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Canada: Muslim chemistry student suspected of jihad terror activities released with order to “keep the peace”

In the eyes of the Mounties, Seyed Amir Hossein Raisolsadat was on the verge of committing a terrorism offence, which is why they say they made the rare move of asking for a peace bond to limit his movements.

RCMP spokesman Sgt. Greg Cox said Wednesday that police will “pursue an application for a [court] order to keep the peace and be of good behaviour if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a person may commit a terrorism offence.”


Prince Arthur Herald Editorial: The student unions strike while the 99% suffer

Student unions are in theory supposed to represent the interests of all students (we did say in theory). To now violate their constitutional right to freedom of speech in this manner is an affront not just to the students, but to the university itself.

The Prince Arthur Herald has this message for all students in Quebec: head back to class, no matter what your union says—this is your right. And for those in the streets still railing against austerity, it wouldn’t hurt to take an economics class.


U.S. Special Forces Forced to Evacuate out of Yemen, Obama’s “Success Story”

The humiliating denouement to America’s involvement in Yemen came over the weekend, when U.S. Special Forces were forced to evacuate a base from which they had operated against the local branch of al Qaeda. This is the same branch that claimed responsibility for the January attack on Charlie Hebdo and has long been considered to pose the most direct threat to Europe and the United States.

So who should Barack Obama be declaring war on in the Middle East other than the state of Israel? There is an upside-down quality to this president’s world view. His administration is now on better terms with Iran—whose Houthi proxies, with the slogan “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, damn the Jews, power to Islam,” just deposed Yemen’s legitimate president—than it is with Israel.

He claims that we are winning the war against the Islamic State, even as the group continues to extend its reach into Libya, Yemen and Nigeria.

What is Owed to the Serbs

That bombing campaign in 1999, yet another horrific misstep in American foreign policy against the Christian Serbs that had spanned throughout the decade of the 1990s, beginning with the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, was a mistake of GIANT proportions. The Serbians had always been one of America’s most steadfast and loyal Allies and certainly her best friend in the Balkans for sure. What hurts the most is that now so many Serbians no longer consider America a friend or an ally and have no wish to be either of those to America. That is the real tragedy. The WRONG people were targeted. The WRONG people were punished. The WRONG people in the Balkans were alienated.

UN Security Council Allows Iran a Free Hand in Yemen

The Security Council presidential statement ritualistically called on all member states to refrain from external interference in Yemen’s affairs and reaffirmed its readiness to take further measures against any party in case of non-implementation of its prior resolutions on Yemen. However, the Security Council did not call out Iran specifically for its funding, training and arming of its Shiite Houthi allies, whom have continued to occupy government institutions in Yemen’s capital, threatened the duly elected president and his ministers, and expanded militarily into other areas of Yemen outside of the capital.

It is not as if Iran’s disruptive intervention in Yemen to expand its own sphere of influence is a secret. Iranian senior officials openly brag about it.

The Bergdahl Fiasco

This is such a despicable and obvious case of political maneuvering that, taken in conjunction with Hasan’s bungled prosecution, it’s hard to see how the military justice system survives undamaged. It’s yet another critical facet of this great republic that Obama will cynically destroy. Not because he even thought enough about it to bother, but simply to avoid another political embarrassment and bolster his soft policy on Islamist terror. Sadly, the Army is complicit, and thus will undermine not only its own system of justice, but the institution itself.


Obama’s Two-State Tantrum

This isn’t about peace. It’s about fighting and winning a political war against Netanyahu in order to free Obama to secure his nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama claims that Netanyahu has shown that he is untrustworthy when it comes to peace. Instead he urges us to trust our lives to an Ayatollah who calls for “Death to America”, but doesn’t ‘really’ mean it.