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A Message from Nicolai Sennels: Thoughts About our Future

Ronald Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free”.

So what is our generation’s job? It is to never accept escalated situations! If we do not inform ourselves and others, if we do not stand up and speak out, if we do not remind the world of the freedoms and the peace that we are already starting to lose, our children will never know what we have lost. Because they are already growing up in a world where it is “normal” to meet police armed with machine guns in our cities and hearing about people being killed by terrorists here in the West. The transmission of our free culture will be broken and gone until somebody, in some distant future, survives breaking free of tyranny and barbary and manages to start a new period of freedom to develop and enjoy the full potential of a human life.

So many people have sacrificed so much for the liberties we are enjoying today: Democracy, Freedom of Speech, secularity and the equality of women. Right now our politicians and media is giving it all away in a suicidal attempt to appease a 1,400 year old desert god, his criminal prophet and their millions of fundamentalist and violent followers. We have to remind people that in a democratic society everyone is responsible for the development of society and the living conditions of future generations. We have to protect Free Speech – the mother of all freedoms – first of all by using it to criticise the powers that try to take it away from us. We have to spread information about Islam.

We have to remind our politicians and our fellow voters of their responsibility. And we have to be active, courageous examples for others. My guess is that very soon soldiers will be a part of daily life in our cities and Europe will be surrounded by high fences protecting us against terrorists and the never ending and ever growing tsunami of non-Western refugees and immigrants. Western countries will pool their police forces to more effectively secure safety and strike down on self-established, rioting Sharia zones.

It will end with a ban on Islam, I am sure, and jihadis and their supporters will be deported. But it will be a long and unpleasant struggle to enforce this fully, before free thinking people again can enjoy freedom safely. Always with compassion as our guiding light and always with the wish to create the least possible amount of educational or necessary harm. Fighting Islam is not about anger or revenge, but about stopping an ideology that forces its followers to enslave, harm and kill each other and the rest of humanity. Remember: the first victims of Islam are Muslims, who are born into a religion that takes away even their most basic human rights and orders them to behave in ways that only fills their lives with more suffering.

If we cannot reform or dissolve Islam and thereby free hundreds of millions of people (the Muslims), then the least we can do is to limit its area of influence by keeping it out of our societies. Here is what you can do: Keep translating and sending articles to media, politicians, blogs and Facebook. If your country has a National Guard then I advise joining it. Support peaceful, democratic organisations and demonstrations that work against Islamic immigration and sharia. Write letters to the editor. Avoid halal if you can, since the money for halal-certification of slaughter houses goes to the Muslim World League which spends the money on promoting sharia worldwide. Promote win-win solutions such as building safe places for refugees close to their own countries where we can help dozens of people for the same money it costs to host a single asylum seeker in a Western country.

All the best, Nicolai

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Blair and Cameron’s Toothless Battle Against Islamic Extremism in the UK

The British government must face facts. Whatever action it takes to counteract Islamic extremism in the UK is bound to (as the BBC puts it) “attract criticism from parts of the British Muslim community”. So let’s simply take that for granted.

In other words, the government will always be seen as “alienating Muslims” or “putting all Muslims in the same basket”. This will be the case whether or not what David Cameron does is forceful or pathetic. Any action whatsoever will produce criticism from Muslims; as well as from left-wing groups and individuals.

The Threat to Melt the Electric Grid

An electromagnetic-pulse attack from North Korea or another U.S. enemy would cause staggering devastation. How are the American people to survive? In the event of a yearlong nationwide blackout, tens of millions of Americans would perish from starvation and societal chaos, according to members of the Congressional EMP Commission, which published its last unclassified report in 2008.

Congress has failed to act on the plans of its own EMP commission to protect the electric grid and other civilian infrastructure that depends on a viable electric grid—such as communications, transportation, banking—that are essential to the economy. In recent years, the GRID Act, the Shield Act, and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act have gained bipartisan and even unanimous support in the House, yet they died in the Senate.

The Religious Origins of the Sanctuary Movement

“Few people are aware that this extreme left branch of the Catholic Church played a large part in birthing the sanctuary movement,” says James Simpson, author of the new book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. Simpson says Catholic Charities, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and its grant-making arm, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, are prominent elements of the open borders movement.The sanctuary movement has its roots in the attempted communist takeover of Latin America.

The Myth of Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Program

Iran is not just a country. It is the Islamic Revolution, the Shiite ISIS, a perpetual revolution to destroy the non-Muslim world and unite the Muslim world. It built its nuclear program on the words of the Ayatollah Khomeini, “Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of [other] countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world.”

Iran’s constitution states that its military is an “ideological army” built to fulfill “the ideological mission of jihad in Allah’s way; that is, extending the sovereignty of Allah’s law throughout the world.”

Scots hauliers “bearing brunt” of cross-Channel chaos as industry estimates losses of £750,000 a day

HAULIERS in Scotland are “bearing the brunt” of the worst cross-Channel disruption in decades, with blockaded drivers facing delays of up to 12 hours as companies lose tens of thousand of pounds. The migrant crisis in Calais, wildcat strike action by ferry workers and protesting farmers mean truckers are spending hours stuck in queues in Kent and northern France.

Pierre Trudeau: Against White Rhodesia, For Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Trudeau had been a personal admirer of Mao Tse-tung since 1950, the year when he was in Shanghai and the Communists had taken over China. A decade later, he was in Peking to celebrate the revolution, a revolution that led to the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese, either during the revolution or under Mao’s tyrannical imposition of a cultural revolution in which an estimated 45 million Chinese were killed in an effort to instill Marxist values. Prime Minister Trudeau continued to hold Chinese communists in high esteem and was the first Western leader to recognize Mao’s China.

The comparison between Mao’s China and Smith’s Rhodesia is striking. Mao’s rise to power cost the life of 44 to 72 million Chinese who died as a result of the purges, the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution or in the Labor camps. In contrast, Rhodesia was a free country where Blacks enjoyed a better standard of living than in the rest of Africa. The rise of Robert Mugabe in 1987 ending White rule was a catastrophe for both Blacks and Whites. Not only were tens of thousands of people killed in the process by the infamous 5th Brigade, but the standards of living of Blacks has decreased dramatically to such an extent that many Blacks today openly admit that they were living better under Smith than Mugabe.