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The Greatest Murder Machine in History

Unlike the 20th-century totalitarians whose killing fury consumed themselves, reducing their longevity, Islam paces itself. In the end, though slower, Islam has killed and tortured far more than any other creed, religious or secular. Unlike secular tyranny, Islam, by virtue of its polygamy and sexual predations, reproduces itself and increases.

Other tyrannies are furious infections, which burn hot, but are soon overcome. Islam is a slow terminal cancer, which metastasizes, and takes over. It never retreats. Its methods are more insidious, often imperceptible at first, driven by demographics. Like cancer, excision may be the only cure.

Research: Islam really is the world’s most violent religion

Islam is not only the world’s most violent religion in writing. A huge study, based on in-depth interviews with 45,000 subjects, confirms that it is also the world’s most violent religion in practice.

The study shows that Islam is the only religion in the world in which people become more violent, the stronger they believe in their religion.

Obama Spares ISIS Oil Facilities to Save the Earth

One may be thankful that President Harry S. Truman didn’t have to file an environmental impact statement before he dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, acts which shortened and won World War II and saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

We didn’t go after oil wells — actually hitting oil wells that ISIS controls because we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure,” said former spy chief Michael Morell, using an acronym for the Islamic State.

Now we must even beware the person wearing a cross?

A 63-page, English-language manual, “Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen,”  is said to have been authored by three former members of the intelligence service of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who now work with ISIS in its self-proclaimed caliphate capital of Raqqa, Syria.

There is a strong emphasis on blending in with one’s surroundings. Toward that end, covert jihadists are instructed to hide their Muslim identity by doing such things as wearing a cross, not keeping a Quran app on their smart phones, not exhibiting prayer beads, not growing a beard, and staying away from mosques.

Evil never sleeps. But apparently, the target of evil does. Wake up America!

New “Study Quran” aims to convince you that the Muslim holy book doesn’t really mean what it says

“I never advise a non-Muslim who wants to find out more about Islam to blindly grab the nearest copy of an English-language Quran they can find,” Mehdi Hasan, a journalist for Al Jazeera, said during the panel discussion at Georgetown. Of course he doesn’t, because Mehdi Hasan knows full well what the book says. Hence the need for “The Study Quran,” to make non-Muslims think that, well, yes, the Qur’an does say that, but it doesn’t really mean it.

Ten years in the making, “The Study Quran” is more than a rebuttal to terrorists, said Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an Iranian-born intellectual and the book’s editor-in-chief. His aim was to produce an accurate, unbiased translation understandable to English-speaking Muslims, scholars and general readers.

Muslim invaders spreading HIV across Europe at an alarming rate

The attacks against European civilization by Muslim colonizers come from many directions. One of which is the rise in infectious diseases imported with many colonizers. Including HIV.The World Health Organization (WHO) director for Europe has stated that Europe now has the highest rate of new HIV infections ever seen on the continent.

Yes, the ISIS threat to America is very real

As part of its support to law enforcement, the Threat Knowledge Group has been collecting and analyzing the open-source information on ISIS arrests in the United States. Since ISIS, the organization that used to be al Qaeda in Iraq, captured the city of Mosul last year and declared the creation of the new caliphate, scores of people have been arrested in America in plots connected to the new “Islamic State,” and FBI Director James Comey has already testified that there are ongoing ISIS investigations in all 50 states.