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We are pleased to invite you to a film followed by conversation on Sunday November 6, 2016 at 4pm.

Location: Rogers Theatre, Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga, ON L5B 4B8



Throughout the 1930’s, an unimaginable evil tore through Europe, as Hitler’s Third Reich terrorized its way to domination. During Holocaust Education Week we focus on the particular suffering of the Jews of Europe under this domination. There were however, many aspects of to the struggle against the Nazis. During these tumultuous times, a young Muslim woman living in Paris found her calling. Noor Inayat Khan grew up in a home that fostered faith and hope. Leading with her heart, she overcame her quiet nature and joined Winston Churchill’s covert operation to give the Allies a new chance at victory. This is her story.

Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story is a moving account of a young Muslim woman who sacrificed her life to combat the brutal domination of Nazi Germany. As a leader in the international movement to reconcile Jews and Muslims, this compelling film is a source of inspiration to me. Rabbi Marc Schneier, President and Co-Founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

Seating is limited so please come early as it will be on a first come basis.

For further information:

Syed Raza 416-505-1613   or Guido Smit 416-524-1534




Descent into Evil by Mark Steyn

According to the Vienna Institute of Demography, by mid-century a majority of Austrians under 15 will be Muslim. This is a country that not so long ago was 90 percent Catholic. But “not so long ago” is another country: Salzburg, 1938, singing nuns, Julie Andrews — “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Salzburg, 2038: How do you solve a problem like sharia? But the Sound of Music gags aren’t really that funny, are they? The hills are alive with the sound of child rape, but in the halls of justice, amidst all the celebrations of diversity, no one can hear their screams.

Conference Board, Century Initiative and Trudeau-Morneau Try to Deceive Canadians

In 1976, The Science Council, which consisted of Canada’s best scientists, recommended that Canada stabilize its population at around 35 million. It had to limit immigration. It said that Canada did not have unlimited resources, and that it had to conserve the resources it had for its future generations. It also had to ensure its food security by not building on scarce agricultural land. Subsequent studies done by UBC’s Prospects  For Sustainability in 1997 and by Ontario’s Environment Commissioner in 2005 drew similar conclusions for B.C. and Ontario respectively.

Muslim Imperialism Reaches the United Nations

UNESCO has put Jewish sites with Muslim names into Muslim hands, in the heart of Israel’s capital, to try slowly to destroy the Jewish state. UNESCO is not fooling anyone. It may not be long before Christian holy places and churches in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth will also be handed over on a plate to placate the forces of Islam, fearful of what they may do not just in the Middle East, but in Europe, North America and Europe, happy to have someone finally try to eliminate those supposedly pesky Jews. All Judeo-Christian countries would be wise to pull out of the UN, or at least cease funding it — before it is too late for them, too.

Monsef story makes odd appearance in Iranian news

It is unknown how Monsef travelled back and forth between Iran and Afghanistan on her most recent trip, or if she broke the Iranian government’s conditions of her pilgrimage visa. Even if we give Monsef the benefit of the doubt about her travels in the Middle East—a region she once fled due to persecution and lack of protection—her evolving story plants doubt in the minds of many Canadians, and, it seems, some Iranians too.

WikiLeaks: Alliance of Hillary, Iran, Soros and left-wing Catholics

The evidence is indisputable: Both of these groups, Catholics in Alliance and Catholics United, were created by Podesta, and funded by Soros, for the express purpose of staging a revolt within the Catholic Church. Together, they have sought to manipulate public opinion against the Catholic Church. In a prior email unveiled by WikiLeaks, dated February of 2012, Podesta assured Voices of Progress president Sandy Newman that a “Catholic Spring” which would “plant the seeds of revolution” in the Catholic Church would be realized with the help of his dissident “Catholic” groups.

Why the Trudeau government ignored 2nd anniversary of soldiers killed in terrorist attacks

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper recognized these brutal acts for what they were—terrorist acts committed by radical Islamic jihadists on Canadian soil against members of Canada’s military. Those on the left of course insisted they were just mentally disturbed individuals.

The ceremonies held on November 11 are not what they used to be. Trudeau and people like him who cannot stand the military, wear poppies and talk about the sacrifices generations of Canadians made for freedom. Not only do they hate the military but they could not care less about freedom and individual liberty.