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Waiting for hope: The story of Sham, from war-torn Syria to Saskatoon with skin as fragile as butterfly wings

Life in Beirut was tough, and the family couldn’t afford to send the kids to school. But Lebanese doctors said a cure for Sham’s condition was available in Canada — so that’s where the family headed. They arrived as refugees in Saskatoon on May 6, 2015 and were disappointed to find the promise of a cure was untrue. Even a pilgrimage to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children turned up nothing.

A couple of key points here: (1) the article does not allow to have comments (while all other National Post articles allow comments) – most likely National Post knows that it would generate a undesirable backlash. Canada takes these cases which will be a huge burden for decades on Canada’s health care system. (2) The main point however is that epidemic number of marriages between first cousins cause proportionally much higher genetic diseases in the Muslim world and this case could be one of them.

UTT Historical Throwback: Al Qaeda’s Abdurahman Alamoudi Advised Two U.S. Presidents

Many of the Muslim chaplains assigned by Alamoudi are still working with our military.  The numerous Islamic organizations that Alamoudi created and led, and the individuals who worked with him providing material support to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, can still be found walking the streets of Washington, D.C., the halls of Congress, working with the national security staffs, and elsewhere in America.


Story as I understand it right now: Tommy was in Cambridge with friends and kids, 3 adults and 7 kids. Police for no adequately explained reason decided to force them all out of the pub they were watching football in because of some future threat of something violent happening. It’s not explained properly. Police throw Tommy Robinson and his 3 friends and their CHILDREN out of a pub where they’ve been peacefully watching football on TV. The Pub security staff even tell the police that there has been no trouble from Tommy’s party. Tommy’s kids are crying by the end of this.
Tommy’s legal defence fund:…

Buy his book too, that also helps:

The Child Soldiers of Jihad by Robert Spencer

Suicide bombing recruiters believe all this is the perfect word of Allah and the teachings of Muhammad, the supreme example of conduct (cf. Qur’an 33:21). Thus when they try to get young boys to become suicide bombers, they don’t believe they are engaging in child abuse – far from it. They believe they are performing a meritorious act that Allah will reward. As long as this willful ignorance continues, all Western attempts to stop this practice are foredoomed to failure. As is our entire counterterror approach, based as it is on politically correct fantasies – fantasies that are far less compelling than the ones that move young Muslim men to strap on suicide vests

Pamela Geller Speaks at AFA Conference, “Can Islam coexist with Western Civilization?”

It’s been a long while since I have been able to speak in public. The Garland jihad attacks had a chilling affect on free speech. Abject fear and crushing security concerns have made such talks rare. Let’s be frank: people are afraid to invite me. We live in the age of fear. We need a revolution of the mind. Instead of fear we must live in the age of fight. We must change the rules of engagement in the information battle-space. They are just as crippling as the rules of engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Pamela Geller on ‘The Tomi Show’

Huma Abedin enabled Clinton Foundation donors to have special access to Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Including the crown prince of Bahrain. No wonder Obama’s policy while Clinton was Secretary of State was so pro-Islamic — Clinton was being paid by Muslims for access and was being advised by a Muslim Brotherhood operative – Huma. She worked there 12 years — the Clinton camp is saying her name was just there on the masthead but she didn’t work there. That’s silly — she wasn’t so famous that her name lent any weight to the publication — clearly she worked there.