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Yemen: Jihadists storm supermarket, take hostages to give “final warning” against mingling of men and women

About 30 militants arrived at the supermarket in four pickup trucks on Sunday afternoon, the officials and witnesses said. Shoppers fled when the militants fired in the air, but an unknown number were trapped inside when the gunmen locked the doors. The militants freed the hostages after less than an hour and left the scene.

“The witnesses said the militants shouted that they were protesting the mingling of men and women in the supermarket and demanded that female employees cover their faces, in keeping with a strict interpretation of Islamic law. A supermarket worker said the militants told them this was the final warning.” Here again we see virtue, or the Islamic idea of it, enforced — as always when it comes to Sharia — by the threat of violence.

Who is Canada’s new Prime Minister? – Fact-finding walk with Justin Trudeau

Omar Alghabra, a long-time personal friend of Trudeau, who won the Mississauga Centre seat for the Liberal s helped recruit more than 12,000 volunteers across the country to work for Trudeau’s campaign and after the election was proud of the “ousting of the right-wing Conservative Party” the “racist government that was more Zionist than Netanyahu’s government.”

Alghabra said “I believe that he represents and carries with him the values that are not only in sync with my values, but the fresh energy and new ideas that Canadians are looking for.” I wonder what values they hold in common? What values in Islam are “in sync” with western values? Women in niqabs? Husbands who hold total control over their wives? The belief that non-Muslims are “lesser than” Muslims.

Whither Canada?

During Trudeau’s nationally televised funeral in the fall of 2000, the older but more boyishly handsome of his sons, Justin, took full advantage of his first opportunity in the limelight to flaunt his devotion to his father’s spirit for all to admire.  His flamboyant, self-important eulogy ended with a prolonged pose — er, I mean pause — with head pressed in grief against Dad’s casket, a moment which became the single most representative image of the funeral.

Watching this reality TV show at the time, I distinctly remember that my wife — the best judge of character I know — was repulsed by a 28-year old son’s willingness to superimpose his own image upon his father’s last day in the national spotlight.  And I also remember thinking, “This guy is going to be Prime Minister someday, and his campaign began today.”

Three Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Our Government

U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) William Jerry Boykin  says Republicans should have listened to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), who was correct to be concerned over possible Muslim Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Boykin says politicians on both sides of the aisle are scared to pursue the truth on this, for fear of being branded “intolerant,” and the result of their inaction is continued infiltration by the radical Islamic organization.

UK: Muslim group boycotts, threatens police over investigation of Muslim rape gangs that destroyed lives of 1,400 girls

Rotherham is where police stood by and allowed Muslim rape gangs to abduct and destroy the lives of 1,400 non-Muslim girls, and did nothing for fear of being branded “racist.” Now that that scandal has broken, however, Muslim groups are scrambling to recover protected victimhood status. British Muslim Youth (BMY) warned its members would not be ‘held responsible for acts of personal self-defence’ and said it could no longer trust South Yorkshire Police because of the ongoing ‘marginalisation and dehumanisation’ of Muslims.

UK universities to ban feminists, conservatives to “seem fair to Muslims”

The UK already bans counter-jihadists from entering the country. Now they’re following through and banning from speaking anyone who says anything offensive to Muslims. How long before the full implementation of sharia in Britain?

Instead of intellectual challenge there will be a bland exchange of views which are inoffensive and politically correct. This will not stop terrorism or terrorist recruitment and may even make the problem worse by driving underground those who are regarded as extreme but are currently non-violent.’

UK Commander: World’s Weak Response to ‘Human Shields’


Daesh [ISIS] is organized in such a way that children, women, civilians are being put on front lines. Its leadership is hiding in schools, mosques, hospitals, making the action of the coalition in Iraq and the action of France and other partners in Syria difficult, because we don’t want civilian casualties. We pay as much attention to the targets we select as to the need to combat Daesh. This is a frank admission of the human shield tactic practiced by Islamists and its crippling effect on Western fighting.

If armed forces and politicians continue to allow themselves to be deterred from effective action by human shields, then their use will expand even further, and it will become impossible for Western forces to prosecute military conflict and to defend their countries and their interests. This is, of course, the terrorists’ objective as well as the objective of many activists and supporters in the West.