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Why Obama Won’t Call the Jihadis Islamic

Obama aroused controversy over his affinity with Islam yet again in February 2015, when a photo surfaced from the U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit in August 2014, showing Obama passing by a group of African delegates with his right index finger raised in a gesture strongly reminiscent of the Islamic State’s now notorious one-finger salute.

For the Islamic State and other Muslims, this gesture signifies allegiance to Islam’s absolute monotheism. Whatever Obama may have meant by it, the revelation that he had made the gesture — coming so soon after his renewed refusal at his “Countering Violent Extremism” summit to identify Islamic jihadists as Islamic — raised new questions about Obama’s relationship with Islam.

Admiral (Ret) James Lyons on Islam as a threat doctrine

This guy is awesome. If we had 10,000 more like him and a few less Michael Moores’ we could maybe save civilization

The threat could not be stated any more clearly. This is a fantastic three minute video by a former U.S. Admiral about what is happening in the world.

James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons, Jr. (born September 28, 1927) is a retired Admiral in the United States Navy whose 36-year career was capped by serving as Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Turkey’s Culture of Horror

The problem is about the conservative culture in which the Turks take much pride. Child brides and buying brides (mostly in return for gold or cattle), are fine. Killing your daughter because she was raped is from a tradition to protect family honor. Killing your daughter because she fell in love with a boy is also normal. Covering up such horrible crimes is fine, too. But a boy putting on an earring would be unacceptable.

Toronto mystery tunnel: Rexall Centre discovery prompts dig for clues

Police in Toronto have discovered a tunnel with electricity supplied by a generator near one of the venues for this summer’s Pan American Games, a spokesman said on Monday. The tunnel was found near the Rexall Centre, a tennis stadium on a campus of York University in the north of the city that will be used for the Pan Am Games in July.

The terrifying rise of ISIS: Map that shows how terror group’s tentacles now reach from Algeria to Afghanistan


  • ISIS began as Al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2004 and militants had just 1,000 soldiers, but it has grown to more than 30,000

  • Reach of ISIS now spans Middle East and northern Africa, with only the Mediterranean sea separating from Europe

  • Terrorist groups around the world now pledging allegiance to Islamic State as groups seize destabilised countries

  • Experts say ISIS’ control in Libya could create potential ‘disaster scenario’ and coalition airstrikes are fueling the militants’ manipulative propaganda

  • ISIS has 31,500 loyal fighters according to CIA but estimates place this far higher at around 200,000 militants

The President’s First Insult

Barack Obama during his campaign had vowed to “fundamentally change this country,” and, in retrospect, this formulation was part of that effort.  The fundamental change would include the dispossession of the Jews of their second place in American culture and even downgrade them to the ranks of Hindus, whose tradition, like Islam, played no role in formrative United States history.

Barack Obama’s affection for Islam and his Islamic habit of trashing historical truth have been right there from his first inaugural speech when he misdescribed American society by demoting the place of the Jews in it.

President Obama has been aggressing against the Jews in America and Israel since his first minutes on the job.  No wonder, then, in January 2015, he did not attend the mass demonstration in Paris after the massacres by Muslims of the Charlie Hebdo staff and four Jews buying food for the Holy Sabbath.

Take the time to watch this speech about Radical Islam!!!

Notice, No Tele-prompter——Smarter than 90% of those “Progressives & Liberals” in the media, college professors, Unions, elected officials, etc. I have long admired the intellect, candor, and articulation of Newt Gingrich.  Here’s why. I believe this is one of the most succinct, forceful and accurate synopsis of the free world’s quandary today.  Newt clearly gets it.  Give this a serious look and listen.  I believe you will agree that this is one speech everybody fortunate enough to live in America should hear and make up their own mind as to its application to our present Obama administration’s handling of the threat !!!




This submission to the UN Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza conflict is based on observations on the ground during the conflict, 29 years’ military experience of conflicts of this type, intelligence work relating to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, knowledge of the IDF and Israeli intelligence services, study of the Israel-Palestine conflict and observations on the ground during the 2012 Gaza conflict. I should add that I have no formal, paid or unpaid, connection with the IDF or with any other organ of the Israeli government.

In my opinion the actions taken by the IDF were necessary to defend the people of Israel from the ongoing, intensive and lethal attacks by Hamas and other groups in Gaza. It is the inalienable duty of every government to use its armed forces to protect its citizens and its terrain from external attack.