ask: How low will you stoop under the weight of white liberal guilt to accommodate those who hate music?”

On December 17, 2016 journalist Pamela Constable, of The Washington Post brought to the attention of the world the videotaped horrific death of five young Pakistani female children laughing and clapping to music during a wedding party. Suddenly they disappear and they are never seen alive again.

According to the author of the article “What happened to them remains a mystery. Their fates have been shrouded by cultural taboos, official inertia, implacable resistance from elders and religious leaders suspected of ordering their deaths, and elaborate subterfuges by the families who reportedly carried out those orders.”

Any person familiar with Islamic traditions based on the hatred of Music knows what happened was nothing but an “Honor Killing” because five females defied the instructions of the prophet and refused to stay away from the harmful influence of music and dancing on their souls.

Back to Motion 103. It points out that the the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has 240 calendar days from the adoption of the motion, to provide recommendations to The Federal Government on how to “… develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada…”

Conveniently MP Iqra Khalid forgot to mention in Motion 103 that The Committee should study also how to put an end to Islamic Christianophobia and Judeophobia, and the insistence of dozens of Islamic clerics, active in all the major cities of Canada, that they have no moral obligation to respect the laws of the realm. In Islam Allah’s rules as expressed in The Koran prevail, wherever Muslims are present. That includes Canada.

Sergei Bourachaga



Harjit Sajjan the soldier wouldn’t have claimed credit for being ‘architect’ of operation, top NATO officer says

Defense minister Harjit Sajjan was not “the architect” of Canada’s biggest battle since the Korean War as he claimed in a speech in India last week, according to the chief of operations for NATO in southern Afghanistan during Operation Medusa in 2006. Lt.-Col. Shane Schreiber (ret.) who served on Canada’s first combat tour in Kandahar only months after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., said Medusa had “many architects. He was not one of them.”

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Why I Left Islam: An Iranian-American Speaks

“I see a lot of love in Christianity, I see a lot of anger and hate in Islam,” stated my anonymous Iranian-American interlocutor to me in his condominium building manager’s office. My interview partner related a revealing personal spiritual and geographic journey away from his boyhood Islamic faith and Iranian homeland to an adult Christian conversion in America.

Truth and freedom

Anybody genuinely concerned with the idea of truth, with deepening humanity’s understanding of itself, nature and society, with encouraging the deployment of reason in order to render the world more knowable, ought to have a natural and in fact quite fierce disposition to freedom of thought and speech. The two go hand in hand. Truth without freedom, without the freest possible space in which to debate and doubt and blaspheme, is not truth at all. Censorship, Milton argued, is the implacable enemy of truth. In fact it is the ‘stop of Truth’.

Top of Form

The Spreading Tentacles of Censorship

The list of those who are “disinvited” to forums where free speech should exist keeps getting longer.  In some ways, it is a badge of honor to be included in that list; in other aspects, of course, it is the abject failure to respect the right to hold an opinion. Ultimately, it is “campus fascism” on the rise. Phyllis Chesler is the latest victim after having been “disinvited by the King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Arkansas Law School.”

For those millenials who are so concerned with “hurting people’s feelings,” I ask how to counter persecution of religious minorities as a result of OIC censorship?  For those who think nothing of making fun of Christianity or Judaism, why do you maintain a double standard when it comes to an analysis of communism, or Islam, or fascism?  Why the cynicism about certain aspects of America, and nary a word of criticism about other countries and systems of government? What exactly are you really afraid of?