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Why No Protests to Ban Islam’s Black Flag?

Islam’s “bad actors” are acting out of deeply held beliefs created by one man — Muhammad — who fourteen hundred years ago unleashed upon the world his own tormented heart of darkness. His devotees take the words he recited (the Quran) as the literal words of God, investing in them eternal validity and unbounded dominion. And they adopt his example as the lens through which to view, understand and apply those words, emulating Muhammad in every manner possible, the more devout they become.

Islam now has a new caliphate and a reinvigorated global jihad, and Muslims are committing a new genocide against Christians in the name of Allah. Yet where are the Moderate Muslim protests against the Black Flag of Jihad?

Who is Responsible for the Atrocities in the Muslim World?

The West, established on Jewish, Christian and secular values, has created a far more humanitarian, free and democratic culture. Sadly, much of the Muslim world, under Islamic sharia law, has created a misogynistic, violent and totalitarian culture. Trying to whitewash the damage that the Islamic ideology has done to the Muslim world, while putting the blame of Islamic atrocities on the West, will never help Muslims face their own failures and come up with progressive ways to resolve them.

Where Is the Pope’s Encyclical on Christian Persecution?


Today, indigenous Christians who’ve been in the Middle East before Islam was conceived are being slaughtered, their churches burned to the ground, their women and children, enslaved, raped, and forced to convert. “ISIS” is the tip of the iceberg.

Where is Pope Francis’ encyclical concerning the rampant persecution that Christians—including many Catholics—are experiencing around the world, the Islamic world in particular? Instead, Francis deems it more fit to issue a proclamation addressing the environment and climate change.

Tunisian hotel workers recall terror: ‘We opened our breasts against the bullets’

Ibrahim al-Ghoul, an 18-year-old paragliding instructor, was one of many Tunisians whose bravery on Friday has won tributes from survivors and other tourists. Ghoul ran towards the massacre while it was still under way, helping to form a human shield to block the gunfire.

“My understanding is he was someone who has a mission, his mission was finished and he was waiting for someone to kill him. He could have killed us all if he had wanted to,” said Gamaoun, a 39-year-old father of four, adding that he would have rather Tunisians died. “It would have been better than killing guests.”

Tunisia: Islamic State jihadi knelt to pray to Allah after massacring tourists

Nothing to be concerned about. David Cameron and Boris Johnson assure us this has nothing to do with Islam. And they couldn’t possibly be wrong, and leading their country to ruin through their determined willful ignorance of the enemy’s identity, motives and goals, could they?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Residential Schools, and the Promotion of White Guilt in Canada

Throughout this report the term “survivor” is used when referring to those who went through the residential school system. The only other time I have ever heard this term used when referring to human rights is the holocaust. As already mentioned, Sinclair wants to treat the residential school issue like the holocaust. The fact is nothing Canada has ever done could be considered genocide, but by calling students “survivors” the TRC is attempting to make comparisons to the holocaust and other genocides. Holocaust comparisons allow self-hating whites and others to compare Canada to Nazi Germany, which allows such people to denigrate our nation; what could be worse than being compared to the most hated regime in history?