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The Self-Taught Revolution with Dr. Bill Warner

When jihad came to US on 9/11, we knew almost nothing about Islam. doctrine, except at the National Geographic level.Those who were supposed to be the educational pillars of our civilization, the professors and intellectuals, told us that Islam was the religion of peace and that we were the problem. The classical scholars were apologists for Islam. Then a revolution happened. Self-taught scholars began to write books and blogs. This new knowledge had a novel feature: their books were written for the common man to read.

Vaccines and Terrorism

What better way to conquer your enemy than through the use of vaccine terrorism?  Apparently the country of Denmark did not consider the ramifications of the aforementioned question because it “recently sold its state-owned vaccine manufacturing facility to a conglomerate owned by the Aljomaih Group, a Saudi family dynasty.”

Speech – Trevor Louden at CPAC

CPAC was treated to a rare event on Thursday. Intrepid researcher and investigative journalist Trevor Loudon offered his insightful perspective on the current state of political affairs in a panel discussion titled “When Did WW III Begin?” Stand up, fight the Muslim Brotherhood, fight the radicals, stand up for American values, and just give ’em hell folks!

The backlash to political correctness was inevitable

If you don’t want anti-immigration walls and travel bans, stop pretending there are no problems at all with refugee crime and stop denying that claims of widespread Islamophobia have been used elsewhere (like at the UN) to limit free speech. Stop pretending there isn’t a problem with radical Islamic terrorism. And stop scolding (or even persecuting) those who question Islam’s peacefulness, while simultaneously attempting to cover up the violent messages of some radical imams and other Muslim leaders.

Interim Conservative Leader Rona

India: Muslim group offers $15,000 reward to anyone who beheads Muslim “moderate” Tarek Fatah

Tarek Fatah is a paradoxical figure; indeed, he personifies the paradoxes of most moderate Muslims. He speaks out strongly against Muslim Brotherhood organizations and Sharia encroachment in the West, but is extraordinarily concerned at the same to absolve Islam of all responsibility for the crimes done in its name and in accord with its teachings.

Should Islam be Restrained in the United States

“Muslims living in America should not be bound by US law, according to a leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who delivered the controversial message to a crowd at a Muslim rally in Austin, Texas. If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch.

Limiting US citizenship and limiting the number of mosques in the United States are practical matters that can be done to control the threat Islam poses. Just as the right to bear arms is restrained, so should freedom of religion be restrained when it comes to Islam.