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Sudden Jihad

Sudden jihad syndrome was coined by Daniel Pipes, an excellent scholar. Jihad, such as the recent attack in Chattanooga seem to done by “nice” people. How do we explain “nice Muslims” who commit jihad? Some nice Muslims are simply do not follow much of Islam. They are Islam, light. Then there are other nice Muslims who know all of Islam, including jihad, who are pleasant because they need to live in our society. But deep within, they have the heart of a jihadist which can manifest suddenly.

How can we tell the difference? Are they really a friend or a deceiver? There is no way to know the heart of a Muslim.

What’s Behind Trudeau’s Secret Mosque Visit?


Recently, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau met privately with a group of Islamic leaders inside a Regina mosque, an event from which the media were barred. The Liberal party is keeping a tight lid on what transpired during the two-hour, closed-door session last Tuesday. The gathering may well be one of the few election events of 2015 that will go unreported because as one correspondent assigned to cover the story told me: “Unfortunately I wasn’t permitted inside.”


It seems almost every time Trudeau steps inside a mosque, he walks into a minefield of controversy.

UN Will Allow Iran to Inspect Its Own Nuclear Site


Usually, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is tasked with inspecting a member nation’s nuclear weapons sites. However, the UN agency reached a separate deal with Iran concerning inspections at the Parchin military site without consent from the United States and the other international powers who signed the broader Iran nuclear agreement.

This unprecedented move transfers the IAEA’s investigative authority of a key component in Iran’s nuclear program to Iran itself – directly contradicting advocates of the nuclear deal who claim the agreement is transparent and forces the Islamic Republic to be accountable for their actions.

The Third Jihad

You may say what you like about the Clarion Project’s movie “The Third Jihad”, but you can’t deny that there have been some horrible terrorist activities propagated by radical Muslims in North America and Europe. It is definitely an issue of cultures. Western culture is at a loss as to how to react to such inhuman and cruel activities and radical Islam has the advantage. The radicals know what to do and continue to do it. The question remains as to how civilized society should confront this phenomenon. As governments grapple with this issue, the terrorist activity become harder and harder to control.

Steve Maman, the ‘Jewish Schindler’, working to rescue young women taken by ISIS as slaves

He’s being called a “Jewish Schindler” — a modern day rescuer of young women and girls in Iraq who’ve been taken by force by ISIS.  Steve Maman is the Montreal businessman behind a project called the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq, or C.Y.C.I.  And just as Oskar Schindler saved Jews from the death camps, Steve Maman is being credited with saving Yazidi and Christian women and girls from sex slavery.

Slovakia refuses EU plan to resettle Muslim refugees, ‘will only accept Christians’

As of 2011, Slovakia was approximately 62% Roman Catholic, 8.9% Protestant, 3.8% Greek Catholic, and .9% Orthodox Christian, a very small Jewish remnant (.04%), the rest Atheist and other; no Muslim population even registered in the survey. No doubt they would like to keep it that way, given the historic problems their neighbors have had from Muslim incursions dating back a millennium (Slovakia herself was attacked by Muslim armies centuries ago), and the current woes suffered by every European country which has Muslim populations (sharia “no-go” zones, crime, etc).

More disturbing, the Islamic State has publicly targeted Slovakia in its 5-year plan to spread the caliphate from Spain to China, likely relying on mass Muslim immigration as a key component of their jihad.

AUDIO – US-based Center for Security Policy analyst Frank Gaffney interviews the Director of Point de Bascule on Quebec’s #Bill59 that aims at banning the criticism of the Islamic religion

MARC LEBUIS, Creator of Point de Bascule, prominent researcher of Islamic activity in Canada is interviewed by Frank Gaffney of the American Center for Security Policy

  • Overview of Quebec Bill 59
  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s plan of imposing Sharia blasphemy laws in Western society